SHINE 16 live results – Ivelisse Velez challenges Rain; Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok collide

SHINE 16 posterValkyrie‘s biggest challenge happens tonight at SHINE 16 – though instead of it being a new challenger looking to take the faction down, the challenge lays from within. After receiving advice from many sides, Ivelisse Velez takes on her stablemate Rain for the Radiant One’s SHINE Championship. Teammates Allysin Kay and Taylor Made advised her to back out, Rain acted diplomatic about it and VP Lexie Fyfe said she received the opportunity because she deserved it and not because of some underhanded plan to destroy Valkyrie from within. However, that is a possible outcome of this match, regardless of who leaves the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL as the champion. Together, we’ll see what goes down.

Elsewhere on the card, Kay and Jessicka Havok collide for a second straight month, though this match will be No Disqualification. After last month’s no-contest, we will definitely have a winner here, as the two former best friends collide with no sympathy, no compassion and no mercy to be seen.

The other big match sees Nevaeh face Leva Bates in a straight wrestling match following their Friday The 13th Massacre Match last month. Both have been sniping back and forth at each other since Nevaeh threw down the challenge – so much so that both were legitimately reprimanded by SHINE for their conduct online. With tensions running high, this could be a show-stealer.

Also, Serena Deeb makes her SHINE debut against Santana Garrett, Angelina Love faces Leah Von Dutch, and Daffney says she has a new team to square off against SNS Express members Sassy Stephie and Jessie Belle Smothers.

You can still order the event by clicking here, and we will have results as they happen after the jump – and don’t forget to come back after the show for a review of what we thought.

– The show began with a ten bell salute for Mae Young with the entire roster around ringside. As the wrestlers made their way to the back, Nevaeh and Leva Bates got into a fight.
1. Kimberly beat Sojo Bolt with a Samoan Drop.
2. Amber O’Neal pinned La Rosa Negra with the Amber Alert.
3. Mercedes Martinez defeated Su Yung with the Fisherman Buster.
– SHINE will hold an 8 team tournament at SHINE 17 on February 28 to crown its first Tag Team Champions
4. Serena Deeb beat Santana Garrett with the Spear.
5. Amazing Kong pinned Taylor Made with the Implant Buster.
6. The Buddy System (Solo Darling & Heidi Lovelace) beat The SNS Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers). Lovelace pinned Smothers after a Darling bulldog, following Daffney hitting Jessie Belle in the face with brass knuckles.
7. Allysin Kay v Jessicka Havok in a NO DQ Match went to a double knockout.
8. Nevaeh pinned Leva Bates with a German Suplex.
9. Angelina Love beat Leah Von Dutch with a sunset flip. LVD attacked Love after the bell.
10. Ivelisse Velez pinned Rain with the Code Red to win the SHINE Championship. Rain then told Velez that she was no longer part of Valkyrie, and was beaten down by her former stablemates. Havok, O’Neal, Deeb & Love made the save, but Serena then hit Ivelisse over the head with the title belt and joined Valkyrie.

Su Yung SHINEThoughts

• So, we have a new SHINE Champion, but we’ll get to that. Let’s have a rundown of the show in general.

• Firstly, the upgrade to HD is a vast improvement on the grainy images from previous SHINEs. We tend to screencap the shows for images for these reports and you will be able to tell from the images that we have grabbed that the quality is so much better now. A larger image in widescreen is very gratefully received. In addition, the two man commentary team of Lenny Leonard and Rob Naylor worked well with a number of obscure wrestling and pop culture references.

• Some would argue that Nevaeh and Leva Bates fighting after the ten bell toll to Mae Young at the start of the show was disrespectful, but Mae would have probably understood. Storyline wise, it was a nice surprise to see – though I’m curious as to why Allysin Kay and Jessicka Havok wouldn’t have tried to get at each other in a similar fashion.

• Kimberly didn’t have much of a problem putting away Sojo Bolt in the opening contest of the show. With the All Star Squad member controlling the pace for the most part, Bolt was pretty easily put away with a Samoan Drop in a very simple contest. The sweet part about this match was the interaction between Kimberly and Daffney. Their characters fit together really nicely.

• A quick note about repetition for the wrestlers’ entrances. Both La Rosa Negra and Amber O’Neal (as well as Jessie Belle Smothers later on) did split-legged drops on the apron to get into the ring. I accept that it is something they all regularly do, but assigning it to one person for this promotion would probably be a prudent move. The match itself was a pretty clean and straightforward babyface v babyface affair, with O’Neal getting the pin with her bridging backslide known as the Amber Alert. It’s the best backslide in wrestling.

Mercedes Martinez‘s run of helping to put over younger talent continued with Su Yung, though this wasn’t the neatest of outings. A couple of Yung’s shots looked *really* light. The Latina Sensation got the victory with the Fisherman Buster, though I’m starting to feel that Mercedes isn’t really being challenged. I’d like to see her enter a proper feud with someone – even if it is one of the younger wrestlers, which would produce something more than what are exhibition contests.

Serena Deeb Santana Garrett SHINE• The announcement that SHINE will stage an 8-team tournament to crown its first Tag Team Champions is an interesting one. Before this show, you only really had two regular teams in the promotion – the SNS Express and Made In Sin. That’s swelled out after this card, but it will be interesting to see who is paired with whom on February 28.

Serena Deeb and Santana Garrett are like two peas in a pod, so you knew there wasn’t going to be a problem with their match – and there wasn’t. The pair traded holds with chain wrestling to start, but things escalated after a Deeb charge saw her arm hit the ringpost. The finish came with Serena going for a spear, only to be thwarted with an up-kick by Santana. A Shining Star Press attempt came to nothing, and Deeb nailed the spear for the win, while selling her injured arm. A tidy outing – nothing too dynamic, but did what it needed to do for its position on the card.

