Ringbelles Roundup (11 February 2014) – Lita is Hall of Fame-bound, WSU Mutiny fallout & more

Lita WWE Hall of FameWhen I was 19 years old, I went to a friend’s house to watch SummerSlam 2000. We had known each other for about a year after meeting at university and discovering that we were both wrestling fans. I was in his house for about 10 minutes when his 15 year old sister came in, introduced herself and then hitched up her underwear over her hips and said that she was a Lita fan.

Apart from not knowing where to look, what to say or anything, I was surprised at how someone who had just met me was so keen to impart the fact that she was a fan of Lita. Granted, she knew that I was a wrestling fan, but that sort of stuff shouldn’t happen, should it? I put it down to how cool Lita was and left it at that, but when you look back on her influence during WWF Attitude, you could argue that she was the best representation of women that the company had ever presented up to that point.

Unlike her rival Trish Stratus, Lita wasn’t a barbie doll. She was rough and ready, looked a little messy and did not dress to impress – she dressed for comfort. Copying the Hardy Boyz look with the baggy pants, she coupled it with a tight sports top or t-shirt and got stuck in against the guys. She delivered flying ranas and bodypresses to the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Test, Albert, Edge and Christian, and was happy to take the lumps too. She was powerbombed by the Dudley Boyz, Guerrero and Test as well as getting speared by Edge. She was a game girl who settled things in a way that no woman before her had done so. As a consequence, she was amazingly cool and was arguably more or a role model for women than Trish was. Stratus was too perfect, like she was almost above it all, whereas Lita would hang out with you, drink with you, share a laugh and be your friend. She was the opposite of a Diva, and that made her stand out from the – admittedly smaller in that era – pack.

It is fitting that Amy “Lita” Dumas is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. At 38, she is one of the youngest inductees, though she may have done more to draw women to WWE than any other female before or since.

LitaShe wrote a long message on Twitter, and below are some excerpts:

YO! Congrats to all of us! I heard you on social media, repping “LITA HOF 2014” signs at shows, and hashtagging your little hearts out. Your voices were heard! What better place than Wrestlemania 30!

I was so proud watching my bestie enter the 2013 class in the Hall of Fame. I know how hard she had worked, I watched her develop as a wrestler, talent, and woman over the years. I know fans were excited to see our generation of women represented in the HOF.

Often in the same breath, I heard support from fans expressing their desire for me to join the ranks of my piers as well. I had hoped at some point I would, but didn’t realize it would be just around the corner.

I tend to have an expect the worse philosophy so I won’t be let down, which seems like a pessimistic outlook when I tend to be such a positive person. Maybe not pessimistic, maybe more self preservation.

So much goes into selecting each class and watching each person touches me in a slightly different way, although it is always a similar sense of joy for each person to be able to have that moment where they are able to reflect on their journey and the fans have an opportunity to show their support.

So, here I am Class of 2014 Hall of Fame, the dumpster diving punk rock kid that was never supposed to make it, but with too much kid power to let anything get in my way, gearing up to give a speech and accept my position in front of the ultimate under dog of a city.

It seems kind of like the best thing ever-

Dumas’ path to this point was not a straight one. Vehemently against wrestling in her youth, it was Lucha Libre which caught her interest and saw her move to Mexico in 1998 without knowing a soul and trained while financing herself as a dancer. Returning to the United States, she started working the indie circuit before being spotted by Paul Heyman and brought into Extreme Championship Wrestling under the name of Miss Congeniality, and then changing it to her more common persona at the time of Angelica. Cast as the girlfriend of Danny Doring, she received more training – this time from Dory Funk, Jr – and sent a tape to the World Wrestling Federation. Within two years of having her interest in wrestling sparked, she was at the big time.

Lita’s debut was a cold one, but she made an impression right away. Accompanying a repackaged and unmasked Aguila/Papi Chulo, Essa Rios won the Light Heavyweight Championship on his redebut on Sunday Night Heat in February 2000 with a moonsault – though it was the post match moonsault by Lita which really lit up the crowd. Up until then, women in the WWF kept their feet on the ground, so she immediately stood out from the pack as well as from the man she was accompanying. It became very obvious very quickly that she was going to outshine and outgrow him – and that’s exactly what happened. After making her PPV debut alongside Rios where he lost to Guerrero, he later turned heel on her and she was rescued by the Hardyz, leading to the formation of the trio known as Team Extreme. It was a more comfortable fit for her – they already knew each other as Matt and Jeff had trained her before her ECW run, and the gimmick change into the more casual outfit brought out a more comfortable side to Lita. Her momentum continued as she and Trish Lita MoonsaultStratus started locking up in 6-person intergender matches with Team Extreme facing Test and Albert (T&A) and their manager – with one of the contests being a memorable opener at Fully Loaded 2000 – and peaked in August when she defeated Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in the main event of Raw to win her first Women’s Championship.

