Why did the PipeBombshell go nowhere?

AJ Lee WWERemember the infamous PipeBombshell promo from the August 26 episode of Raw last year? AJ Lee came out following Brie Bella’s win over Natalya to talk down the whole Total Divas cast, calling them “interchangeable” and “cheap”. The promo received a lot of buzz and at the time, it was thought that it would factor into the story for the season one extension of Total Divas. As it turned out, it came to nothing as it was never followed up and while Lee defended the Divas Championship against members of that cast until the end of the year – and beyond, considering Naomi is her next challenger – no real mention was made of the promo which started it all. Now, we may have the reason why…

AJ attended the Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans, LA last Friday, and amongst talking about comic books and video games, the Divas Champion discussed why it was nixed. You can click here to listen to her response, but we’ve got it for you after the jump.

I hope you can look and tell the difference as to what is necessary for us… it’s like taking your medicine – no one wants to take your medicine but it’s going to make you feel better. So yeah, this is kind of rude and terrible and brutally honest in what I’m saying but it’s going to help us all in the long run, is kinda how I saw it. And it really did for a while, and I think could have been much better if the professionalism surrounding it backstage was a little bit more… just a little bit better. So it was a little disappointing. I really wish that we could have done a little bit more with that.

That’s a very diplomatic answer – PWMania alleges that one or more of the Total Divas were upset, and that seems to be a fair allegation.

Of course, this is only one side of the story and there is nobody to corroborate it. However, considering how careful AJ was to not throw anybody under the bus but subtly point the finger elsewhere, there may be some validity in what she was saying. If true, AJ has a right to feel annoyed at having the legs cut out from the most important promo of her career to date. WWE has put a lot of focus on Total Divas, and there’s always the possibility that a member of the cast may have felt threatened about not being the centre of the attention.

If someone got bent out of shape about a promo which was specifically designed to get them all over by using a thread of reality to generate some buzz, then it was a spectacular piece of foot-shooting and those who allegedly complained should grow a thicker skin. Imagine where the Divas division could have been if they had run with it – instead, we’re in a perpetual motion AJ Lee v Total Diva pattern with no real end in sight.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by WWE


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