Reby Sky arrested over alleged fight with husband

Reby Sky Mugshot TMZImages have been released of mugshots of Reby Sky and her husband Matt Hardy following an alleged physical fight between the two in a hotel in Emporia, VA in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

TMZ reports that police were called to the Hampton Inn hotel in the city at around 5.45am on January 1, and uploaded the 911 call made by staff. The website says that both were arrested on suspicion of assault and battery, were released on $3,500 bail, and may have filed restraining orders against each other. 27-year old Sky – real name Rebecca Hardy – has scratches on her face and possibly a swollen lip, while her husband has more visible injuries.

While it has not been publicly acknowledged by either party, a look at the 27-year old’s Twitter indicates that something went awry.

This tweet is the first time she mentioned her husband in a message in 2014, apart from retweeting a plea from him for fans to not come to their home. Whatever issues Sky and Hardy – who only married in October of last year – may have had seem to have been cleared up, as the couple worked shows on the west coast of the US on January 17-19.

While we don’t want to speculate on the incident, the timeline appears to tell a certain story – albeit one side of it. We will see what happens with legal proceedings as they continue.

– Lee Burton


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