Ringbelles Retro: Nikki Storm's early days

Nikki Storm Saraya KnightNikki Storm‘s first match at Pro Wrestling: EVE back on October 16, 2010 may have been against Saraya Knight (pictured), but it wasn’t the first time the two had stood across the ring from each other – in fact, one of their first encounters was one of Storm’s first ever matches.

Back in 2009, Storm was a fresh-faced rookie representing Scotland at Scottish Wrestling Alliance‘s The Gathering II in Glasgow on September 20, 2008. On the opposing side was Saraya and her husband Ricky Knight, who were the leaders of an English squad. In this contest, Storm is partnered by Majik.

Incidentally, this is the final of the weekly Retro series. In the future, retro videos will be posted as and when something interesting is found. In recent months, we have had difficulty in finding noteworthy videos for you, and didn’t want to post substandard contests.

Jump to 11:36.


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