WWE.com profiles Sara Del Rey

Sara Del Rey WWEIt was a big deal for WWE to sign Sara Del Rey to become a trainer for the women in its developmental system. As is the case with the Queen of Wrestling, her departure from the indies was relatively low-key, but her impact on the Divas division has been very apparent – and that’s now been acknowledged in an article featured on WWE.com.

Around the time of her signing, CM Punk sang her praises, and Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak have also joined in with the support. For example, Del Rey’s former trainer Bryan talked about his protégé’s training – and you can see in her very early days in a Retro we posted last week:

“The person who was giving [backdrops] to her collapsed underneath her, and when she landed, she separated her shoulder,” Bryan said. “She rolled out of the ring, popped her shoulder back in and rolled into the ring.”

Another collapsed backdrop, another separated shoulder. Amato again rolled out of the ring, popped her shoulder back in place, and wanted to continue. Although Bryan admired her tenacity, he couldn’t let her go on. “At that point, we had to say stop,” he said.

Prazak joined in the support, saying:

“Young wrestlers looked up to her as someone to aspire to be like because she proved that gender doesn’t have to hold one back from being a top-flight pro wrestler,” said Prazak. “She is a huge benefit to the future of Divas in WWE.”

Sara Del Rey Shara Sarah Backman WWEAksana and Summer Rae also joined in with saying what kind of difference Del Rey (spoken about under her real name of Sara Amato) has made to their careers, and as well as showing photos of the former SHIMMER Champion tutoring new signee Sarah Backman (now Shara), she revealed her goal for the developing Divas.

“Diversity is really entertaining to me, and I hope other people feel that, too,” she said. “All of these girls were signed for a special talent or a specific reason, and that’s awesome. Let’s go with that. If you want to be sexy, I’m not going to tell you not to be. The important thing is to give the best that you have to offer and to feel comfortable doing it. I think when you’re genuinely happy and good at what you’re doing, it’s going to show, and it’s going to make you a better performer.”

It’s encouraging that Del Rey has been profiled for WWE’s website. While this is unlikely to get much acknowledgement on TV, it is nice that some recognition is given to the people working behind the scenes to help polish up the new generation of stars. You can read the whole article by clicking here – there are also shots of her training future stars like Paige, JoJo, Bayley and Shara at this link and if you click here you can see photos from her indie days from places like SHIMMER, CHIKARA, Ring Of Honor and Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

You can also hear our interview with her from the early days of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast by clicking here – she discusses things like not taking to training easily, wrestling in Japan and Mexico, and whether she ever thought she would make it to WWE.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE


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