In Video: Kellie Skater's Japanese adventures

Kellie Skater Youji KawauchiWe haven’t discussed Kellie Skater recently. That’s tantamount to a crime, and we must rectify this.

In what has become an annual thing, the Rate Tank is currently on an extended trip in Japan, predominantly spending her time competing for Stardom, though she has moonlighted and competed for the WRESTLE-1 promotion as well. As a consequence, we have two Skater matches for you, highlighting her work in both promotions.

The first match for you after the jump is her Wonder Of Stardom Title challenge against Act Yasukawa at Stardom Year-End Climax 2013 on December 29 on last year at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, in what was Skater’s second match since her return to the country – her first was a victory six days earlier over Mayu Iwatani in Osaka. Following that, we have her WRESTLE-1 contest against Hiroyo Matsumoto held on January 31 of this year in the same venue.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Youji Kawauchi


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