Guest Column: An Alternate Take on WSU's Mutiny

Havok as WSU ChampEditor’s note: While we don’t usually do this kind of thing, when we received this well written and argued review of this past weekend’s WSU Mutiny show in our inbox from a fan in attendance who said he had trouble using the comment section on our original live coverage, we thought it was worth a column all of its own. Coincidentally, if you’ve got an interest in contributing to the site going forward, we have an idea in mind… keep an eye on the site in the week ahead. Without further ado, our thanks to reader Eric Gall for submitting this alternate take…

I was there live and haven’t seen the show on VOD yet, so here’s my thoughts seeing it live, with a few days to let it sink in…

This was my first weekend of WSU, having gone to Voorhees before, (and before that to Deer Park and Boonton), but I decided to take in Secret Show #3 as well as Mutiny. I thought Friday night’s show was every bit as good as Full Steam Ahead back in October last year. There wasn’t a bad match, and the intimate atmosphere elevated everything.

Something happened between Friday’s show and Saturday, though. While I’m seeing that many people feel that Mutiny was a great show, possibly the best WSU’s put on, I enjoyed this one the least out of any of the new regime’s run of the company, starting in October of ’12.

I woke up late, did some running around and grabbed a bite. I remember seeing a Tweet that there were going to be major changes to the card, wondered what they were and went about my biz. It wasn’t until shortly before the show began, I was talking to the guy in front of me that I discovered that Veda Scott and Allysin Kay both got hurt the night before in AIW and would not be wrestling. I had seen Veda at the commentators’ table, but no sight of Allysin at all. Further, I had heard she had taken a piledriver. Someone else said it was a stinger. This is horrible news. How bad is she hurt? I don’t know. I’ve seen plenty of wrestling, and seen a lot of wrestlers get hurt, but a long time ago, I saw an ECW match up in Revere, Massachusetts that came to be known as the Mass Transit Incident. Ever since, I couldn’t bear to see injuries happen in a wrestling ring, feeling that a lot can be done to mitigate what happens.

Well, it all went downhill from there. I go to see a company (WSU) , but if there’s one wrestler that I’d prefer to see above anyone else, it would be Allysin Kay.

1. So, that being said, the show starts with Barbi Hayden doing great heel work against Santana Garrett in a fun match, ending in a sweet looking Randy Orton-style DDT.

Then the PPV proper begins.

2. Seeing Kimber Lee and Annie Social come out, and I get a bad feeling in my stomach that I’m not going to like what’s coming next. Kimber mentions Allysin’s injury but mostly focuses that the title match isn’t going to happen. As many of you are aware, this particular match-up has fallen prey to the most bizarre circumstances preventing it. When DJ comes out, I figure he’s going to strip the Militia right there, but I felt a glimmer of hope when he allowed Sassy Stephanie to pick a partner. That soon faded when Jessicka Havok walked out, because it was a surprise to nobody that she laid out Steph. Kimber and Annie winning was academic, and

3. though I rooted for Christina von Eerie and Nevaeh to get the hot shot belt victory, it was not to be. Kimber has been on a hell of a roll, and deserves to hold a lot of gold, but this was one victory celebration I just wasn’t feeling.

I understand the decision to take the belts from the Militia, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I The Sumie Sakaididn’t like it on Saturday, and I still don’t like it writing this right now. It exacerbated my already dim mood to an unsalvageable degree.

4. Jenny Rose surprisingly won over Hania. I say this because Hania had a great match in the secret show, and I figured Jenny was going back to Japan, so I assumed the new regular was going to get the win. The match was fine, but it was babyface vs. babyface, and while the moves was great, because neither are currently know as great talkers, they didn’t do much to create a sense of conflict which would drag me in. Hania’s facial expressions are great, and she has a unique look which immediately sets her apart. It’s a BIG improvement over the ridiculous mask she had to wear as Saturyne. One thing I don’t see catching on is her wolf howl, which could be problematic since she IS Hania the Howling Huntress.