At the time, Lita was getting pops which rivalled the top men on the roster. She was cool, she was someone that had qualities that both men and women could admire and respect, and was exciting to watch in the ring. Granted, she wasn’t the most polished of athletes and a lot of what she did could have been incredibly dangerous, but she survived it all. It seems quite ironic that her broken neck didn’t happen in the ring – or anywhere near it. Instead, it happened as she was filming on the set of Dark Angel in April 2002, which kept her out for around 18 months.

Lita altered her wrestling style on her return. She still did the dives and moonsaults but they were rationed for the big occasions, and she started putting away opponents with a big DDT instead. However, when she did go all out, really rolled the dice – so much so that she almost broke her back on live TV.

Anyone who has seen that dive onto Trish Stratus in their Women’s Title match which main evented the December 6, 2004 episode of Raw will never forget it. According to Lita, she didn’t know anything was wrong but had an indication of how scary it looked by the crowd’s reaction to it. However, the match was another milestone and was the zenith of their feud as Lita won her second Women’s Championship. It was a fine recovery from a summer where she was booked to be pregnant and then miscarry and be involved in cruddy storylines involving Matt Hardy and Kane, then Kane and Snitsky.

And then real life came into play.

While recovering from a torn ACL in early 2005, Lita continued her feud with Stratus, but instead of siding with her, the crowd gave her both barrels during a face to face between the pair in Madison Square Garden in April 2005, as news had leaked out of her affair with Edge behind real-life boyfriend Matt Hardy’s back. It became such a big deal that reality became art, as Lita turned on her on-screen husband Kane to align herself with Edge, and a sacked (then Lita 2012reinstated) Matt Hardy was booked against her new man. While Edge received a monumental push and Hardy got some residual benefits before being relegated again, Lita was vilified. To her credit, she played the heel role well and made the most of it, being the biggest bitch she could be. It led to her winning her third Women’s Title in August 2006, and dropping it the following month to Stratus in what was thought to have been Trish’s last match, though she has wrestled a handful of times since then. Lita herself would leave two months later after winning the vacant belt and then losing it to Mickie James at the Survivor Series, then being humiliated on her way out as part of an uncomfortably mean segment with Cryme Time.

Since then, she has made a few appearances – most notably for Raw’s 15th Anniversary show in 2007 and at Raw 1000 in 2012 – but for the most part, she has stayed gone, focusing her efforts on music. Dumas formed the Luchagors in mid-2006 and released an album the following year, with a second on the way. She is also a big animal love, evidenced by the founding of her own charity entitled the Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education (ADORE).

Dumas deserves to join her friend Trish in the Hall of Fame. Like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, their WWF/E careers run parallel with each other, and each was instrumental in the other’s success. While Trish got the main focus in the end, it was Lita who carried the load in their matches for the first couple of years, and allowed it to blossom by the end. Fair play to her – despite the broken neck, the hostile reception from fans because of her personal life and the way she was sent on her way, she is a wrestling success story, and there aren’t many of those.


Jessicka Havok Alpha Female WSUWomen Superstars Uncensored can’t seem to catch a break at the moment, and it’s a shame because it’s going in the right direction.

WSU had momentum going into its weekend of shows. While the Secret Show passed off without a problem – culminating in Jessicka Havok defeating Shanna to retain the World Championship and then seeing Havok and co-owner DJ Hyde spitting in each other’s faces – the well-hyped Mutiny show in Voorhees, NJ on Saturday had numerous spanners thrown into the works. To really go over it, we need to head about 450 miles west…

Two injuries took place amongst the three women involved in the Absolute Intense Wrestling Women’s Title picture on Friday. Leah Von Dutch – who was being manoeuvred out of the door – ended up leaving TGIF with the championship after taking advantage of a sneak attack on Allysin Kay, who had successfully retained her title over Veda Scott earlier in the night. Von Dutch – who had beaten fellow Nixon members Ricky Shane Page and Erin Ryan in a 3-way, pinned Allysin after she had became the victim of a piledriver from The Duke, who then used his refereeing privileges for the night to count the 3 to gift the belt to Leah. That piledriver dealt Kay and stinger and possible concussion – though she drove herself to the hospital to get checked out. It also meant that she would not be able to get to WSU’s show the following day to defend the Tag Team Championship alongside Sassy Stephie against Kimber Lee and Annie Social – a match that was a year in the making. In addition, Scott dislocated her kneecap, ruling her out of the show, but still made it to the show to do commentary.

