Bellatrix 8 live results – four championship matches & a 30 woman rumble match

Bellatrix 8Dozens of wrestlers from across the UK and Europe are in Norwich, England today for Bellatrix 8, which boasts four championship matches and a mammoth 30-woman rumble match to determine the next contender for the RQW European Women’s Championship. That belt is currently in the possession of Sammi Baynz after she won the title at the last show – she will defend it this evening against Greece’s Blue Nikita.

Elsewhere, Saraya Knight defends the IndyGurlz Australia Title against Penelope, Erin Angel puts the Bellatrix British Championship on the line against Violet O’Hara, and Liberty challenges Courtney Rush for the Bellatrix World crown – and Liberty talked about that match and the history behind it in our latest Fight Like A Girl interview.

Unlike previous Bellatrix shows, this one is going to be available as a Video On Demand in due course – for all the results as they happen, click the jump.

1. Bellatrix British Championship: Violet O’Hara beat Erin Angel (c) by 2 falls to 1 to win the British Title.
– Violet got first fall in round two with a schoolgirl.
– Erin scored the second fall with a missile dropkick in round five.
– Violet got the winning pin with a shining wizard in round seven.

2. IndyGurlz Australia Championship: Saraya Knight (c) made Penelope tap out to the Bridal Rocking Horse to retain the IndyGurlz Australia Championship.
3. RQW European Women’s Championship: Sammi Baynz (c) pinned Blue Nikita to retain the RQW European Women’s Championship following interference from Axl Lynch. Nikita was awarded a spot in the Rumble as compensation.
4. Kids Class Exhibition: 11 year old Karama pinned 6 year old Holly Burrage with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
5. Bellatrix World Championship: Liberty defeated Courtney Rush (c) with a schoolgirl to win the a Bellatrix World Championship.
6. Blue Nikita won the 30 woman Bellatrix Rumble, last eliminating Lady Lory. As a result she is the #1 contender for the RQW European Women’s Championship.
Order of Entry: 1. Destiny, 2. Chanel, 3. Rhia O’Reilly, 4. Lady Lory, 5. Miss Mina, 6. Davina Finch, 7. Laura Cruz, 8. Billie Joe, 9. Miss Highlight, 10. Erin Angel, 11. Dragonita, 12. Kraz, 13. Crystal Clear, 14. Roxanne, 15. Shax, 16. Bacardi, 17. Stacee, 18. Rebel Yell, 19. Lily Fae, 20. Leah Heart, 21. Jezebeth, 22. Laura Marinelli, 23. Ellie Rollins, 24. Luminous, 25. Phobia, 26. Sakura Lily, 27. Penelope, 28. Violet O’Hara, 29. Blue Nikita, 30. Amy-Lee Krammer.

3 Violet O'Hara Erin Angel Bellatrix• It was an ambitious ask to stage a 30-woman rumble match featuring a lot of women who would be unknowns to much of the audience. Before we get to that, there are five other matches to discuss. So, let get on with it…

• The undercard featured four different styles of matches, which really helped keep the audience’s interest. The opening contest was fought under British rounds, with it taking a couple of rounds to click – but once it did, it did a fine job of getting the show started. Violet O’Hara has had a monkey on her back in recent Bellatrix shows with her matches not working out, but after some early wobbles, she had her best match in the promotion with Erin Angel. Hopefully this is a new beginning for her, as she has earned it by being great elsewhere.

• It was teacher v student for match two, with Penelope outwitting her opponent Saraya Knight by escaping all her attempts to tie her up in knots, and in turn she managed to take it to the IndyGurlz Champion. Unfortunately for the challenger, when the smooth technical affair went to another level it lost her grip. A rough slapping match then saw Saraya go into overdrive before getting the win with a Bridal Rocking Horse. Despite the loss, Penelope really shone and is on the verge of being something really special. You can watch the match for free by clicking here, as Bellatrix has uploaded the contest as a taster of the show.

9 Saraya Knight Penelope  Bellatrix• From the technical to the strong-style, as Blue Nikita and Sammi Baynz beat the piss out of each other in their hard-hitting battle over the RQW European Women’s Title. Nikita’s style is no secret, but it was an eye-opener to see Baynz give as good as she get in the strikes department. The challenger almost got the win with her Blue-Ray (Death Valley Driver) but the titleholder managed to kick out, then reaped the rewards of her partnership with Axl Lynch when she distracted the ref by going for the turnbuckle pad, only to whip Nikita into a shot to the back of the head for the KO and pinfall. For the second straight show, Sammi Baynz had match of the night.

