LCW Roses – Roses Rumble live results

LCW Roses RumbleLeicester Championship Wrestling presents its first show of its all-female offshoot promotion today. The Roses Rumble will feature five matches as well as a 15-woman Rumble main event, with the Erin Angel v Kay Lee Ray v Nikki Storm 3-way determining who enters the contest first (the one who takes the fall) and last (the winner of the match).

Another standout match is expected to be Rhia O’Reilly facing Addy Starr, while the remaining three contests have newer faces stepping into the ring with more established British talent. LCW trainee Shauna Shay has her first ever match against a female opponent today when she steps into the ring with Carmel Jacob; Felony (accompanied by her 6’3″ boyfriend Barricade) battles Pollyanna Peppers, while Viper teams up with rookie Jenna to face the Pin-Up Princesses team of Nadia Sapphire and Violet Vendetta – and you can hear Sapphire talk about this match in our recent My Name Is interview.

We’re at the event in Leicester, England to bring you all the results as they happen. Click the jump to keep up with goings-on, and join us later for thoughts on LCW Roses’ debut show.

1. Pollyanna Peppers pinned Felony with a Pollydriver.
2. Viper & Jenna beat Nadia Sapphire & Violet Vendetta. Viper pinned Vendetta with Michinoku Driver. After the match, Sapphire turned on Vendetta and aligned with Faith Lehaine.
3. Addy Starr defeated Rhia O’Reilly via DQ. O’Reilly then laid Starr out with the Rhiajustment.
4. Carmel Jacob made Shauna Shay tap out to a rear naked choke.
5. Nikki Storm beat Erin Angel & Kay Lee Ray in a 3-way. Storm pinned KLR with the Perfect Storm.
6. Nikki Storm won the Roses Rumble Match.

Order of entry
1. Kay Lee Ray
2. Addy Starr
3. Rhia O’Reilly
4. Nadia Sapphire
5. Violet Vendetta
6. Sakura Lily
7. Faith Lehaine
8. Erin Angel
9. Viper
10. Shauna Shay
11. Jenna
12. Felony
13. Carmel Jacob
14. Pollyanna Peppers
15. Nikki Storm

23 Shauna Shay Viper LCW RosesOrder of elimination
1-2. Vendetta & Sapphire eliminated each other
3. Starr by O’Reilly
4. Lehaine by Angel
5. Angel by Viper
6. Lily b O’Reilly
7. O’Reilly b KLR
8. Jacob by Shay
9. Shay by Viper
10. Felony by Jenna
11. Jenna by Viper
12. KLR by Viper
13. Viper by Peppers
14. Peppers by Storm


• I came away from LCW Roses with a positive impressing. There are things to work on for the future and some tweaks may be necessary, but it has created some story lines already, and we have a main event for the next show on March 1.

• With an audience of approximately 80, it’s a fair enough draw for a debut show featuring a bunch of lesser-known wrestlers on a Saturday afternoon. The arena at Brockington College in Leicester is a nice setup with bleachers on either side and projectors on either side of the entranceway, which offered 10 second countdowns during the Rumble match. Hopefully word of mouth should swell the crowd, as well as when the fans get more acclimated with the promotion and the wrestlers involved.

1 Felony LCW Roses• I was intrigued by Felony, and in person, she’s spectacularly creepy. Crawling down the aisle like she’d just slithered into the real world through a haunted mirror, she certainly creates impression from the outset. Even on first impression, I’d say she is one of the best characters in women’s wrestling in the UK.

• To counteract the Living Dead Girl, Pollyanna Peppers came out in a white shirt and red tie while wielding a cricket bat, paying homage to Shaun of the Dead. It created some great laughs, and was a great way to get the crowd going right off the bat. Peppers even got a chance to connect with her weapon, laying one square onto the back of Felony’s boyfriend Barricade. As for the wrestling, it was pretty basic – a trend for the entire show in all honesty – but they, like the matches that followed, deserve credit for not overextending the lesser-expeirenced participants in the match. Peppers got the win with the Pollydriver (Samoan Driver).