Meanwhile, Stephie came a cropper on her drive from Ohio to New Jersey, as a horse bolted and hit the side of her car, doing serious damage to the bodywork but not writing it off. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the horse, which had to be put down. Stephie still made it to the show, but instead of teaming with Kay, she had to side with Havok, and the pair have been having a Cold War of words across WSU shows because of their respective absences. In the end, Jessicka cost her former Midwest Militia buddy the titles and practically handed them to the Chicks Using Nasty Tactics, who then beat Nevaeh and Christina Von Eerie in an immediate title defence to show that they deserved to be champions.

Kay and Scott are expected to make quick recoveries, but they were not the only injuries coming out of the weekend. Barracuda Brittany was banged up after her match against Alpha Female at the Secret Show, while Athena’s previously-injured shoulder was sore after her matches with Kimber Lee Annie Social Lyle C WilliamsHania and LuFisto. Meanwhile, Jewells Malone suffered a minor concussion in her match against Mickie Knuckles at Mutiny and will have to take a little time out to recover.

If that was the extent of the problems, you would still say WSU and its roster had a rough time of it, but things got worse. The iPPV show – which had been heavily hyped because of the Havok v Alpha match – never happened because of a technical error which was so small that it is maddening in its simplicity. Inbetween Combat Zone Wrestling last show at the Flyers Skate Zone and Saturday’s events a physical jack which is used to get internet connectivity was disabled, meaning the show could not be broadcast. It was discovered before the CZW show and the cable was put into another socket, but that doesn’t help the WSU event which was presented in front of just the fans in the building, leaving many iPPV viewers disappointed.

Seeking to right the situation as quickly as possible, WSU offered refunds to any buyers who wanted it, or a month’s subscription to its StreamWSU service by way of an apology. The show was put up for viewing on Monday for anyone who paid, and the promotion reports that only three fans asked for refunds in what was its highest iPPV butyrate to date.

The reason that happened may be because reports coming from the show were overwhelming with praise for a show which may have featured WSU’s best match of all time.

Athena and LuFisto both had something to prove. Both on the verge of challenging for the title as part of pushes before both went down with respective injuries – exploded kneecap for the Super Hardcore Anime, and a torn shoulder muscle for the Wrestling Goddess – and both wanted to show they could still hack it. To a certain extent, LuFisto had already done that with her performances at SHIMMER last October, but this was one of Athena’s first matches back, and the pair tore the building up with a rip-roaring affair which saw the fans rise to their feet for a standing ovation following LuFisto’s victory with a Burning Hammer.

Coupled with a strong main event with Havok retaining her title against Alpha then the pair standing side by side against the interference of Stephie, forwarding the issue between the former Militia members, and the prospect of Jessicka defending against LuFisto at Queen and King of the Ring on May 10 – a year after their original match should have happened.

Elsewhere on the card, there were wins for Barbi Hayden, Jenny Rose Ezavel Suena – who unmasked despite winning her Spirit Title v Mask match against Marti Belle to reveal herself to be Niya, who has lost three Loser Leaves WSU matches – Mickie Knuckles and the pair of Shanna & Chris LuFisto Athena WSUDickinson to round off a strong card featuring arguably the strongest roster that WSU has ever had, filled with experienced talent, fresh faces, international stars and storylines going forward. If any show could have gone dark, it is weirdly beneficial that it was this one, as the buzz about the show has drawn more eyes to the product.

However, the disappointment of the lack of broadcast on Saturday is still niggling owner Drew Cordiero, who offered some exclusive thoughts to Ringbelles:

The truth is even though we are a few days removed from the iPPV situation, I’m still kinda bummed. Saturday, though, I was livid. I lost my cool and blew up at the one person who has been has helped me more than anyone else with WSU. It was humiliating once I stepped back and realized what I did. I’m a total control freak but when there are issues with the iPPV it is completely out of my hands. I hate that feeling of helplessness more than anything in the world.

The only thing I could do at that point was make the right decisions with the resources I had at my disposal. I approached DJ Hyde and Rob Feinstein who were both busy with CZW and we all agreed we would offer full refunds. Even though fans can still watch the Mutiny VOD at CZWiPPV.com, that $15 price point comes with access to the live iPPV broadcast as well as the replay. If the fans didn’t get everything they paid for then they should have the option to get their money back. It’s only fair.

