WSU Mutiny iPPV – Jessicka Havok vs Alpha Female for the WSU Championship! Last minute changes!

Alpha Female Jessicka Havok WSUAfter last night’s Secret Show #3, where Jessicka Havok successfully retained her WSU World Championship against Shanna, the force of nature known as J-Hav goes one-on-one with the monstrous Alpha Female, who defeated two women in a row last night – and although it was never advertised as such during the build-up to the show, the match has now been confirmed as being for Havok’s WSU World Championship.

Although WSU has already tweeted today that there would be other “changes” to the announced show, we’re hopefully still expecting to see Athena vs LuFisto for the #1 contendership for the WSU Championship, but it seems that injuries to both Veda Scott & Allysin Kay means that their planned matches with Jenny Rose and the Midwest Militia Tag Team Title defence of Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie against C.U.N.T. (Kimber Lee & Annie Social) respectively appear off the book.

You can still order the live worldwide iPPV via, but otherwise join us after the cut for live results as they come in.

a. NWA World Women’s Championship: Barbi Hayden (c) pinned Santana Garrett after a Hayden Halo DDT and feet on the ropes. Hayden also DDT’d Amber O’Neal post match. (DARK)

Actual show start time delayed until 4:30pm EST, but technical issues in the Flyers Skate Zone means that the show may not be broadcast on iPPV – at least initially.

1. WSU Tag Team Championships: Kimber Lee & Annie Social beat Jessicka Havok (subbing for Allysin Kay) & Sassy Stephie (c) after Havok turned on Stephie and Kimber Lee pinned her – NEW CHAMPS!
— Kimber Lee says that this was a bullshit way to win the Tag Team Titles and offers an open challenge, accepted by Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie!
2. WSU Tag Team Championships: Kimber Lee & Annie Social (c) beat Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie following the T-Gimmick from Kimber & Annie on Nevaeh. Von Eerie & Nevaeh had a shoving match afterwards.
3. Jenny Rose pinned Hania following a Diving Clothesline. It appeared Hania kicked out at 2, but the referee counted to 3.
4. WSU Championship #1 Contender: LuFisto pinned Athena following a Burning Hammer in what was described as a great match which got a standing ovation.
5. WSU Spirit Title/Title vs Mask: Ezavel Suena beat Marti Belle (c) – NEW CHAMP! Post match, Suena unmasked anyway, unveiling herself to be Niya, who had previously lost a Loser Leaves WSU match. When Niya attempted to leave through the locker room, several roster members intervened and kicked her out the door.
6. Uncensored Rules: Mickie Knuckles pinned Jewells Malone following a pump handle slam through a doll house. Malone got a standing ovation after the match. Described as “insane”.
7. Queen and King of the Ring Qualifier: Shanna & Chris Dickinson vs Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan when Shanna pinned Candice with her feet on the ropes.
8. WSU World Championship: Jessicka Havok (c) pinned Alpha Female following the Demon Drop. Sassy Stephie attempted to attack Havok after the match, but is run off by Alpha. Havok and Alpha shook hands.
— Jessicka Havok vs LuFisto for the WSU World Championship is now set for the Queen and King of the Ring 2014 show.

We are obliged to regular correspondent @DaveMuscarella for keeping us up to date with the results throughout. The iPPV didn’t work at all. WSU have tweeted that they will “make this right”, so we await their update.

UPDATE: WSU have posted the following statement on their official facebook account

The issue with the iPPV turned out to be something so stupid and minor but unfortunately we weren’t able to resolve it until after #Mutiny was over. For over a year RFVideo has provided the best iPPV experience in the game for the events held at the Flyers Skate Zone. Joe from RFVideo does an incredible job and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his hard work.

I don’t know the ins and outs of how the technology works exactly but in order to broadcast an iPPV you need an internet connection. Apparently the physical jack that the cable is hooked up to had been disabled sometime between last month’s CZW iPPV and today. It wasn’t until a few hours later that the staff at the Skate Zone showed Joe and the crew from RFVideo that there was another spot they could plug the cables into in order to gain internet access. That’s why CZW is broadcasting live on iPPV this very moment and we were unable to this afternoon.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. We had so much momentum heading into #Mutiny. Don’t get me wrong – the event delivered for those in person who contributed to WSU’s largest turnout yet – but that’s only a small percentage of the audience we have the potential to reach.

I need to wait until CZW is over to get with DJ and Rob to figure out the logistics of how we can make it up to our fans who ordered the iPPV. I hope to post about that resolution late tonight or early tomorrow. In the mean time, I want to thank you again for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions email and I’ll respond accordingly when I get to a computer.


UPDATE 2: Going above and beyond the call of duty, Dave Muscarella has weighed in with further thoughts on the show.

Since no one got to see the show, and while its fresh in my mind, I’ll go ahead and add some thoughts to show, match by match:

First off, the show was set up nicely. Word is Pancoast is back with CZW so the production side is much nicer than previous WSU shows. The video trons at the entrance flashed WSU all night long, although the ring was still 100% CZW branded. The darker lighting was also new for a WSU show in the Skate Zone, so just all around it looked good. Also, the crowd was pretty big compared to all the previous WSU show’s at the same building.

