Former TNA Knockout "works WWE tryout"

Dark AngelCanada’s Sarah Stock received a tryout with WWE in December last year, according to Primera Cuerda.

Probably best known as Sarita during her time in TNA, she won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship on two occasions, though has spent most of her time wrestling for CMLL as Dark Angel, and has also competed under that name in Japan in recent years, winning the Wonder of Stardom title last year. In addition, she wrestled for SHIMMER between 2007-10 under the name of “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock. Clearly, she was worked everywhere and has a world of experience – which is why it is reported that she received very positive feedback.

There are also many benefits for WWE to hire her. With the ability to speak English, Spanish and French fluently, she is very marketable in foreign countries – especially Mexico, where WWE is always looking to establish more market share, so having a woman who Mexico knows very well already and can work the media rounds in the country could be a real boon. In addition, her extensive experience and lucha libre wrestling style will help to separate her from other women in the promotion, and that’s something the company is supposedly after, as it was highlighted in Sara Del Rey‘s interview with earlier this month.

However, there are also some drawbacks. For example, her lucha style may be difficult for others to handle – as her time in TNA highlighted that given the wrong opponent, it can make for some awkward exchanges. Meanwhile, her 12 years of experience could also work against her – for example, WWE may feel that she is pretty set as a wrestler and is less malleable than women with less years under their belt.

And that brings us to the sticking point of Stock’s age – while 35 isn’t ancient by any means, she would be older than every other active Diva apart from Tamina Snuka and Layla. WWE is tending to go for younger wrestlers to maximise their longevity, so would they be that keen on someone who they may conceivably only get about 5 years from before they rule her to be took old to be on TV? Agreed, it’s a sucky way of looking at it as she has bucket loads of skill and could be very marketable, but this is the way WWE tends to think – especially when it comes to the Divas.

Hopefully WWE will take a punt on her, as she could help to train the female roster to work a different style to make them more well-rounded, and could be used to penetrate the Mexican market. We’ll see.

– Lee Burton


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