Thankfully, almost every fan has been extremely understanding of the situation. It was a total fluke. RF Video’s track record with iPPVs at the Flyers Skate Zone is virtually flawless. Most fans have opted to take advantage of a free one month trial of http://www.StreamWSU.com instead of asking for a refund because Mutiny delivered in a big way and they still want to watch the VOD of the event when it is live Monday evening or Tuesday morning. That really benefits WSU in the long run. Our resources are limited and if we had to reimburse every fan who ordered the show we’d be down a significant amount of money. It’s that extra income that has allowed us to work with more international wrestlers and improve our live presentation drastically.

We keep getting dealt some shit hands but objectively, WSU is better than ever. We’ve been running live events in Voorhees, NJ for about a year and Saturday’s turnout was more than twice what we drew last February. We have more distribution deals in place than ever before so that we can provide fans with iPPVs, VODs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and MP4s through carriers including RFVideo, Highspots, Smart Mark Video, and ClickWrestle. With StreamWSU.com we are able to breath new life into the entire tape library dating back to 2007. We are planning on running more events in 2014 than 2012 and 2013 combined. We have more likes, followers, and subscribers than ever before on all social media platforms. Locker room morale is at an all time high. Most importantly, the roster is the best it has ever been.

A fan approached me in the hallway during CZW and told me they thought Mutiny was WSU’s best show yet. He commended me and the rest of our crew for continuously rolling with the punches. The fact of the matter is that I’m sick of getting hit. It goes back to that feeling of helplessness and a lack of control over the hundreds of variables that contribute to the final Jessicka Havokproduct. I can’t prevent Allysin Kay from hurting her neck while working with our friends from AIW the day before a show. I can’t prevent Jessicka Havok from blowing out a tire on the interstate on her way to catch her flight at 5:30am. I can’t prevent the highways from shutting down when a State Of Emergency is declared due to blizzard conditions.

I expressed my frustrations to that fan in the hallway in a very candid manner. When I was done he smiled and said “whoever keeps hitting you is going to eventually punch themselves out.” What can I say? I hope he’s right but who really knows? What I do know is that the reaction to Mutiny from the fans in attendance reassured me that we’re continuing to do the best we can with what we’ve got. The outpour of feedback from the fans who were upset that they didn’t get to watch Mutiny live on iPPV proves to me one thing; as long as we are open and honest about our hardships, WSU is worth supporting no matter what roadblocks are thrown in front of us.

Or in this instance, whatever horses run head-first through our rear passenger window.


Elsewhere this week, we’ve released a new Women Of Wrestling Podcast with the Amazon Ayesha Ray discussing getting legitimately suspended from a promotion, late night wrestling drives and life in Japan, as well as a review of the WSU Secret Show 2 from last October.


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Naomi has been lauded for her toughness after taking a knee to the face by Aksana on last week’s Raw. She was pulled from the weekend house shows as a precaution. WWE revealed yesterday that a CAT scan found “a small, minimally displaced fracture of the eye socket or orbit on the medial wall, which is the inside part of the socket next to the nose”. She may need surgery, which will be determined later this week. Word is that she was going to win the Divas Championship from AJ Lee, but that’s all had to be shelved… As well as Stacy Keibler, WWE is considering inducting Lita into this year’s Hall of Fame… Emma did commentary on last week’s Main Event episode. She called the match between Fandango and The Miz after Santino Marella introduced her to the audience… Mickie James spoke to the Baltimore Sun about her recent time at WWE’s Performance Center, and whether the company was seeing if she would be interesting in becoming a trainer, saying “we’ve talked about both sides of it. Initially, it was more of a feeling-out natalya-wwe-tshirtprocess, and they were talking about perhaps doing something in the future. I don’t really know where they stand on that, or if there’s interest in bringing me back to do more”… Natalya now has her first t-shirt. It’s a really nice design… WWE Divas make up most of the ten WWE stars who drive viewers away from the programme… The Bella Twins retweeted an image of a 14-year old girl recreating Nikki’s Rack Attack finisher on a young child. Considering WWE harps on about people not recreating the moves, it was not a wise move. It was deleted soon afterwards… Developmental talent Sarah Backman is now going by the name Shara… Layla says that she will be “back soon”. She has been off TV since September with an undisclosed injury and PWInsider reported that she may not return to the ring… AJ Lee was pretty diplomatic when asked at Wizard World last Friday about why her PipeBombshell promo from last August against the Total Divas cast went nowhere. She insinuated that one or more of the intended targets was personally hurt by it. I know who I have my money on… Summer Rae will have a part in The Marine 4… Brie Bella blamed slipping off sister Nikki’s back while delivering a launching clothesline on last night’s Raw on the skate shoes she was wearing.

