Lockdown: Madison Rayne skewers Gail Kim

Madison Rayne TNAMadison Rayne puts her TNA Knockouts Championship on the line against former titleholder Gail Kim as part of the Lockdown card in Miami, FL.

The Background
• Rayne returned to TNA in December last year and went after her former friend and Tag Team Championship partner, though no explanation was really given as to why they had a problem with each other – even though a storyline was ready to go.
• Madison marked her comeback after having her first child by defeating Gail to win the Knockouts Title at the Genesis card held on Impack Wrestling in January.
• The pair fought during TNA’s tour of the UK, with Kim earning a shot at the title by beating Rayne in a street fight on the February 20 episode of the show.
• The match was announced for Lockdown, meaning it would be held inside a steel cage.

The Match
• Gail started off by trying to climb out of the cage, though Madison creatively cut her off by using her legs to ram the challenger’s head into the steel mesh. However, she erred when she went for a top rope bodypress which saw her hit nothing but canvas.
• Kim took over the contest by throwing the titleholder into the cage wall and nailing a corner clothesline before going for a submission with a backbreaker.
• Rayne got back into the match by avoiding a corner charge which saw Kim sail into the cage but then suffered a neckbreaker from the top rope.
• Gail attempted an Eat Defeat from the top but got dropped throat first onto the rope, allowing Madison to hit a spear from the top strand for the pinfall victory.

Gail Kim Madison Rayne TNA• This match happened. A week from now, you won’t remember it – and that shouldn’t be the case for a potential feud ender in a steel cage on what used to be NA’s second highest drawing PPV of the year. It’s not that they didn’t try, because they did – it’s just that it doesn’t really matter as TNA doesn’t really matter that much anymore.
• Having said that, for a cage match against two hated enemies, it lacked any real fire.
• Some of the action was a little questionable too. The knees Rayne used to escape the backbreaker looked poor as she couldn’t see where Gail’s head was, so she was raising it and Kim was essentially having to headbutt Madison’s knee.
• Meanwhile, from the silly to the scary – as that neckbreaker from the top rope looked so dangerous that I was worried whether Madison would be able to get up. It appeared to be a really awkward landing, despite both doing their best to have a safe fall.
• I admire the work ethic of Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to go out there and work hard in the face of dwindling attendance numbers in the US which must be a real knock to morale, but it’s a shame that this was pretty forgettable.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by TNA


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