In Video: Jayne v Sharpe – a growing rivalry

Sammii Jayne Debbie Sharpe Damon McCabeFormer My Name Is guests Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne are cultivating a healthy feud in Scottish Wrestling Entertainment. Having faced each other in more than half a dozen encounters since last September, the pair have squared off in tag matches, trios matches and ladder matches. It has been the making of both women.

Jayne has cut weight, improved cardio and changed her look since we interviewed her in October 2012 and is considered the top woman in the promotion’s Sirens Division. However, she has a formidable opponent in a prodigy like Sharpe, who has less than a year’s experience under her belt but is coming along at a great rate of knots. The match we have after the jump is their latest contest in Dundee, Scotland from January 25, though they are slated to wrestle again on February 22 – both Jayne and Sharpe will challenge Viper for the Future Division title in a rematch from their Ladder Match last October, which Sammii won…

– Photo by Damon McCabe


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