Alpha Female made the first of her TNA appearances last Wednesday on Xplosion where she lost to ODB via DQ. She also put over the Knockouts division in an interview with WrestlingItalia.it… After being dumped by Velvet Sky, Chris Sabin then turned it around and dumped her on last week’s Impact Wrestling… Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa, Velvet Sky & Christy Hemme will be part of the Lockdown Fan Interaction on March 8.

North America
The West Coast Connection of Su Yung and Tracy Taylor has been added to SHINE 17’s Tag Team Championship tournament. Leva Bates & Mia Yim, Brandi Wine & Malia Hosaka, The Buddy System (Solo Darling & Heidi Lovelace), the Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) and MsEerie (Christina Von Eerie & MsChif) are also in. Two singles matches have also been announced: Angelina Love will take on new Valkyrie member Serena Deeb, while Ivelisse Velez defends the SHINE Championship against Mercedes Martinez… Adam “Edge” Copeland revealed to George Stroumboulopoulos that he and girlfriend Beth Phoenix had their first child together about a month and a half ago. He called it the most romantic thing he’s ever experienced. She has since tweeted, saying “Congrats to @EdgeRatedR on becoming the greatest Dad a kid could ever ask for <3". Congratulations to them… In an interview with In Your Head Radio, Leilani Kai admitted that she did not realise how big the first WrestleMania was, but called it the most exciting night of her whole life – she lost the Women's Championship to Wendi Richter. She also explained that her hatred for Vince Russo came because she was asked to be part of a mud wrestling match in WCW… The match between Jessie Belle and Lovely Lylah to determine a number one contender for the Ohio Valley Wrestling Women's Championship never got started. Lylah was attacked by the masked man who went after Lei'D Tapa a few weeks ago… Rockin' Robin has recorded an interview with Highspots where she openly talks about the abuse she and her brothers Jake Roberts and Sam Houston received at the hands of their father, Grizzly Smith. He was not a nice man… Nicole Matthews says she will be taking some time off because of a knee injury… Jordynne Grace is on a roll in IWA Mid-South. She defeated Heidi Lovelace in a Falls Count Anywhere match on Saturday, then she, Christian Rose & Gary Jay defeated Chris Hero, Davey Vega & Angelus Layne… Kimber Lee's reward for winning the WSU Tag Team Championship earlier in the day was to beat Candice LeRae at Combat Zone Wrestling's evening show, then eat a Styles Clash after Drew Gulak was disqualified in his match against AJ Styles… Mia Svensson lost a strap match against D'Arcy Dixon at Ring Wars Carolina on Saturday thanks to help from Dixon's manager Lei'D Tapa. The pair will compete in a Contract on a Pole Match on March 1, with the loser Leah Von Dutch Tabercilleaving RWC… Leah Von Dutch retained the Xtreme Bombshells Wrestling Championship on Sunday by beating Courtney Rush in a cage match… Beautiful Beaa successfully defended her Pure Wrestling Association Elite Women’s Championship on Sunday at Steel City Pro Wrestling’s show. She beat Cassie Cool… Men’s Health Magazine released a list last Thursday entitled “Women Wrestlers Who Can Kick Your Ass”. Featured were Aksana, Cheerleader Melissa, the Bella Twins, Gail Kim, AJ Lee, Taryn Terrell, Thea Trinidad and Rosa Mendes. Rather than listing women who could “kick your ass”, it seems to feature a number of women who look good in a photo.

Crazy Mary Dobson is back in Japan. She’s wrestling for Diana until the end of April… 18-year old Yuhi has announced her retirement from wrestling to graduate from school. She debuted less than two years ago… Arisa Nakajima didn’t want help from her partner Kana in their tag match at JWP’s show on Sunday. The Openweight Champion handcuffed the former titleholder to the ropes and then beat KAZUKI & Raideen Hagane on her own… Tsukasa Fujimoto has racked up her sixth ICEx∞ Championship defence, defeating Shuu Shibutani on Sunday.

Violet O’Hara attacked Kay Lee Ray with a Shining Wizard after KLR’s win over her, Lana Austin and Pollyanna at Tidal Wrestling on Sunday… Carmel Jacob and Nikki Storm beat the Owens Twins at Revolution Championship Wrestling in Spain on Saturday. Carmel got the pin with her feet on the rope… After turned on her partner at the last LCW Roses show, Viper will team with She-X buddy Bete Noire to face scorned teammate Jenna and Lana Austin… Lady Lory, Crystal Clear, Chanel, Erin Angel, Shax, Luminous & Laura Cruz have been added to the 30 woman rumble match at Bellatrix 8.

