Allysin Kay or Leah Von Dutch: who is the real AIW Women's Champion?

AIW Allysin Kay Leah Von DutchAn argument has been brewing over who is the real Absolute Intense Wrestling Women’s Champion.

If possession is nine tenths of the law then the titleholder is Leah Von Dutch, who claimed the belt at TGIF earlier this month. As we reported at the time, Von Dutch demanded an immediate championship match from Allysin Kay and got the win following interference from her manager – and referee for the night – The Duke. However, the question is whether Von Dutch had the right to demand an impromptu match or if The Duke had the authority to sanction the contest.

Kay certainly made a lot of noise about the situation to Chest Flexor so a conclusion has been reached to determine who should rightfully hold the title, and it will take place on March 29 at the Girls Night Out 11 & 12 tapings.

The main event of GNO11 in Cleveland, OH will see Kay and Von Dutch face each other with the title on the line. The winner will become the rightful Women’s Champion, though Leah is insisting that she is the champion – despite the fact that the match graphic has Allysin with the belt.

Kay held the title for 22 months before her “defeat”, though it makes one wonder what her official title status would be if she was to win. Would it be a continuance of her initial reign and Von Dutch’s run would be snuffed out of existence as being invalid, or would she be a two time champion? It’s certainly an interesting prospect going into GNO. Tickets are on sale now – you can order yours by clicking here.

– Lee Burton


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