SHINE 15 live results: Retiring Rain defends against Amazing Kong, plus Jessicka Havok v Allysin Kay

SHINE Rain Amazing KongLots of goings-on at the final SHINE show of the year taking place this evening. At the top of the card is Rain (who has made it very clear that this contest at SHINE 15 will be her last ever, and you can read an overview of her career here) defending the SHINE Championship against Amazing Kong, who was handpicked by Daffney as the Valkyrie leader’s next challenger. Despite it all, Rain is adamant that she will retire with the title by her side.

The other half of the show’s double main event pits former friends and tag team partners against each other, as Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay collide after Kay turned on her friend on the last show, causing Havok to lose her grudge match to Saraya Knight.

Elsewhere, Leva Bates and Nevaeh compete in a Friday The 13th Massacre Match, Ivelisse Velez and Mia Yim square off, and the SNS Express members Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers take on the American Sweethearts of Amber O’Neal & Santana Garrett, with the losing team being forced to break up. You see the rest of the card by clicking here.

There is still time to order the event at, and you can click here to jump to the appropriate page. We will be providing live results after the jump, and will follow it up with thoughts soon afterward.

– Rain comes out to thank the fans for their support over her 13-year career; to SHINE for giving her an opportunity to work there, and to Valkyrie for being behind her.
1. Su Yung made Solo Darling tap out to the Yellow Fever.
2. Sojo Bolt defeated La Rosa Negra with the Total Darkness (slingshot Electric Chair Drop).
3. Mercedes Martinez pinned Heidi Lovelace with the Fisherman Buster.
4. Angelina Love beat Taylor Made with the Botox Injection.
5. Friday The 13th Massacre Match: Leva Bates defeated Nevaeh with three superherokicks.
6. Losing team must split: SNS Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers) beat American Sweethearts (Santana Garrett & Amber O’Neal). Smothers pinned Garrett after Stephie hit a Kiss My Sass.
7. Ivelisse Velez defeated Mia Yim with a top rope Code Red.
8. Jessicka Havok v Allysin Kay went to a double DQ after the both kicked the referee. Kay Pillmanized Havok’s leg after the bell.
9. SHINE Championship: Rain (c) beat Amazing Kong via count out. After the match, Rain says that she’s not retiring. Lexie Fyfe comes out and declares that Rain’s next defence will be at SHINE 16 on January 24 against Ivelisse Velez.

Heidi Lovelace Mercedes Martinez SHINE Slammin Ladies• Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting this review to you, so let us explain the sequence of events which led to this unique situation. On Friday night, the stream for the iPPV cut out after the conclusion of the first match, and intermittently returned for very brief spells until after match 4, when the show was stopped to see if the problem could be solved. The cause of the drop in stream was down to the storms in the north east of the country, and after an hour of trying to fix it the iPPV was cut off and the rest of the show continued for the live audience. The show was hastily edited and uploaded for the paying viewers, though a breakdown at the hosting site, SHINE 15 only became available earlier today, though had serious audio issues by the end which meant that the audio was behind by a good 5 seconds. However, we have now seen the show, and have the review for you here.

• Su Yung’s evolving look is great. By getting rid of the clean cut image in order to look more unhinged and aggressive, it has given her a welcome edge – one which was carried over into her wrestling which is getting rougher, which made her the implied heel against Solo Darling. Overall, this was a better match than last time, and benefited from Solo ditching the Shark Girl suit. As she left, Su said that this was her time – she may be right, though Darling is also on the rise.

• La Rosa Negra v Sojo Bolt happened. It wasn’t anything special, though we were surprised that Bolt won, considering she is not doing a whole lot these days.

• I’ve been saying for a while that I was looking for that Heidi Lovelace match which would fully convert me into a fan, instead of waiting for that potential to finally produce a big result. That happened on this show, as while she was not realistically going to beat Mercedes Martinez, she put up an amazing fight and showed real spirit. With her kick-based offence and top-end selling, she made it obvious that Mercedes was going to have a fight on her hands. Good stuff, and Heidi has now made a believer out of me.

• Taylor Made was projected as not being on the level of Angelina Love, as she was dominated when it was a straight-up, one on one affair at the start. It was only after the interjection of Allysin Kay that Taylor could get an advantage. However, Love regained the lead Santana Garrett Sassy Stephie Jessie Belle Smothers SHINE Slammin Ladiesand pretty much kept it to the end, dispatching her opponent with the Botox Injection in what was a decent match.

