In Video: The next generation of Canadian stars

Jasmin GCW TabercilCanada has its fair share of female talent – there are experienced ones like LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie; experienced hands like Courtney Rush, Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews; high-fliers like Xandra Bale & Leah Von Dutch; bruisers like Vanessa Kraven & Riea Von Slasher; characters like Cherry Bomb, Angie Skye & Kc Spinelli; and rising stars like Jewells Malone & Seleziya Sparx. There is also emerging and brand new wrestlers like Beautiful Beaa, Alexia and the subjects of this video, Jasmin and Skyler Rose.

Hailing from Niagara Falls, ON, Skyler only debuted last year but is already getting out there, wrestling for promotions like Pure Wrestling Association and Great Canadian Wrestling and is very busy for someone who is less than 12 months experience. Similarly, Jasmin is making huge strides in a relatively short time. The 19-year old debuted last January and as well as PWA and GCW, she has wrestled for Squared Circle Wrestling Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s Girls Night Out series.

The match we have for you between these two youngsters is from GCW’s show on December 27 last year for the promotion’s Women’s Championship. Click the jump to watch the next generation.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Tabercil


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