After losing a trios match in straight falls last Friday, Dalys still challenged Marcela to a CMLL World Women’s Championship match.

Australia & New Zealand
Michelle K Hasluck is taking time out from wrestling after announcing that she is pregnant with her second child.



February 2: Lucha Fan Fest Feminil (Tlalnepantla, Mexico) – Dark Lady b Crazy Girl & Sayra in a 3-way; Lady Sensacion & Yuca la Potranquita b Isis & Lady Monster; Arumi, Blue Danger & Mystique b Dark Magic, Estrella Negra & La Abogada; Baby Rabbit , Felina Metalica & Reina del Sur b Baby Judas, Chica Pantera & La Misteriosa; Diosa Atenea, Princesa Ahy Leen, Reina Dorada & Star Fire b Canadian Diamond, Chica Tormenta, JC Maclean & Zuzu Divine; Lady Apache, Lola Gonzalez & Tania b Miss Janeth, Rossy Moreno & Vicky Carranza via DQ

February 5: TNA Xplosion (Glasgow, Scotland) – ODB b Alpha Female via DQ

February 5: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Lovely Lylah v Jessie Belle went to a no-contest

February 6: WWE Superstars (Omaha, NE) – Tamina Snuka b Natalya

AJ Lee Nikki Bella WWEFebruary 7: WWE SmackDown (Des Moines, IA) – AJ Lee b Nikki Bella

February 7: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Allysin Kay b Veda Scott; Leah Von Dutch defeated Eric Ryan & Rickey Shane Page in a 3-way; Leah Von Dutch b Allysin Kay to win the AIW Women’s Championship

February 7: Strong Style Wrestling (Mishakawa, IN) – Melanie Cruise b Jordynne Grace

February 7: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – Mickie Knuckles b Kimber Lee; Santana Garrett & Amber O’Neal b Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie; Alpha Female b Barracuda Britney; Alpha Female b Jenny Rose; Athena b Hania; Candice LeRae b Chris Dickinson; Jessicka Havok b Shanna

February 7: TNA (Battle Creek, MI) – Velvet Sky b Gail Kim

February 7: WWE (Oakland, CA) – Cameron b Alicia Fox

February 7: Chaotic Wrestling (Lowell, MA) – Kasey Ray b Davienne; Alexxis & Scotty Slade b Mistress Belmont & MPG

February 7: Championship Wrestling From Hollywood (Bell Gardens, CA) – Mariah Moreno b Angel; Shelly Martinez b Hudson Envy

February 7: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dark Angel, Marcela & Silueta b Amapola, Dalys & La Seductora via DQ

February 8: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Tsukushi b 235; Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera b Kurumi & Yuka; Hikaru Shida b Miyako Matsumoto; Shuu Shibutani & Cherry b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hamuko Hoshi

February 8: Melbourne City Wrestling (Tullamarine, Australia) – Mike Burr, Jay Andrews & Miami b The Cremator, Tommy Hellfire & KC Cassidy

February 8: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Carmel Jacob & Nikki Storm b Kasey & Leah Owens

February 8: Britannia Wrestling Promotions (Buckley, England) – Lana Austin b Violet Vendetta

February 8: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – Barbi Hayden b Santana Garrett; Kimber Lee & Annie Social b Jessicka Havok & Sassy Stephie to win the WSU Tag Team Championship; Kimber Lee & Annie Social b Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie; Jenny Rose b Hania; LuFisto b Athena; Ezavel Suena b Marti Belle to win the WSU Spirit Championship; Mickie Knuckles b Jewells Malone; Shanna & Chris Dickinson b Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan; Jessicka Havok b Alpha Female

February 8: Combat Zone Wrestling (Voorhees, NJ) – Kimber Lee b Candice LeRae

February 8: New England Championship Wrestling (Beverly, MA) – Alexxis Nevaeh b Sammi Lane

February 8: American Combat Wrestling (Port Richey, FL) – Chelsea Diamond b Lee Slone

February 8: WWE (San Jose, CA) – Cameron b Aksana

February 8: WWE (San Diego, CA) – Emma & Natalya b AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

February 8: CWF Mid-Atlantic (Gibsonville, NC) – Solo Darling b Tori Lynn

February 8: Maryland Championship Wrestling (Joppa, MD) – Mickie James & Renee Michelle b Angelina Love & Jessie Kaye

