Ringbelles Roundup (25 February 2014) – Paige v Emma, Xandra Bale injured again & Bellatrix 8

Paige Emma NXTThe first live show of the WWE Network takes place on Thursday with the first live broadcast of NXT. Dubbed ArRIVAL, it features three matches – one of which sees Paige defend the NXT Women’s Championship against number one contender Emma, in a match which has been a long time coming.

The cheerful Australian earned her crack at the title back in August and then had to defend her right to challenge for the belt by beating Natalya at the start of this year. While carrying on her #EMMAlution in Florida, she also graduated to the main WWE roster by originally appearing in the crowd – antagonising fellow NXT alumni Summer Rae in the process – before taking part in dance-offs and making her in-ring TV debut last night on Raw, defeating Summer with the Emma Lock. While fans who haven’t seen her NXT character evolve are getting used to the newcomer with the awkward dance moves, it seems as if things are going in the right direction.

It could be argued that the NXT Women’s Champion has been ready to make a similar jump for a while. As the sole titleholder – winning the title tournament last June, but the show being broadcast the following month – she has turned back the challenges of Summer Rae and Natalya, though hasn’t wrestled on a show since the end of November. Injury was cited as the reason, though the Wrestling Observer said the layoff was for personal reasons. Thursday’s match will be her first match in more than three months, and in that time, her opponent – and the woman she beat in the tournament final to win the belt in the first place – has caught up with her success.

Emma Paige NXTPotential outcomes are interesting, partly because while the Women’s Title is a valuable prize, it could also be seen as an anchor to NXT, holding the titleholder into the feeder promotion while it frees up the one without the belt to concentrate on ascending to the main roster and staying there. You could say that considering Emma is wrestling matches on Raw that she doesn’t need the belt, though it would do a lot for her character to show that the awkward underdog can come good – however, not winning the belt may help to generate more sympathy for her character. On the flip side, a win for Paige could really establish her as the dominant Diva in NXT – but how much of a brag is that when the woman she would have beaten is performing in front of a larger audience? Losing the belt could be the best thing to happen to her.

The other main NXT Divas have had their say, with Devin Taylor and Charlotte going for Paige, Bayley going for Emma, and Sasha Banks and JoJo either sitting on the fence or pushing their own agenda.

Considering the implications and the interest by the female members of the roster, it could be that this match could help to shine a spotlight on may more women. For example, Paige and Emma have had hostilities with the Beautiful Fierce Females of Summer Rae, Sasha Banks and Charlotte, so they could be involved. It could also see Bayley come out to even the odds, and introduce fans to the six most highlighted wrestlers on the roster at the moment and generate some interest in the feuds which are ongoing.

No matter what happens, it will certainly be a spectacle and will likely be a great contest if the tournament final is anything to go by.


Xandra Bale Vanessa Kraven TabercilIf Xandra Bale didn’t have bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all. She made her return to the ring following her broken fibula back in October, losing to Vanessa Kraven at Smash Wrestling in a match where Mickie James was the ref. Unfortunately, she is now out of action again – so we got in touch with Xandra to ask her what the deal was:

“I broke my right wrist in the match on the weekend. I knew I hurt it on the finish of the match so I got to the back and threw some ice on it hoping it was a sprain and just sat there for a while kind of in disbelief that I managed to do that in my first match back. I went to the hospital to get it X-rayed after it swelled up quite a bit and sure enough it was broken. I’ve delayed in putting it out there because my parents are away and i needed to email them to tell them but they took over a day to get back to me due to poor internet access. I also had taken a number of bookings for March, April and May that I was really excited for but needed to cancel personally before I told everyone else.

“I just want to thank everyone again for all their support and well wishes from those that already know. And again re-iterate that this was my own fault and I had a great time wrestling Vanessa Kraven. By no means should this come off negatively on her because she did nothing Vanessa Kraven Xandra Bale Tabercilwrong. As far as prognosis goes, I’m out indefinitely for now. It’s a more serious break than the leg. I’ll have a better idea in a week when I see the specialist but this is a lot to put on my work and my family in a few short months. My heart is very much still in wrestling and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crushed right now to be missing out on many big opportunities I had booked coming up.

“But on the bright side, the leg felt great!”

This royally sucks. After spending so long on the shelf and then being nailed with another (and worse) injury must be a massive blow to her morale, though it is good to see that she is still determined to return. We wish Xandra all the best in her recovery, as she’s had enough bad fortune to last a career.


