Bunch of Fives: A Diva spring-clean

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There are currently 13 WWE Divas on the main roster. With the elevation of Summer Rae – and more recently Emma – from NXT as well as reports of the likes of Paige and Lana following in the not-so-distant future, it could be argued that it’s getting quite crowded in the women’s locker room for Raw and SmackDown. The number was thinned by one with the departure of Kaitlyn earlier this month, but conceivably, WWE could jettison some others without too much hassle. Considering how many women are waiting in the wings, it may be coming to that time. So who could be lost from a business perspective? Well, we have five suggestions.

Incidentally, these selections aren’t made out of malice. It’s more from a clinical standpoint as to what they can conceivably deliver based on their past records and how they have been booked.

Yes, the former Women’s and Divas champion is currently out with an undisclosed injury, but things were looking pretty dicey for the 2006 Divas Search winner even before she went on the shelf. After treading water as a babyface for much of 2013, she turned heel for no distinct reason and then continued her run of losses. After tanking on both sides of the fence and after close to 8 years with the company, she may have had her day. It’s a shame, as she worked well as a heel when she was one half of Lay-Cool, but she isn’t likeable enough as a face and her heel turn was nonsensical. A combination of average wrestling and bad booking may have ruined her.

Despite knocking up a few wins at the end of last year, the Lithuanian’s track record isn’t great, and neither is her ring work. Yes, it’s improved recently but considering she’s had the opportunity to learn with some of the best trainers over the last four years – as well as not having to worry about holding down another job – you would hope she would have come along faster than she has. She reportedly has supporters in management, but she may be too tainted by her track record to turn her into a contender. Also, considering Lana may be on her way and she will be speaking Russian, her nationality will lose its individuality. She may be a victim of a younger, fresher version of herself.

This one sucks, but it’s a mercy killing. Considering she was brought in for Total Divas and she barely featured in the extended portion of the first season, it seems evident that WWE really doesn’t know what to do with her at this point. She did elicit a good reaction from the crowd during her brief work at Survivor Series, but she seems to be surplus to requirements. Fair play to her – she’s working at the Performance Center to better herself while fellow TD debutante Eva Marie has the red carpet rolled out for her, but at 19 years old it may be too soon for her. Release her, leave the door open and if she’s hungry enough, she’ll be back.

Tamina SnukaTamina Snuka
Yes, she’s doing fine as the bodyguard for AJ Lee, and she can look pretty devastating in short bursts in tag team matches, but Tamina lacks something. Maybe it’s that considering her size, she’s not really that scary or intimidating. When you factor in the stop-start nature of her pushes, she has struggled to gain any momentum since appearing on the main roster in May 2010. She got into wrestling at a later age than you expect these days and if she was going to be a real player, it probably should have happened by now. Yes, she has heritage on her side, but you can’t win them all…

Rosa MendesRosa Mendes
Rosa has been with WWE for the same amount of time as Layla, as they both participated in the Diva Search – but put the two side by side and it makes you wonder how the 34-year old has enjoyed gainful employment for all this time. Not a great wrestler by any criteria, no real promo time and is unlikely to have generated any real money for the company – though she found a decent enough niche with Primo and Epico before that fell apart. After the better part of a decade, it seems that WWE would do well to cut their losses. However she seems to be hanging on in some fashion, and it’s a head-scratcher as to how.

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with these selections? Would you have chosen someone else? Let us know in the comments section below, as we would love to read your thoughts.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE


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