February 8: TNA (DeKalb, IL) – Velvet Sky b Gail Kim

February 8: New England Championship Wrestling (Beverly, MA) – Alexis Neveah b Sammi Lane

February 8: IWA Mid South (Clarksville, IN) – Angelus Layne b Thunderkitty; Jordynne Grace b Heidi Lovelace; Team IOU & Thunderkitty b Submission Squad & Heidi Lovelace; Christian Rose, Gary Jay & Jordynne Grace b Chris Hero, Davey Vega & Angelus Layne

February 8: Ring Wars Carolina (Fayetteville, NC) – D’Arcy Dixon b Mia Svensson

February 9: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Tomoka Nakagawa b Kyusei Sakura Hirota; AKINO & Hiroyo Matsumoto b Manami Toyota & Carlos Amano; Tsubasa Kuragaki b Ryo Mizunami; Kagetsu b Sonoko Kato; Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka & Mio Shirai b Dynamite Kansai, Aja Kong & Chikayo Nagashima

February 9: Ice Ribbon (Osaka, Japan) – Kurumi b Yuka; Cherry & Meari Naito b Tsukushi & 235; Mr. KyuKyu “Naoki Tanizaki” Toyonaka Dolphin b Neko Nitta; Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera b Hikaru Shida & Hamuko Hoshi; Hikaru Shida b Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru; Tsukasa Fujimoto b Shuu Shibutani

February 9: Diana (Kawasaki, Japan) – Evie & Cindy Sanders b Sareee & Kaho Kobayashi; Mima Shimoda & Arisa Nakajima b Kaoru Ito & Tomoko Watanabe; Yumiko Hotta, Mask de Sun & La Comandante b Jaguar Yokota, Kyoko Inoue & Crazy Mary Dobson; Keiko Aono v Yuiga went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Aliya’ went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Megumi Yabushita went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Madoka went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Kaori Yoneyama went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Kayoko Haruyama went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Kaoru Ito went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Command Bolshoi went to a draw; Keiko Aono v Alexander Otsuka went to a draw; Kyoko Inoue b Keiko Aono

February 9: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Azumi v IOTICA went to a time limit draw; Takumi Iroha v Yuna Manase; Natsuki☆Taiyo & Yoshiko b Io Shirai & Kellie Skater and Kyoko Kimura & Act Yasukawa; Nanae Takahashi b Koguma; Hiroyo Matsumoto, Miho Wakizawa & Mayu Iwatani b Kaori Yoneyama, Kairi Hojo & Yuhi

February 9: JWP (Asakusa, Japan) – Manami Katsu b Sumire Natsu; Command Bolshoi b Rabbit Miu; Leon b Kayoko Haruyama; Hanako Nakamori & Takaco Inoue b Sachie Abe & Yako Fujigasaki; Arisa Nakajima & Kana b KAZUKI & Raideen Hagane

February 9: Wrestling New Classic (Kawasaki, Japan) – Yuki Shizuku b Kaho Kobayashi; Syuri b Mima Shimoda

Kay Lee Ray Violet O'Hara Pollyanna British BombshellsFebruary 9: Tidal Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Kay Lee Ray b Violet O’Hara, Pollyanna & Lana Austin in a 4-way

February 9: Steel City Pro Wrestling (Hamilton, ON, Canada) – Beautiful Beaa b Cassie Cool

February 9: Xtreme Bombshells Wrestling (Richmond, MI) – Randi West b Skylar Rose; Jasmin b Seleziya Sparx; Ingrid Isley b Crystal White; Leah Von Dutch b Courtney Rush

February 9: Beyond Wrestling (St Louis, MO) – Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter b Heidi Lovelace & Jordynne Grace

February 9: AAA (Ecatepec, Mexico) – Aerostar, Faby Apache & Jennifer Blake b El Apache, Sexy Star & Taya Valkyrie

February 9: ERLL (Monterrey, Mexico) – Chik Tormenta & La Hiedra b Hija de Karonte & Lady Puma

February 10: WWE Raw (Los Angeles, CA) – Cameron & Brie and Nikki Bella b AJ Lee, Aksana & Alicia Fox

February 11: UNION (Yokohama, Japan) – Cherry & Mio Shirai b Kaori Yoneyama & Sareee


February 15: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Taeler Hendrix v Hudson Envy; Candice LeRae v Sage Sin

February 15: Texas Outlaw Promotion (Mineral Wells, TX) – Paige Turner v Angel Blue

February 16: Beyond Wrestling (Providence, RI) – Kimber Lee v Drew Gulak

Freya Frenzy Kirsty LoveFebruary 16: Squared Circle Wrestling (Whitby, ON, Canada) – Angelina Love v Jasmin