Bellatrix 8Liberty’s title challenge against Canada’s Courtney Rush has history behind it, as she lost her RQW European Women’s Championship at Bellatrix 7 last October thanks to a sucker punch from Rush. Because of her track record in the promotion and the escalating hostilities between the two, Liberty has been given an opportunity at the grandest prize in Bellatrix – and it is an opportunity which she intends to grasp with both hands.

“My whole career has been building up to a big time match like this one,” says Liberty. “I’ve worked hard for every opportunity I’ve been given – and for this match, I’ve been working even harder.

“My family have been at every Bellatrix show so far; I think my mum is just as excited as I am! They’ve all been so supportive and pushing me to train and get myself prepared for March. I love knowing my family are there and I’m making them proud, it’s a great feeling!”

You can hear more from Liberty in our next Fight Like A Girl interview, which will land on the website tomorrow.

The other big match on this bumper card at Epic Studios in Norwich will be feature the most women to ever take place in one contest in Europe. 30 women will compete in a Rumble match with the winner gaining a shot for the RQW European Women’s Championship, currently held by Sammi Baynz.

“This is a huge deal for Bellatrix and the women involved in the match,” says Knight. “There will be new faces and new opportunities for UK women to showcase their talents. I’m proud that we are able to showcase this many women in one contest, and whoever wins will certainly deserve it.”

The interesting thing about the Rumble is that there is very little – if any – crossover with the roster for the LCW Roses show the previous day. We would have never imagined that there was this much female talent learning their craft in the UK at the moment.


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On his investor’s call to discuss the 2013 financial results, Vince McMahon says WWE is really happy with the success of Total Divas, and it has helped to drive up revenue – and when it comes to WWE, that’s what matters more than anything… Speaking of Total Divas, the synopsis for season 2 (starting March 16) has been released: “Eva Marie starts up a friendship with new cast member Summer, who both bond over being the new girl. Eva Marie, who’s becoming more and more Total Divas - Season 2popular with WWE fans [really?], also secretly eloped with her boyfriend and her family is not going to be too thrilled when they find that out. Brie, meanwhile, is planning her wedding to Daniel Bryan, which is getting overshadowed by her twin sister, Nikki, whose [sic] on a break with her ex, John Cena. As for Nattie? She’s going to be in the center of lots of the feuds this season, one with Summer (Nattie doesn’t like how quickly she’s risen to fame), and another with Ariane, who confronts Nattie about acting inappropriate at the Bella twins’ birthday party. Uh oh.” I still don’t get why some use their real names like Trinity and Ariane, while the others use their character names… Eva Marie was booked as a heel for the six woman tag team match on Superstars last week. She, Tamina Snuka and Summer Rae lost to the Bella Twins and Natalya. No idea what facilitated this turn or why Snuka – who is an ally of AJ Lee, who is against the Total Divas – is teaming with Summer and Eva Marie… Emma defeated Summer Rae in a dance-off on SmackDown… Naomi was featured in a video for Black History Month, where she cited Jazz and Jacqueline as inspirations. She also says her goal is to headline WrestleMania. That one could be a bit of a stretch… Eva Marie told WWE Magazine: “This year, I’m intent on progressing in the ring. I want to be the best I can be before anything else.” We hope so… Brooke Hogan will be at ringside for WrestleMania XXX to support father Hulk, according to Brooke’s brother Nick, who says he will also be there… Cameron beat AJ Lee via DQ at Elimination Chamber in a match where Tamina Snuka accidentally hit her boss with a superkick and then clotheslined the Funkadctyl to save the Divas Championship… There is reportedly no nudity on the WWE Network. Miss Kitty’s topless antics at Armageddon 1999 is blurred, as is Jacqueline being disrobed at Capital Carnage in 1998.

Madison Rayne will defend the TNA Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim in a steel cage at Lockdown on March 9. Kim defeated Rayne in a street fight on last week’s Impact Wrestling… In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Dixie Carter discussed the Knockouts, saying “I’m not saying we’ve done it right the entire time, but we have treated them with such tremendous respect. They’re a very, very important part of this company. I think they’re superior athletes just like the guys are. What we’ve done is try to let their athleticism shine. Instead of putting them out there for two minutes in a ridiculous match as eye candy, we have given them main events, putting them in a prominent place on the show, giving them a lot of time on the show, building their characters, and letting them be shown as the amazing, strong women that they are”… There will be no Knockout v Joshi action at the TNA/WRESTLE-1 joint One Night Only PPV taping on Sunday. Instead, it will be Gail Kim against Madison Rayne in singles action.

