LAYNE'S BRAIN #3 with Angelus Layne – and guest Allison Danger

Layne's Brain
LAYNE’S BRAIN #3 with Angelus Layne, featuring Allison Danger
Angelus Layne returns with another edition of Layne’s Brain, exclusively here on Ringbelles – and she’s got company, namely Allison Danger! Fresh off surgery for skin cancer just a month ago, Danger is here to warn us on the perils of Basal Cell Carcinoma and talk everybody through how it all went down from discovery to stitching up. Danger also talks her retirement weekend from April 2013, life as a retired wrestler and whether she misses it. There’s also talk of the formation of a new gang, just what SHIMMER wrestlers get up to backstage between matches, Danger’s thoughts on Layne’s injury and return, Kendall being five years old and a proposed Allison Danger… book?! Surely not!!

Note: Last minute mic issues means audio quality isn’t up to the normal high standards, but shouldn’t affect enjoyment of the show! Download and enjoy!

(right click on the picture and “save as” to download, or stream in our media player below)

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