Santana Garrett signs with TNA

Santana Garrett Ricky HavlikAfter being on the radar of both WWE and TNA in the last year, it has been revealed that Santana Garrett will become a Knockout in the near future.

This will be the 25-year old’s second stint in the promotion. She made her debut in March 2009 alongside Orlando Jordan, though she did not get the opportunity to step into the ring. Her first match in TNA was at the Knockouts Knockdown PPV in March last year, where she was defeated by Brooke Tessmacher. She also caught TNA’s attention when she worked a dark match for Ohio Valley Wrestling last September.

Garrett has also had the opportunity to impress WWE, as she worked a match against Charlotte at the NXT tapings in September. It’s been pretty obvious that big things were in Santana’s future, and it seems that TNA got to her first.

Eyebrows were raised at SHINE 15 last month when her partnership with Amber O’Neal lost a match against Sassy Stephie and Jessie Belle Smothers where the losing tandem must split. She wrestled a single match against Serena Deeb at SHINE 16 on Friday, but wasn’t an instrumental part of the heel beatdown at the end of the show – curious, considering Deeb turned heel after their match, so it could have prompted further matches though it seems to have been a one and done situation.

As a consequence of signing with TNA, Santana won’t be able to wrestle matches for iPPV or DVD, as the company won’t allow it. Garrett is scheduled to wrestle Barbi Hayden at Women Superstars Uncensored‘s Mutiny show on February 8, but the promotion says it will be for the live audience only.

The timing of the announcement of her signing is interesting, as the promotion is flying to the UK for the next week to record six weeks of Impact Wrestling shows in Glasgow, Manchester and London, so Santana won’t be on TV for at least a month and a half. However, the promotion is in desperate need of new Knockouts, so with any luck, she will see a lot of screen time to build her up and make her a contender.

In addition, while WWE has the Performance Center pretty much on her doorstep, it’s not like the company is short of Divas or female trainees. By aligning with TNA, she is more likely to be used on TV as quickly as possible, which could help her marketability.

Congratulations to Santana though – she has the look, ability and positive attitude to be a real star. We wish her all the best, and look forward to seeing her TNA debut.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Ricky Havlik


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