North America
Marti Belle joins Kimber Lee & La Rosa Negra on the first Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling show in May. All three are involved in a tournament called the International Joshi Grand Prix. Kacee Carlisle will be wrestling there in a non-tournament match against an as-yet unnamed opponent… Following the controversial ending of their IWA Mid-South Falls Count Anywhere match earlier this month where Jordynne Grace beat Heidi Lovelace with the help of Kongo Kong, the women will meet again on March 9 with Kong and Grace against Lovelace and Corporal Robinson in an Intergender Stretcher Match… Maria Kanellis – who has been having a pop at the Bella Twins at any opportunity, claiming they nixed her proposed return to WWE last year – tweeted them on Wednesday to apologise for anything she said which may have hurt them and says she would like to move past it before wishing them all well… Chasyn Rance defeated Santana Garrett on I Believe In Wrestling’s show on Friday to retain his Florida Cruiserweight Championship… Former WWE Divas Champion Maryse married The Miz in the Bahamas on Thursday. Former fellow Divas Champion Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank was one of the guests… Kaitlyn has created another separation from her WWE days by changing her Twitter name to @CelesteBonin… Christina Von Eerie won the Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s Championship on Saturday, defeating champion Cheerleader Melissa and Savana Riley in a 3-way… Starr Venus earned a spot on the RESISTANCE Pro roster by winning a tournament on Saturday’s show. She beat Ray Lyn to qualify for the final then beat Amanda Rodriguez & Devyn Nicole in a 3-way. Afterwards, Women’s Champion D’Arcy Dixon came out to congratulate her but was interrupted by Mickie Knuckles… Linda Miles – who won the second season of Tough Enough back in 2002 alongside Jackie Gayda and worked as Shaniqua in 2003 and 2004 before being released due to alleged attitude issues – is now a referee for NCAA women’s basketball. She officiated a University of Indianapolis game last Thursday, according to NCAA Assistant Director Matt Holmes… Absolute Intense Wrestling says it is considering having an earlier start time for its Girls Night Out 11 & 12 tapings on March 29 as it is bringing in more international talent, which could mean more matches… Rain has given some more information about the car crash that she was involved in on Valentine’s Day. A car ran a stop sign and she t-boned it before hitting a tree. She has had two surgeries and isn’t on solid foods yet. A GiveForward fundraiser’s been set up to help her out… Melanie Cruise wrestles Stacy Shadows in a no DQ, no count out match at Supreme Wrestling Entertainment’s March 9 show where the loser will leave the promotion… Reby Sky and husband Matt Hardy pleaded no contest to charges of assault and battery stemming from their arrests in the early hours of New Year’s Day, according to TMZ. It says that as part of the plea, the couple will be required to complete an anger management course, pay court fees, and not get into any legal trouble for the next two years. Should they satisfy those criteria the case will be dismissed… Two more matches have been announced for NCW Femmes Fatales XIV on April 19 – LuFisto will take on a debuting Nikki Storm, while Portia Perez faces Kaitlin Diemond.

Shu Shibutani and Hikaru Shida traded wins during WRESTLE-1’s tour over the weekend… Syuri defends her CMLL-REINA International, REINA World and Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship against Kyoko Kimura on March 9… Yoshiko, Kagetsu, Evie, Madison Eagles & Misaki Ohata have been added to the Joshi4Hope V show on March 9… We found out a little more about Cindy Sammii Jayne SWESanders, who is wrestling for Diana at the moment. Svetlana Batrukevich wrestles for Zero-1 in Belarus (I know, we hadn’t heard of it either) and seems to have been invited to wrestle in japan in the same fashion that Evie did via Zero-1 Australia.

