3G retain SHIMMER Tag Titles at Joshi 4 Hope V

Joshi 4 Hope VIt was successful defence number 6 for the SHIMMER Tag Team Champions in the main event of Joshi 4 Hope V in Japan earlier today. The Global Green Gangsters (Tomoka Nakagawa & Kellie Skater) held onto their belts by defeating Madison Eagles & Evie when Nakagawa scored the pin on the former SHIMMER Champion with the 120% Schoolboy.

In the semi-final match on the show at Shin-kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, former SHIMMER doubles champion Misaki Ohata defeated Ice Ribbon‘s Tsukushi, who was standing in for an injured Manami Katsu. Elsewhere, there were wins for Leon, Kagetsu, and Alpha Female (twice). The full results are posted after the jump, courtesy of the translated tweets from Youji Kawauchi.

Joshi 4 Hope revealed on its Facebook page that it does not have a return date, but thanked everyone for their participation on the show.

Finally, a quick word on SHIMMER – the promotion says it will announce the main event of its Volume 62 show on April 5 in New Orleans, LA at some point this week. When it is made public, we will let you know.

1. Kagetsu defeated Rina Yamashita in 5:32 with the Ebisu Down.
2. Leon beat Crazy Mary Dobson in 6:21 with a Mad Splash.
3. Alpha Female pinned Sakura Hirota in 1:16 with a Lariat. The match was then restarted, leading to:
3a. Alpha Female beat Sakura Hirota in 6:44 with a Powerbomb.
4. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Yuhi v Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko went to a 20 minute time limit draw.
5. Misaki Ohata defeated Tsukushi in 9:59 with Hana Maru Dokkan.
SHIMMER Tag Team Championship:
6. Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa (c) beat Madison Eagles & Evie. Nakagawa pinned Eagles with the 120% Schoolboy.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Joshi 4 Hope


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