• As the most experienced grappler in the match, Viper took control in the sole tag team match of the evening. Focussing in on Violet Vendetta, she and Jenna (who desperately needs a surname to make her stand out from the pack) overcame their opposition by utilising their size. To her credit, Vendetta sold well and was certainly a baby face in peril. Unfortunately for Nadia Sapphire, she didn’t get much of an opportunity to get much of a showing before Vendetta was put away with Viper’s Michinoku Driver, though her heel turn – caused by the frustration of her team losing but not at her hands – fits her more, and she makes a really big noise when she bumps, which is great. Her gimmick is suited to gaining heat, and her alignment with Faith Lehaine is logical as the pair are working as a tag team elsewhere.

• I expected good things from Rhia O’Reilly v Addy Starr, and I got it. What immediately separated them from the less-skilled members of the roster was their commitment to laying in their moves. Everything made good contact and there was a good aggression. It was a little rough around the edges in places, and the finish 14 Carmel Jacob Shauna Shay LCW Roseswas a bit cheap – O’Reilly was disqualified for refusing to stop choking Starr on the ropes – but it whet my appetite and makes me want to see them wrestle a few more times. These two could be at the start of a really neat feud.

• There was a lot of pressure on Shauna Shay. Considering it was her first match against female opposition and she was wrestling in front of a lot of her friends and family, there was a great potential for her to slip on a banana peel. However, she didn’t – and while she may have been led through the match by Carmel Jacob, she held up her part of the deal. She did well with the hope spots and created a great near fall at the end with a sneaky inside cradle. She still needs work – her facials could be polished and she needs to really connect with her clotheslines, punches and forearms, as Jacob was taking bumps from very light shots – but she certainly has potential.

• The three-way was a bit disappointing, as it felt a little disjointed on some occasions, but there were some really good moments. Nikki Storm worked the heel role well, refusing to engage at the beginning, and was foiled when she tried sneak attacks – including her jumping into an empty ring when both Erin Angel and Kay Lee Ray dodged her top rope double clothesline attempt. KLR took some big bumps – including one from the top to the floor – and was selling her shoulder from about halfway through the contest, and was the one who took the fall after wiping out Angel with a Swanton 17 Nikki Storm Kay Lee Ray Erin Angel LCW RosesBomb and then falling to a Perfect Storm. Not bad by any means, but I was hoping for a bit more – though the match preparation was somewhat hindered by Angel only getting to the venue an hour before match time due to heavy traffic.

• The Roses Rumble match was well booked. With continuations of the Vendetta/Sapphire feud, Starr and O’Reilly engaging again and more interactions with Storm and KLR, there was some good writing. In addition, Shay got a measure of revenge on Jacob by eliminating her in two seconds after Carmel’s charge saw her sail over the top, and created a real heart-pounding moment as she lifted Viper onto the top rope, but failed to throw her out.

• The two women who weren’t in undercard matched but still entered the Rumble had differing fortunes. Lehaine didn’t get into the ring for a while and when she did, made no contact with anyone – though as she jaw-jacked with fans, she was thrown out by Angel. Meanwhile, Sakura Lily fared better, but fell victim to O’Reilly. Neither made a massive impression, though both continue to have distinctive looks.

• Viper was the MVP of the Rumble, claiming four eliminations and being the one to beat.

• The finish began after Kay Lee was eliminated because of a Viper gorilla press to the floor. As both referees tended to her, Viper threw Storm out without it being an official elimination. Meanwhile, Peppers thought she had won and climbed onto the second rope, yelling 18 Addy Starr Nadia Sapphire LCW Roses“I’m going to WrestleMania!”, only for Nikki to knock her to the floor and be declared the winner, claiming her only elimination of the contest.

• By way of winning the match, Storm was due to pick her own opponent for the main event of War of the Roses on March 1, but as the ending was a controversial one, it was selected for her. As a consequence, the main event will be Nikki Storm against Amazon Ayesha Ray. However, because this isn’t a knowledgable women’s wrestling crowd, they had no idea who she was, which was a shame.

• As a debut show, LCW Roses did a good job establishing new names, new feuds and building toward the next show. I’m not going to say that it’s going to become the forefront of women’s wrestling in the UK; I see it as being more of a finishing school for other promotions. Having said that, I think that’s a good niche to be in, as women don’t tend to be among a lot of other women until they are much more experienced. This gives them a chance to be in that sort of environment and get used to it. I think it certainly has a place, and I’ll be back for another helping.


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