Madison Rayne wins the Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne Gail Kim TNAIt was more of a renaissance than a Genesis for Madison Rayne on last night’s Impact Wrestling. After giving birth to her first child in August last year and returning to TNA on the December 12 episode, Rayne capped off her comeback by defeating Gail Kim to win the Knockouts Championship for a fifth time, tying the record shared by Angelina Love and Tara.

Rayne was forced to fight through adversity, as she was attacked by Kim and Lei’D Tapa before the match, so was selling her ribs during the contest – during which she was also attacked by Tapa, before getting the win with the Rayne Drop. You can see the match for yourself after the jump.

As previously highlighted by us, there have been problems surrounding the reason for Madison’s face turn and why there has been no explanation despite one right there, but TNA has done a successful job of turning around its former top heel into a babyface people are happy to get behind – though credit must also go to Kim for being the pain in the arse that people want to see knocked down a few pegs.

Velvet Sky Chris Sabin TNAElsewhere on the show, Velvet Sky finally stood up to her boyfriend Chris Sabin following months of manipulation.

After being dragged to the ring to explain herself following Sabin seeing Sky talking to Austin Aries – and Aries saying (not in the most flattering manner) that she doesn’t have to put up with his garbage – she happily volunteered to put herself in a cage at ringside during Sabin’s defence of the X Division Championship against Aries next week. Her reasoning is that it means that he can’t call on her to do his dirty work against her wishes but for the good of their relationship. She also added that should Sabin lose, their romance may be over.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by TNA


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