In Video: Heel Evie

EvieLast December, Evie‘s character in her home promotion of Impact Pro Wrestling went from being a smiling kick-happy Kiwi to being a sneering kick-happy Kiwi after regaining the vacant Women’s Championship following months of uncertainty over the belt. Aligning herself with the new group called The Investments, she took on a darker edge, which is reflected by her demeanour as well as her outfits – out does the bright foil outfits and in comes the all-black gear.

Before heading off to Japan to wrestle for the Diana promotion, the New Zealander squeezed in a title defence against IPW debutante Carmen Rose at New Year’s Takeover on January 11. The match gives you an insight into Evie’s character change, as well as the fallout it is having on the rest of the roster. For example, Britenay is going from being the nasty heel to standing up for the females against a terror which is more viscous than her.

Since this match took place, Britenay has won the Interim Women’s Championship – set up while Evie is overseas – by beating Olivia Shaw, who is also undergoing a character change which is seeing her becoming more heelish. The pair will meet again with the Interim belt on the line on March 22. Before that, click the jump and get a glimpse of Evie embracing the Dark Side…


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