Elimination Chamber: Tamina saves AJ Lee's title… after almost costing her it

AJ Lee Tamina Snuka WWE Elimination ChamberAJ Lee defends the WWE Divas Championship against a mystery opponent at Elimination Chamber – that challenger turned out to be Cameron.

The Background
• There isn’t really much of one, considering this is an impromptu match. AJ had a pop at Cameron’s partner Naomi before she found out who her opponent was going to be, saying that she would not have minded taking on a new challenger considering she had beaten all of her competition, but said that Naomi had to go and “break her face”, referring to the fractured eye socket that she suffered a few weeks ago thanks to the knee of Aksana.
• AJ then found out that her opponent would be the Funkadactyl, who danced her way to the ring before getting serious by throwing her pom poms at the titleholder.

The Match
• Cameron started off with a few quick pin attempts before mocking the champion by skipping around the ring. However, AJ responded with a spinning back kick and a dragon sleeper to slow down the challenger.
AJ Lee Cameron WWE Elimination Chamber• Cameron fought back with a face buster, a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick to fire back, then hit a Thesz Press before AJ threw her to the outside.
• After her boss had regained the advantage, AJ’s bodyguard Tamina Snuka went for a superkick but accidentally nailed the champion. Cameron rolled her opponent into the ring and went for a cover, but Tamina pulled Lee out of the ring. Cameron went to the outside to go after Snuka but was nailed with a clothesline, leading to the DQ.
• After the match, Tamina went to give the Divas title belt back to AJ, who shot her an angry look.

• This match was put in the PPV death spot after the excellent Wyatt Family v The Shield match, so it stood no chance – the commentators were discussing that for most of this title contest. However even so, this match was no good.
• No longer than your standard TV match, it had no place being on PPV and drew no buys at all considering it wasn’t announced beforehand.
• Some of the spots were ugly. Cameron’s facebuster was bad as she never got hold of AJ’s head, and her Thesz Press was so unattractive that the commentators mocked it.
• Having said that, considering Cameron’s skill level, this is as good as it could have been.
Tamina Snuka Cameron WWE Elimination Chamber• The refereeing made no sense. He saw Tamina pull AJ out of the ring to save her from being pinned, which should have been a DQ. It took a clothesline for him to call for the bell. Poor stuff.
• Still, there were two saving graces. The first is the teased friction between AJ and Tamina, and the other is the reference to Naomi and her injury, which would not have been mentioned if WWE was not planning on going somewhere with it. Should she recover in time, we may still get AJ v Naomi at WrestleMania XXX.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE


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