5. One match lifted my spirits, and that was the already famous LuFisto-Athena match. It seems every match LuFisto has in WSU is a classic. Athena tore it up the night before against Hania, and this match showed two talented, hungry wrestlers giving everyone in attendance a match that was every bit as good as the hype.

Marti & Team WSU6. The match between Marti Belle and Ezavel Suena to me represented the final nail in the coffin of the old WSU. This feud started at Full Steam Ahead, when some other wrestlers from WSU still had a hand in it, but it dragged to the point that this feud just needed to be taken out behind the woodshed and put out of its misery. Marti Belle is talented, and I think that Niya is criminally underpushed and overlooked. I understand that she lost those Loser Leaves WSU matches to further this angle, but I can’t remember a feud that I wanted so much to end. I was puzzled that of all things that have gone on in wrestling the one thing that would cause the babyfaces in the WSU locker room to unite in protest was a wrestler who outwitted management using a mask and winning that way. Really? THAT’S where the locker room says, “Well, I’m drawing the line here!” Maybe this is setting up Niya to be a kind of outlaw champ, which would be fine, because she really deserves to be showcased.

7. The Mickie Knuckles-Jewells Malone match started off with a bang, with Mickie going absolutely crazy, which isn’t exactly a surprise. What I DIDN’T expect to see, though, was within the Mickie vs Jewellsfirst minute of the match, Malone getting slammed to the floor in a truly scary manner. I knew I couldn’t feel the vibration of the slam, but the THUD! sounded so loud from my vantage point, it almost seemed like I DID feel it. Malone got back up and wound up stapling Knuckles in a tender spot. Her valor won the applause of the fans, but Mickie won the match with the big slam through the doll house. A wild, wild match.

8. It’s interesting to see Chris Dickinson‘s transformation in WSU. He has gone from a woman-abusing psychopath to an Andy Kaufmanesque comedy wrestler. To be sure, I’m simplifying things greatly, but I don’t think a lot of fans of female wrestling really enjoyed the more brutal nature of Dickinson’s style, especially against a women. Shanna is perfect as the arrogant prima donna, and Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae were entertaining enough for “Please come back” chants. Both teams showed great chemistry together, and the suggestive comedy was laugh out loud funny, as long as you’re not easily offended. Being that this was in the hometown of CZW, you didn’t have to worry about offending a whole lot of tea sippers.

9. The Jessicka Havok-Alpha Female match was very good. It showed what a hard-hitting match can look like without taking unnecessary risks. Jessicka’s intensity is really something that you have to see live to truly understand the sheer force of will she exudes.

All in all, it WAS a very good show. I will be back in May, likely for both the secret show and the King and Queen event. The talent of WSU is at an all-time high. While it will be losing Santana Garrett (and possibly Shanna and Alpha Female) to Impact, there were other wrestlers who weren’t on Mutiny that can Shanna mugs for the camerafill in the gaps. Cherry Bomb, Lexxus, and Nikki Storm immediately come to mind. WSU has made a bit of a pipeline to Europe for talent, and it would be great to see more, particularly the Scottish-centered ones like Kay Lee Ray, Fiona and Viper make the trip over.

New storylines are evolving now, which is one thing that I’d like to see more of in WSU. The dissolution of the Midwest Militia was disappointing to me, though, as it seemed liked it was tossed aside without much made of it, but I’m saying this without having seen how this was treated on commentary. The MWM was the dominant force in WSU; the break-up of this stable should have been HUGE news, not just a by-product of a forced title change. Hopefully the plot thickens with Havok’s war with DJ Hyde, with possibly Stephanie getting involved. And where does Allysin Kay fit in? She still is in possession of the other tag title belt. What will she have to say about what happened at Mutiny? I think the implications of Havok dealing with her own (former) stablemates would be more interesting than making her WSU’s Stone Cold Steve Austin to DJ Hyde’s Mr. McMahon, but that’s just my two cents. Or maybe it can be merged together to form a unique feud of its own.

WSU has mastered bringing in high-level talent from all over, production standards are at an all-time high, the new set looks great. The only question mark now is will the storylines become a strength or continue to be, well, a question mark.

— Eric Gall
— Screencaps taken from iPPV version of Mutiny, still available VOD at

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