• I found the Friday The 13th Massacre match to be a bit boring, to be honest. Considering it was a feud which had escalated to the point that Nevaeh was trying to decapitate Leva Bates with a knife at the start, it reduced down to a plodding walkabout affair with no real story and random weapon shots which never looked that impactful. I’m not saying to lay in the weapon shots, but they should at least look like they hurt, even if they don’t. Spanking each other with a badminton racket never felt that aggressive. The most frustrating part of what was billed as a grudge match was the moment where they engaged in a parrying sword fight with two machetes. It was a comedy spot which had no place in what was purported to be a serious contest. Their singles match at SHINE 13 was much better than this.

• While the tag match had a 4-way hair pull which looked out of place, I enjoyed the SNS Express against the American Sweethearts. Fair enough, it wasn’t anything dynamic but it had a good pace, Amber O’Neal was beaten up enough for the crowd to get into it when Santana Garrett made the hot tag, and the ending made sense as the referee didn’t see Sassy Stephie illegally nail the Kiss My Sass. A big point to get over the breakup stip was made by the Sweethearts after the loss too – they hugged, and took a long time to get out of the ring. One wonders what their futures hold now that they’re not allowed to team – similarly, there are no regular babyface teams left in SHINE, so we’ll have to see what happens there too.

• Ivelisse Velez and Mia Yim’s styles gel so well. With some solid striking, high flying and lucha thrown into the mix, their match was probably the best in SHINE history. While Yim has her plaudits for her improvement in 2013 – and they are well deserved – Velez is rapidly Mia Yim April Hunter SHINE Slammin Ladiesbecoming the total package. Both women fought hard and pushed themselves to an excellent contest, concluded by a Code Red from the top rope by Ivelisse for the decisive win. Their battles are like SHINE’s version of The Rock v Triple H, with them both fighting over the Intercontinental Title at the start, then evolving into backing for the WWF Championship. I would happily watch these two compete again and again, with the stakes and rewards getting even greater. In short, this should become a main event feud in the future.

• Jessicka Havok v Allysin Kay saw a difference of opinion between Stew and myself. While he liked the demonstration that because they knew each other so well and were so similar that they were going for the same moves at the same time in the early going, I thought it felt a bit too choreographed for a bitter fight between two former friends. It felt competitive rather than emotionally charged for me. Still, we both agreed that the brawling was fun, and that this was more of an angle than a match. It felt like it was (correctly) cut short by the double DQ, and then there was the extra activity after the bell when Havok’s leg was sandwiched into a chair. Quite rightly, this feud must continue – as there is a lot of mileage left in this.

• Considering Rain’s babyface promo at the start of the show, we should have known something was awry. Her match with Amazing Kong was nothing to write home about, and the ending suffered because of the absence of Daffney, who was tending to a real family emergency. A beaten-up Solo Darling was brought out by Valkyrie – who had been barred from ringside by Lexie Fyfe – and Kong went to her aid, causing her to be counted out. However, Kong and Darling had not interacted, even though they are both part of Daffney’s All Star Squad. Had Daffney been there, she would have accompanied both members of her stable to the ring, so we knew they had a connection. It’s a situation which is unfortunate because of the circumstances, but that would have explained why Kong abandoned the SHINE Championship to help her friend – and strangely, was never seen again, even though Allysin, Taylor and Ivelisse came out to celebrate with Rain after the count out.

• Afterwards, Rain said she wouldn’t retire while holding the SHINE Championship, which is a little confusing – is she saying she’s not retiring after all, or she will once she is beaten for the title? She also thanked fans who bought her retirement gifts even though she wasn’t leaving – a little crass, but she’s a heel. The announcement brought out Lexie again, who declared that Velez would be Rain’s next challenger at SHINE 16, which caused Ivelisse to be mildly shunned by her stablemates. It seems like she will have to choose as to whether Valkyrie or the title means more to her.

• A quick mention of the commentary. Lenny Leonard missed the show, so Rob Naylor took over duties with some guest colour announcers. Luscious Latasha called matches 2-4; Su Yung did 5-7, and Angelina Love did the final two. Latasha was entertaining on the mic and Love had some Rain Amazing Kong SHINE Slammin Ladiesreally nice expert insight, though Yung got a bit manic and started calling every move, leaving Naylor little to do. However, Naylor himself deteriorated as the show went on. While he had clearly done some research, he ran out of things to say in the second half and started repeating phrases and using cliches.

• So SHINE closed 2013 with a decent enough show. It had the excellent – Velez v Yim – the good – Lovelace v Martinez, Express v Sweethearts, plus Havok v Kay – and some disappointments – Bates v Nevaeh, Rain v Kong – but is probably worth going out of your way to see the replay for Ivelisse v Mia. As far as prospects go, we have Rain v Velez, possibly Kong & Darling against Made In Sin, and the ongoing feud between Havok and Kay. Coupled with the debut of Serena Deeb, SHINE 16 looks pretty tempting already.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by Slammin Ladies


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