Lei'D Tapa & TNA part ways; Beautiful People reform

Lei'D Tapa Gail Kim TNALei’D Tapa lost – she done with TNA.”

And with that, the woman who won the Gut Check a year ago was written out of the company. She lost clean to Gail Kim on last night’s Impact Wrestling after the pair came to blows following Kim’s loss to Brittany on last week’s episode. The 31-year old took to Twitter afterwards, saying: “When 1 door closes another door opens! Thank you @IMPACTWRESTLING for giving me the opportunity! To my fans I luv u all!! #BowDown”

Tapa and Kim pair went from having no problems at Lockdown to falling out 4 days later and then having the blow-off match a week after that. It’s shotgun writing to sort out an issue which the company should have seen coming, either if Tapa announced that she was going or by TNA knowing they weren’t going to renew her one year deal. Either way, this was rushed through so it had no resonance and couldn’t generate a reaction with the audience – which was evident considering how quiet they were for this match, compounded by the fact that they didn’t have a clue who they should be cheering for.

As for Tapa’s TNA run, it was pretty uneventful. She became Kim’s hired gun at Bound For Glory last October and was by her side for all of that time. While she has wrestled on quite a few episodes of Impact and also at house shows, but only had three singles matches on Impact, and the Kim match last night was the first in 2014.

Strangely though, this will not be the last time you see Tapa in TNA, as she was part of a six woman tag team match filmed in Birmingham, England where she teamed with Alpha Female and Kim (which ruins the continuity a bit, though the pair weren’t getting on during the contest) against Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and ODB.

Elsewhere on last night’s Impact, Sky agreed to reform the Beautiful People with Angelina Love, though when Knockouts Champion Rayne was extended the same offer, she turned it down. Later on, Angelina confronted Madison backstage and threw her into a locker. It looks like we may be seeing a return of a heel Beautiful People team – which is preferable to them being babyfaces.


– Lee Burton
– Photo by TNA


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