Taylor Made played hit and run to try and get an edge on Amazing Kong, but got the edge by curling into the foetal position and then raking her larger opponent’s eyes before going to work on her legs. However, the size and experience was too much for the Valkyrie member, who was put away with a backfist and the Implant Buster. It wasn’t that memorable.

Jessie Belle Smothers Heidi Lovelace SHINE• Following that match, Daffney stayed at ringside to introduce the latest All Star Squad member as being Heidi Lovelace, who formed a team with Solo Darling called the Buddy System, and were instantly great. Lovelace in particular was spot on in this match against Smothers and Sassy Stephie, as she constantly sold the leg which the heels were working on with fast tags, much like Deeb did with her arm. She hopped during Irish whips and was treading gingerly after the hot tag too. Seriously, this was great stuff that shouldn’t need to be highlighted as being great, because everybody who’s selling an attack on a body part should be doing it. It was strange to see Daffney take a cheap shot to allow her team to get the win though, as she said she wanted to form the ASS to fight injustice. Perhaps it will play into things down the line, but SHINE 16 was a successful one for Daffney’s stable – a new member, and three wins out of three.

• Kay and Havok’s No DQ match started with a shocker, as Jessicka’s running boot at the opening bell accidentally hit referee Frankie Gastineau, leaving him dead in the corner for the rest of the contest while the two former friends beat the piss out of each other in a great brawl. With the fight spilling outside, the pair had the match I thought we would have seen last month. The finish came because both knew the other so well – they knocked each other down with Yakuza Kicks, then rose to strike each other with chairs, only for the ref to count them both down for a 10 count, leading to a double KO. Presumably, this is leading to a Last Woman Standing match in the future, and I’m fine with that as even though this was really good, I believe there is even more great stuff to come.

• Nevaeh and Leva Bates put on an excellent match which deserved more of a crowd reaction that it got. After rushing the ring at the start, Bates was slowed down by her opponent, who methodically went to work on Leva, who was as promised, gimmick free – though that in itself is a gimmick when you think about it. By keeping it slow and then picking up the pace for Leva’s comebacks it ended up getting really exciting, and peaked for the finish as Bates refused to die. After kicking out of a superplex and a Death Valley Driver, she was finally taken down with a German Suplex. Fabulous work in what was both women’s best SHINE match to date.

Ivelisse Velez Rain SHINE• Realistically, Angelina Love and Leah Von Dutch were going to struggle to top that, but they tried – and despite falling short, still had a good match. I’m enjoying Von Dutch’s role in SHINE as the woman going after the veterans as it gives her some fodder to work on, and also means she gets to wrestle a lot of experienced workers. It’s really clever. The end came when Love countered a Von Dutch fireman’s carry into the sunset flip for the three. Nice ending, but given the finish of the next match I would have gone with a different sequence.

Ivelisse Velez and Rain put on the match of the night, but it looked like it wasn’t going to be much of one when the bell rang. They played up the Fingerpoke of Doom with Rain tapping Ivelisse and then making a mock cover as if they were playing around, but when the titleholder suckered her opponent into a small package, it led to the fisticuffs with Rain looking to assert her dominance over her upstart protege. Logically though, did Velez intend on taking a dive at the start, or what was the plan before Rain pulled a fast one? Nevertheless, it was forgotten about as the pair engaged, with a nervous Allysin, Taylor and April Hunter watching on from ringside.

Ivelisse Velez Rain Serena Deeb Allysin Kay Taylor Made April Hunter SHINE• The crowd were a little slow to get into it at first, considering that it is heel v heel, but started to lean more towards the challenger as the match continued. Both women kicked out of big moves, as Rain avoided being beaten by the Vertigo Kick while Ivelisse escaped being pinned after the Implant DDT. Following a series of slaps, chops and forearms from both women, it was Velez who scored the pin with a Code Red to win the match and the title.

• Afterwards, Rain hugged the new champion and said that as long as the belt was within Valkyrie, all would be fine – but Ivelisse was no longer part of Valkyrie. What followed was a Horseman beatdown, with the babyfaces making the save as the heels scurried to the outside. However, Serena then hit Velez from behind with the belt as the numbers advantage shifted – with Deeb then removing her SHIMMER hoodie to reveal a Valkyrie t-shirt. A lot happened in the final few minutes of this show, but we’re left with a new babyface champion who people can get behind and a refreshed and revitalised Valkyrie.

• I think it’s safe to say that SHINE has significantly distanced itself from SHIMMER now. With a babyface Havok and a heel Deeb, the story lines don’t really tally up – despite Serena missing the last SHIMMER tapings. SHINE is its own world now.

• SHINE 16 was a definite thumbs-up. Deeb/Garrett, Buddy System/SNS Express and Love/Von Dutch were good (with Lovelace being the standout); Havok/Kay was very good, & Nevaeh/Bates and Ivelisse Velez 1 SHINEVelez/Rain were great. The storylines have also opened up a lot of intriguing prospects for the next few months. Why did Serena join Valkyrie? Will she challenge for the SHINE Championship? Can Ivelisse hold onto the belt now that she has all her former friends gunning for her demise? You also have the prospect of another Havok v Kay match on the cards, maybe more in the Leva Bates/Nevaeh feud and the glitz of the Tag Team Championship seemingly dominating the card for the next show on February 28. SHINE started off 2014 in a great fashion, and has set itself up for the next few months. If it’s anything like this show, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

• One final thing that should be noted is that after the show, Rain tweeted about her retirement. Yes, she baited and switched last month but this seems to be more sincere. While we’re erring on “once bitten, twice shy”, it looks likely that tonight’s match genuinely was her last.

– Lee Burton


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