In Video: Rain v Ivelisse Velez – it's on for SHINE 16

Rain Ivelisse Velez Allysin Kay Taylor Made Slammin Ladies SHINEAfter defeating Amazing Kong to successfully defend her SHINE Championship at SHINE 15 last month – and renege on her intentions to retire – Rain was told by VP Lexie Fyfe that the number one contender for the title would be her Valkyrie stablemate Ivelisse Velez, who had beaten Mia Yim earlier in the night. The show closed with an awkward mood in the air, as it seemed that the lure of the title would drive a wedge into the promotion’s most dominant group.

Over the past week or so, Velez has been given advice and opinions from a number of different people – Valkyrie teammates Allysin Kay and Taylor Made, Rain and Fyfe. Earlier today Ivelisse gave us her decision, and it means it’s Valkyrie v Valkyrie at SHINE 16 on January 24…

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Slammin Ladies


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