February 22: United Pro Wrestling (Brisbane, Australia) – Miami v Storm

February 22: RAD:PRO Wrestling (South Shields) – Kirsty Love v Freya Frenzy

February 22: International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (Swanley, England) – Sakura Lily v Nikki Storm

February 22: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (Dundee, Scotland) – Viper v Sammii Jayne v Debbie Sharpe

February 22: Wrestling Legends (Walsrode, Germany) – Amber Rox v Aurora Flame v Sara Elektra

February 22: Pure Wrestling Association (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Beautiful Beaa v Skylar Rose

February 22: Pro Wrestling Syndicate (Rahway, NJ) – Angelina Love v Missy Sampson v La Rosa Negra v Mickie James

February 22: Elite Pro Wrestling Alliance (Fort Ashby, WV) – Kacee Carlisle v Jessie Kaye

February 22: Pro Wrestling Revolution (San Francisco, CA) – Christina Von Eerie v Cheerleader Melissa

Courtney Rush Vanessa Kraven APWFebruary 23: Smash Wrestling (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Vanessa Kraven v Mickie James v Xandra Bale

February 25: Kana-Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Kana v Meiko Satomura

February 27: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Paige v Emma

February 28: St Louis Anarchy (Alton, IL) – Angelus Layne v Darin Corbin

February 28: SHINE 17 (Ybor City, FL) – Ivelisse Velez v Mercedes Martinez; Angelina Love v Serena Deeb

March 1: World Association of Wrestling (Norwich, England) – Courtney Rush v Saraya Knight

March 1: World Wide Wrestling League (Dunfirmline, Scotland) – Sara & King Technico v Carmel Jacob & Liam Thompson

March 1: LCW Roses (Leicester, England) – Nikki Storm v Amazon Ayesha Ray; Leah Owens v Nixon; Bete Noire & Viper v Jenna & Lana Austin

March 1: Ring Wars Carolina (Lumberton, NC) – Mia Svensson v D’Arcy Dixon

March 2: Bellatrix 8 (Norwich, England) – Sammi Baynz v Blue Nikita; Courtney Rush v Liberty; Saraya Knight v Penelope; Erin Angel v Violet O’Hara

March 7: Real Deal Wrestling (Grimsby, England) – Ellie Rollins v Leah Heart

March 7: Pro Wrestling Conflict (Columbus, GA) – Devyn Nicole v Black Ice v Amber O’Neal

March 8: Tidal Wrestling (Darlington, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Violet O’Hara

March 8: Pro Wrestling Syndicate Bombshells (Avenel, NJ) – Missy Sampson v Amber Rodriguez; Lufisto v La Rosa Negra; Hania v Sumie Sakai v Sienna Duvall v Alexxis Nevaeh v Angie Skye v Mistress Belmont; Serena Deeb v Mia Yim; Annie Social v Taeler Hendrix; Grandma Butcher v Jessie Kaye; Angel Dust v Vanity; Jennifer Cruz v Cristina Diamond

March 9: Joshi4Hope V (Tokyo, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto v Yuhi

March 14: Ironfist Wrestling (Birminham, England) – Nixon v Danni Hunter

March 15: Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, Australia) – Savannah Summers v Miami

March 15: Pride Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Glen Dunbar & Nikki Storm v Viper & Chris Saynt

March 15: Vanguard Championship Wrestling (Penn Laird, VA) – Kacee Carlisle v Sammi Pandora

March 22: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – LuFisto v Candice LeRae

March 29: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 11 & 12 (Cleveland, OH)

March 29: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Greely, ON, Canada) – Courtney Rush v Vanessa Kraven

March 30: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Hikaru Shida v Tsukasa Fujimoto

April 5: SHIMMER Women Athletes (New Orleans, LA)

April 12-13: SHIMMER Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

April 19: NCW Femmes Fatales XIV (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Cheerleader Melissa v Courtney Rush

April 24: Hardcore Roadtrip (London, ON, Canada) – LuFisto & Jewells Malone v Leah Von Dutch & Jazz; Warhed & Jewells Malone v Lufisto & Necro Butcher

April 26: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Sassy Stephie v Athena v Cheerleader Melissa

May 4: Insane Championship Wrestling (London, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob v Erin Angel

May 10: Women Superstars Uncensored Queen and King of the Ring (Voorhees, NJ) – Jessicka Havok v LuFisto

May 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE, WSU, Lyle C Williams, Tabercil, British Bombshells
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch, joshifans.com, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

© Ringbelles


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