In Video: Simply Elektrifying

Sara Elektra Leah Von Dutch Jarmo Katila PhotographyWhile there is a lot of wrestling talent in the UK, there is also a large number of athletes in mainland Europe – and in this case, Scandinavia. We had our attention drawn to an all women’s show taking place in Sweden next month which will feature some of the more well-known talent. Billed under the title of Wrestlingpalatset (Wrestling Palace) Queen of the Ring, it seems to be a co-promoted show between Svensk Wrestling Syd and the Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance, and features a range of talent like NWWA Champion Aurora Flame, Lady Lory, Jessica Love, Sara Elektra, White Tigress, La Viuda Negra and Miss Mina – most of whom are from Sweden, Finland or Norway.

No card has been announced for the event in Malmo on March 8, but we thought we would take a look at one of the women on the card taking on someone who we have featured quite a few times at Ringbelles.

During her second trip to Europe last year, Leah Von Dutch left British shores to wrestle for Fight Club Finland on its November 30 show in Helsinki, facing Sara Elektra in singles competition. Click the jump and get acquainted with the Most Elektrifying Woman in Sports-Entertainment…

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Jarmo Katila Photography


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