Sammii Jayne won the Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Future Division Championship on Saturday, defeating defending titleholder Viper and Debbie Sharpe in a 3-way. The trio were given the main event slot too… An all-women’s show has been announced for Sweden on March 8. Co-run by the Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance and Svensk Wrestling Syd, names announced include NWWA Champion Aurora Flame, Lady Lory, Jessica Love, Sara Elektra, White Tigress, La Viuda Negra and Miss Mina… Speaking of NWWA, Aurora Flame retained her title on Saturday by beating Amber Rox & Sara Elektra in a 3-way… Violet Vendetta teams with Shauna Shay to face Nadia Sapphire & Faith Lehaine at LCW Roses on March 1. Sapphire attacked Vendetta at the first show in January after their loss to Jenna and Viper… The Owens Twins are featured in this month’s edition of FSM… Kay Lee Ray will face heated rival Martin Kirby again at Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s show on March 9. One of their encounters last year saw Kirby fill Ray’s mouth with thumbtacks… Lana Austin pinned FutureShock Women’s Champion Danni Hunter in a tag team match on Sunday. She’s now demanding a shot at the title… More names for the Rumble match at Bellatrix 8 – Leah Heart, Ellie Rollins, Stacee, Penelope and Laura Marinelli have been announced… Carmel Jacob quit Insane Championship Wrestling during an in-ring promo on Sunday. Kay Lee Ray came out to talk her out of it and the two got into a big brawl.

Australia & New Zealand
Britenay will defend her Impact Pro Wrestling Interim Women’s Championship against Olivia Shaw on March 22 in a rematch from their title decider earlier this month. Britenay has flipped to a babyface since Evie’s heel turn, while Shaw is becoming more heelish.



February 19: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Kana & Mio Shirai b Sumire Natsu & Rina Yamashita; Yuu Yamagata b Moeka Haruhi; Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru, Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Shu Shibutani, Hikaru Shida & Fairy Nipponbashi; Yumi Ohka b Mika Iida; Ayako Hamada b Yuhi

February 19: WWE Main Event (Colorado Springs, CO) – Cameron b Aksana

February 19: TNA Xplosion (Birmingham, England) – Gail Kim b Shanna

February 19: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Emma b Summer Rae

February 20: WWE Superstars (Denver, CO) – Brie and Nikki Bella & Natalya b Summer Rae, Tamina Snuka & Eva Marie

February 21: Diana (Kawasaki, Japan) – Cherry b Cindy Sanders; Sareee & Kaho Kobayashi b Rabbit Miu & Yako Fujigasaki; Mima Shimoda & Yuiga b Evie & Crazy Mary Dobson; Jaguar Yokota b Kaoru Ito; Mask de Sun, Yumiko Hotta & Keiko Aono b Kyoko Inoue, Tomoko Watanabe & Raideen Hagane

February 21: WRESTLE-1 (Osaka, Japan) – Shu Shibutani b Hikaru Shida

February 21: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Chasyn Rance b Santana Garrett

February 21: TNA (Huntington, WV) – Velvet Sky b Gail Kim

February 21: Fighting Spirit Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Jessie Brooks b Johnny Miyagi; Sasha Jenkins b Spyder

February 21: Real Canadian Wrestling (Calgary, AB, Canada) – Evan Adams, Scotley Crue & Gia Romero b Barricade, Kat Von Heez & Ryan Morgan

February 21: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dark Angel, Marcela & Silueta b Amapola, Dalys & Zeuxis

February 21: NWA Southern All Star Wrestling (Millersville, TN) – Miss Rachael b Jessicka Havok

February 22: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Risa Sera b Yuka; Kurumi b Neko Nitta & Cherry in a 3-way; Tsukushi b Miyako Matsumoto; Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hamuko Hoshi b Maki Narumiya & Meari Naito

February 22: WRESTLE-1 (Fukuyama, Japan) – Hikaru Shida b Shu Shibutani

February 22: Pacific Pro Wrestling (Brisbane, Australia) – Toni Storm b Sara Jay

February 22: United Pro Wrestling (Brisbane, Australia) – Miami b Storm

February 22: Riot City Wrestling (Adelaide, Australia) – Astro Rey & Las Rana Izaca b Peor Zorra Loca & Venus

February 22: International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (Swanley, England) – Nikki Storm b Sakura Lily

February 22: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (Dundee, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne b Viper & Debbie Sharpe to win the SWE Future Division Championship

February 22: RAD:PRO Wrestling (South Shields, England) – Felix Atrox v Carmel Jacob

February 22: Wrestling Legends (Walsrode, Germany) – Aurora Flame b Sara Elektra & Amber Rox in a 3-way

February 22: RESISTANCE (Willowbrook, IL) – Devyn Nicole b Angel Dust; Starr Venus b Ray Lyn; Heather Owens v Amazing Maria went to a double DQ; Amandra Rodriguez b Samantha Heights; Starr Venus b Devyn Nicole & Amanda Rodriguez in a 3-way