• Barbi Hayden vs Satana Garrett was fine as a pre-show match. Barbi did all the little things right as the heel. She spent a while before the match using the NWA Women’s title as a mirror to check her makeup and hair. Amber O’Neal accompanied Santana here and was just there to get the crowd into the match more, which honestly didn’t show much life yet as they were still coming into the building. Barbi cheated to win, but Santana never really had control of the match to the point anyone thought she would win.
• Show opened with Annie & Social coming out saying the MWM were once again ducking them. Sassy Stephie came out and explained that AK was injured the night before (at AIW) and Steph herself got into an accident with a HORSE on the way to the show. Steph said she wasn’t going to defend the titles herself and since AK wasn’t there, she was going to leave. DJ Hyde make his first appearance here and told her that if she didn’t defend, the titles would be stripped from her and AK. He gave Steph the chance to pick a partner of her choosing to defend the titles with, but she said she didn’t trust anyone. So, after some stalling around, Jessicka Havok comes out and we have our match.
• This match didn’t go very far because after a couple mins, Steph tagged in Havok only for Havok to hit an Air Raid Crash/Demon Drop on Steph and Kimber Lee covers up for the win and we have new champs.
Kimber Lee was not happy with winning the titles this way and demanded an open challenge so they could have real match to earn it.
• Nevaeh and CVE came out and accepted. Also, of note, since AK wasn’t there, there was only ONE tag title and during Nevaeh’s speech, Kimber and Annie had the one belt around them both in a funny spot. Match itself was good, but crowd was more behind CVE and Nevaeh than C.U.N,T. which I assume is due to Kimber Lee being a heel in CZW. Another observation, there was never one time when Kimber Lee and CVE were tagged in at the same time. They were obviously being kept apart for the CZW angle. However, they tease dissension between Nevaeh and CVE after the loss, so there might be something going on there in WSU at least.
• Rose vs Hania was the result of Veda being injured. This match was pretty good and the two women had some good chemistry here. Unfortuneately, the ending ruined the match a little. Rose went off the top rope with a flying clothesline/crossbody (not sure which) and the ref counted to 3, but Hania clearly was up after 2. The crowd saw this and chanted “Bullshit” and “This ref sucks” afterward. Note about Hania here. She had a very good weekend. She had an amazing match vs Athena at the Secret Show, and a very good match vs Rose here as well. She is absolutely one to watch in 2014.
• Lufisto vs Athena was not only MOTN, but possibly WSU’s best ever match. The match started off fast right after the bell and never let up. They spent a lot of time on the outside and did all kinds of brutal spots with the guard rail and ring apron. They teased using a chair, but it ultimately wasn’t used. This is the match where the crowd REALLY got into it. The mostly CZW-centric crowd ate this up. Athena and Lufisto were creating art here and it just worked to perfection. Lufisto got a Welcome Back chant, and Athena came out sporting new Japanese-inspired gear and intro. This is a must see match. Crowd gave multiple THIS IS AWESOME chants and gave both a long standing ovation afterward. Ironically, this sets up Lufisto for a title shot at Queen & King of the Ring exactly 1 year after she was supposed to have the match before her injury.
• Marti Belle vs Ezavel Suena was weird. Suena some new gear with lots of yellow and black which got lots of “Pokemon” chants from the crowd all match long. This was the first match after intermission and the crowd just never got into much. After Suena won the title, she unmasked herself to reveal the worst kept secret in wrestling. It was Niya all along. Once Niya got to the curtain, a large chunck of the roster stood in front of her and forced her back out of the building thru the front door. The group included Nevaeh, CVE, Lufisto, Amber O’Neal, and Santana from what I could see. Just a weird ending. So now, the Spirit title is held by a woman who has lost *THREE* Loser Leaves WSU matches.
• Jewells Malone vs Mickie Knuckles was the Uncensored Rules match and, as expected, lots of plunder was used. There was abnormally large amount of spots of weapons being used on the crotches of both women. The big prop was a large doll house that was used at the end when Knuckles slammed Jewells thru it to win. This was a fun romp though and showed that Jewells can hang in any kind of match. Jewells did get a standing ovation from the crowd after it was over.
• Candice & Joey vs Shanna & Dickinson was also really fun, but in a different way. This match was extremely sexual. There was one spot where Joey Ryan shoved Shanna’s hands down his tights. And another spot where both Dickinson and Ryan had their trunks down exposing their underwear. All 4 really played up their roles and the matched worked really well. Shanna & Dickinson just make a great couple you want to hate. It just works. And Candice & Joey are just a perfect pair. They had matching gear and shared one lollipop all match long exchanging it with each other when tagging. There was a ballsplex and a boobsplex in this match as well which is now a calling card of the two. Candice & Joey got a PLEASE COME BACK chant at the end and I really do hope we see Candice LeRae back in WSU soon.
• Havok vs Alpha Female was the strong, powerful style match that you’d expect between the two. Very evenly matched and AF had control of a large portion of the match, but Havok ultimately won setting up her match vs Lufisto at the next show, Good match and it didn’t disappoint.

Overall, a really good show and its a shame they never got the iPPV stream up and running. Hopefully that doesn’t effect future shows because this show is worth watching when its available. I feel like WSU is reallying shaping up nicely ever since Uncensored Rumble. There’s a nice mix of talent from Lufisto and Athena to Barbi Hayden and Jewells Malone. This show didn’t even have Lexxus or Cherry Bomb on it, so the roster is really stacked well for future shows. While, its not SHIMMER, its a nice alternative with its own identity and something that’s only getting better and better with each show.

— Dave Muscarella


— Coverage curated by Stew Allen


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