• After the match, Nikita lamented the ending, saying she was fine with losing but not by being screwed out of her shot. As a make-good, she was given Skarlett’s #29 slot in the Bellatrix Rumble, as she was unable to participate due to injury.

• A quick point that would have helped in the proceedings would have been for Sammi or Axl to cut a promo before the match to make sure the fans knew to boo her and cheer for Nikita, as it took a little while for the fans to warm to the challenger.

• Before the final title match, we were treated to an exhibition match between two girls with a combined age of 17. The crowd were totally behind 11-year old Karama and 6-year old Holly Burrage as they did some basic chain wrestling and a few tilt-a-whirl moves. Karama got 17 Courtney Rush Bellatrixinto working as the heel against her smaller opponent, while Holly popped the audience with her Black Widow submission attempt. Nobody was ever in the realm of getting hurt and it was a real feel-good moment. From what we understand, the match will be a DVD extra and won’t be on the VOD broadcast.

• Courtney Rush is a wonderful baby face, but she also knows how to be a nasty, self-absorbed heel. From her swagger to the ring to standing on the ropes and singing her own national anthem at the top of her voice, she made sure that there wasn’t a single person in that building on her side.

• As for the match, it was the sort of epic you would hope for between the hometown baby face challenger and the foreigner heel champion. Rush kept the advantage for long portions of the match, initially gaining the advantage after feigning injury, claiming that her recently-healed clavicle had been broken again by one of Liberty’s dropkicks. She also busted out a sweet T-bone suplex and almost got the tap out with a Sharpshooter, but it was her partnership with Lynch which was her undoing. After tripping Liberty, the ref got in Axl’s face – as did 24 Liberty Saraya Knight BellatrixSaraya, who went after the Bellatrix co-owner from over the railings. While Rush was distracted by the outside goings-on, Liberty rolled her up for the pinfall to make her the first Briton to hold the World Championship in the promotion since 2007.

• Considering how many unknown and unproven names were part of the 30 woman Rumble, there was every chance that this match could be terrible. As it turned out, it was fine and there were a few people who stood out from the pack.

• Miss Highlight got the Kofi Kingston treatment by being knocked from the ring onto the elevated walkway but because her feet hadn’t hit the floor of the building she was still in, and returned to the ring by walking on the back of the eliminated Davina Finch to get back in.

• Speaking of Davina, she got big heat for wearing the football kit of Norwich’s local rivals Ipswich Town. While it wouldn’t be effective elsewhere, it worked perfectly well in front of this crowd.

• Laura Cruz is a statuesque, striking woman. Standing around 5’10” with a resemblance to Angelina Jolie and a Tomb Raider gimmick, she can command your attention. While it was difficult to assess if she is much of a wrestler, she certainly has a presence and is worth a further look.

33 Bellatrix Rumble• Destiny almost went coast-to-coast, competing for close to 40 minutes and was greeting many women as they entered the ring with an attack. She certainly kept busy. Similarly, Lady Lory and Rhia O’Reilly were in there for similar periods of time.

• If Mickie James had a younger sister, she would look like Leah Heart. While on the subject of the wrestlers who made the trip from Grimsby in the North East of the country, Billie Joe also had a good presence to her – plus she had the tactic of staying in a corner so she couldn’t be attacked from behind.

• Rebel Yell and Shax are both tiny things but have a look to them, which helped to pick them out without any problem. Luminous also stood out with her neon, day-glo gear.

• Miss Mina and Phobia both made big entrances to the match. Mina entered with a flying double clothesline from the top onto Destiny and Lady Lory, while Phobia delivered a moonsault into the fray.

• Finally we have Laura Marinelli, who was competing in her first match ever and deserves so much kudos for doing so – the reason is because she was deaf, dumb and around 50% blind. No joke. Despite this, she was giving it the beans, laying in the shots and lasted around 10 minutes before being dumped out by Destiny.

35 Bellatrix Rumble• The match was won by Blue Nikita, who dumped Lory out for the win to gain another shot at Baynz at Bellatrix 9 (or as it’s stylistically being laid out, BellatrIX) on June 9.

• There are criticisms – the eliminations could have done with being more spaced out, as Chanel was the first out and there were 15 women in the ring by that point. At its height, there were 21 women in the ring at one point, leaving little room for people to stand out. While it was admirable to have the new faces spend some time in there, a couple of sacrificial lambs may have helped proceedings. Still, there were some who got to make an impression, and it is to their credit for doing so.

• Overall, this was the strongest Bellatrix show to date. With the four title matches ranging from good to great and a frenetic spectacle of a Rumble match, this will certainly be worth a watch when it’s released at the new Bellatrix TV site on March 16.


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