February 22: Pro Wrestling Riot (Titusville, FL) – Santana Garrett b Lizzie Parris

Ivelisse Velez Su YungFebruary 22: Wrestling Is Fun (Reading, PA) – Heidi Lovelace b Joe Pittman

February 22: Dragon Gate USA (Queens, NY) – Ivelisse Velez b Su Yung

February 22: Omega Championship Wrestling (Smithfield, NC) – Reby Sky b Jayme Jameson

February 22: Pure Wrestling Association (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Beautiful Beaa b Skylar Rose

February 22: Pro Wrestling Syndicate (Rahway, NJ) – Missy Sampson b Angelina Love & La Rosa Negra in a 3-way via DQ

February 22: Elite Pro Wrestling Alliance (Fort Ashby, WV) – Kacee Carlisle b Jessie Kaye

February 22: Pro Wrestling Revolution (San Francisco, CA) – Christina Von Eerie b Cheerleader Melissa & Savana Riley in a 3-way to win the PWR Women’s Championship

February 23: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Kaori Yoneyama & Koguma b Takumi Iroha & Yuna Manase; Kellie Skater b Mayu Iwatani, Natsuki?Taiyo & Hiroyo Matsumoto in a 4-way; Nanae Takahashi & Kairi Hojo b Act Yasukawa & Alpha Female; Io Shirai b Yuhi

February 23: JWP (Osaka, Japan) – Leon & Ray b Sachie Abe & Yako Fujigasaki; Rabbit Miu & Tsukushi b KAZUKI & Raideen Hagane; Arisa Nakajima & Sawako Shimono b Kyoko Kimura & Rina Yamashita; Command Bolshoi v Kana went to a no contest; Kayoko Haruyama & Manami Katsu v Hanako Nakamori & Takaco Inoue went to a time limit draw

February 23: WRESTLE-1 (Hiroshima, Japan) – Shu Shibutani b Hikaru Shida

February 23: Spanish Pro Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Dragonita b Axel Salazar

February 23: FutureShock (Stockport, England) – Lana Austin & Joe Vega b Danni Hunter & Ryan Hendricks

February 23: TNA (Morgantown, WV) – Velvet Sky b Gail Kim

Barbi Hayden Paige Turner Rebel YoteFebruary 23: Smash Wrestling (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Vanessa Kraven b Xandra Bale

February 23: Belleview Pro Wrestling (Belleview, FL) – Santana Garrett & Chasyn Rance b Joey Mayberry & Mike Young

February 23: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Angel Blue & Jojo Bravo b Delilah Doom & Jessica James; Barbi Hayden v Athena v Paige Turner went to a no contest; Jessica James b Angel Blue

February 23: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit & Tiffany b Estrellita, Goya Kong & Lady Afrodita

February 23: WWE Elimination Chamber (Minneapolis, MN) – Cameron b AJ Lee via DQ

February 24: WWE Raw (Green Bay, WI) – Emma b Summer Rae

February 25: WRESTLE-1 (Nagoya, Japan) – Hikaru Shida b Shu Shibutani


February 27: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Paige v Emma

February 28: St Louis Anarchy (Alton, IL) – Angelus Layne v Darin Corbin

February 28: SHINE 17 (Ybor City, FL) – Ivelisse Velez v Mercedes Martinez; Angelina Love v Serena Deeb; Allysin Kay & Taylor Made v Tracy Taylor & Su Yung; Christina Von Eerie & MsChif v Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers; Mia Yim & Leva Bates v Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee; Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling v Brandi Wine & Malia Hosaka

March 1: World Association of Wrestling (Norwich, England) – Courtney Rush v Saraya Knight

March 1: World Wide Wrestling League (Dunfirmline, Scotland) – Sara & King Technico v Carmel Jacob & Liam Thompson

March 1: LCW Roses (Leicester, England) – Nikki Storm v Amazon Ayesha Ray; Leah Owens v Nixon; Bete Noire & Viper v Jenna & Lana Austin; Pollyanna Peppers v Dragonita v Sakura Lily; Faith Lehaine & Nadia Sapphire v Shauna Shay & Violet Vendetta

March 1: Ring Wars Carolina (Lumberton, NC) – Mia Svensson v D’Arcy Dixon

March 1: Old School Wrestling (Odessa, TX) – Jessica James v Mickie James v Miss Diss Lexia

