Fight Like A Girl: Kirsty Love

Kirsty Love

Kirsty Love is someone who’s looking to turn the corner in her wrestling career and leave 2013 behind her. While it had its moments, the 21-year old Scot admits that in a professional standpoint, the last 12 months have not fulfilled her expectations, despite a number of real high points. However, it’s another year, and that means the slate has been wiped clean.

As part of this near-20 minute chat, Kirsty discusses her affection for her new home promotion RAD:PRO Wrestling, its similar ethos to CHIKARA, her tag team partnership with Rubix Roach and taking on the likes of Fire Ant and Jigsaw. She also talks about her ongoing issues in ICW: Fierce Females with James R Kennedy, her desires for both the near and long-term future and cooking Christmas dinner.

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(right click on the picture and “save as” to download, or stream in our media player below)


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