March 2: TNA/WRESTLE-1 (Tokyo, Japan) – Gail Kim v Madison Rayne

SWS NWWA Queen of the RingMarch 2: Bellatrix 8 (Norwich, England) – Sammi Baynz v Blue Nikita; Courtney Rush v Liberty; Saraya Knight v Penelope; Erin Angel v Violet O’Hara

March 7: Real Deal Wrestling (Grimsby, England) – Ellie Rollins v Leah Heart

March 7: Pro Wrestling 4U (Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England) – Paul Malen & Violet Vendetta v Van Damage & Jenna

March 7: Pro Wrestling Conflict (Columbus, GA) – Devyn Nicole v Black Ice v Amber O’Neal

March 8: Svensk Wrestling Syd Queen of the Ring (Malmo, Sweden)

March 8: Tidal Wrestling (Darlington, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Violet O’Hara

March 8: Pro Wrestling Syndicate Bombshells (Avenel, NJ) – Missy Sampson v Amber Rodriguez; Lufisto v La Rosa Negra; Hania v Sumie Sakai v Sienna Duvall v Alexxis Nevaeh v Angie Skye v Mistress Belmont; Serena Deeb v Mia Yim; Annie Social v Taeler Hendrix; Grandma Butcher v Jessie Kaye; Angel Dust v Vanity; Jennifer Cruz v Cristina Diamond

March 8: Conflict Wrestling (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Jewells Malone v Leah Von Dutch

March 8: Supreme Wrestling Entertainment (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin) – Melanie Cruise v Stacy Shadows

March 9: Joshi4Hope V (Tokyo, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto v Yuhi

March 9: REINA Joshi Puroresu (Tokyo, Japan) – Syuri v Kyoko Kimura

March 9: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Nottingham, England) – Martin Kirby v Kay Lee Ray

March 9: IWA Mid-South (Clarksville, IN) – Heidi Lovelace & Corporal Robinson v Jordynne Grace & Kongo Kong

Gail Kim Madison Rayne TNAMarch 9: TNA Lockdown (Miami, FL) – Madison Rayne v Gail Kim

March 14: Ironfist Wrestling (Birminham, England) – Nixon v Danni Hunter

March 14: Pure Wrestling Association (Cambell River, BC, Canada) – Bambi Hall v Reia Von Slasher

March 15: Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, Australia) – Savannah Summers v Miami

March 15: Pride Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Glen Dunbar & Nikki Storm v Viper & Chris Saynt

March 15: Vanguard Championship Wrestling (Penn Laird, VA) – Kacee Carlisle v Sammi Pandora

March 21: House of Pain Evolution (Mansfield, England) – Lana Austin v Violet Vendetta

March 21: Highspots Queens Of Combat (Charlotte, NC)

March 22: Impact Pro Wrestling (Lynfield, New Zealand) – Britenay v Olivia Shaw

March 22: RAD:PRO Wrestling (South Shields, England) – Freya Frenzy & Vulture v Kirsty Love & Rubix Roach

March 22: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – LuFisto v Candice LeRae; Christina Von Eerie v Hudson Envy

March 23: Canadian Pro Wrestling (Woodstock, ON, Canada) – Jasmin v Xandra Bale

March 29: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 11 & 12 (Cleveland, OH) – Mia Yim v Athena

March 29: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Greely, ON, Canada) – Courtney Rush v Vanessa Kraven

March 30: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Hikaru Shida v Tsukasa Fujimoto

April 5: SHIMMER Women Athletes (New Orleans, LA)

April 12-13: SHIMMER Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

April 19: NCW Femmes Fatales XIV (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Cheerleader Melissa v Courtney Rush; Angie Skye v Cat Power; Sassy Stephie, Jody D’Milo & TBA v Mary Lee Rose, Pink Flash Kira & TBA; LuFisto v Nikki Storm; Portia Perez v Kaitlin Diemond

April 24: Hardcore Roadtrip (London, ON, Canada) – LuFisto & Jewells Malone v Leah Von Dutch & Jazz; Warhed & Jewells Malone v Lufisto & Necro Butcher

April 26: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Sassy Stephie v Athena v Cheerleader Melissa

May 4: Insane Championship Wrestling (London, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob v Erin Angel

May 10: Women Superstars Uncensored Queen and King of the Ring (Voorhees, NJ) – Jessicka Havok v LuFisto

May 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE, Tabercil, Epic Studios, Frank W Ockenfels 3/E! Entertainment, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Dragon Gate USA, Rebel Yote
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch, joshifans.com, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

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