Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 11 & 12 live results – Athena Wins AIW Women's Championship

Athena AIW Champion by Dave MuscarellaSpring’s Female Fight Season kicks off in Cleveland, OH today with Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s Girls Night Out 11 & 12 tapings. The first show is headlined with a match which should clear up the controversy over the Women’s Championship, as Allysin Kay and Leah Von Dutch square off.

Von Dutch claims that she is the rightful titleholder after beating Kay in controversial circumstances back in February, with an announcement made that the pair will square off at GNO11. Since then, a ruling has been made that Kay is still the reigning Women’s Champion and Von Dutch’s title win did not happen. However, Leah is undefeated in AIW action and holds a win in some fashion over the titleholder, though Allysin will be taking on her adversary without being fatigued from an earlier match – so this is certainly an intriguing contest.

Elsewhere, Kay Lee Ray makes her US debut taking on Mickie Knuckles, Thunderkitty returns to the promotion after a year and a half with a match against Marti Belle – and she discussed her comeback here – and Annie Social & Heidi Lovelace will challenge the Jollyville Fuck-Its for the Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, Shanna will not be part of the tapings after having to pull out for personal reasons – she was meant to face Veda Scott and Hania in singles matches.

We’ll have results as they happen courtesy of Dave Muscarella in attendance, so click the jump and keep hitting refresh for the latest.

Girls Night Out 11
1. Jasmin pinned Angelus Layne with a swinging neckbreaker.
2. Thunderkitty defeated Marti Belle with a sleeper hold.
3. Sassy Stephie beat Kaela with the Kiss My Sass.
4. Kimber Lee defeated Hania with a combination shoulderbreaker/piledriver.
5. Nikki Storm pinned Angel Dust following two Eyes of the Storm.
6. Veda Scott beat Kay Lee Ray with a Snapmare Driver.
7. Annie Social & Heidi Lovelace beat Seleziya Sparx & Jenny Rose. Lovelace pinned Sparx with a Codebreaker.
8. Allysin Kay made Leah Von Dutch tap out to a Gogoplata to become the Undisputed AIW Women’s Champion.

Girls Night Out 12
1. Athena pinned Mia Yim following the O-Face.*
2. Thunderkitty pinned Sassy Stephie with a rollup counter to the Kiss My Sass.
3. Angel Dust won a Four Way Dance over Angelus Lane, Kaela & Marti Belle by pinning Belle following a Lungblower.
4. Kay Lee Ray defeated Kimber Lee with a Swanton Bomb.
5. Nikki Storm pinned Hania with the Eye of the Storm.
6. Veda Scott pinned Leah Von Dutch with a Saito Suplex after a miscue from The Duke.
7. Mia Yim beat Jasmin with a 450 Splash.
8. Seleziya Sparx pinned Jenny Rose with an Ocean Cyclone Suplex.
9. The Jollyville Fuck-Its beat Annie Social & Heidi Lovelace to retain the AIW Tag Team Championships when T-Money used the pounce on Heidi.
10. Athena pinned Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Championship in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match after she hit Kay with an Exploder Suplex through a table. NEW CHAMP!

* Athena vs Mia Yim was taped as part of Girls Night Out 12, but will air on DVD/VOD as part of Girls Night Out 11. This was due to transport issues, with Athena’s flight arriving late.

Our on-site correspondant – and all round great man – Dave Muscarella was able to share some thoughts, a few hours removed from the final bell. Without further ado… over to Dave.

• AIW presented Girls Night Out 11 and 12 from Cleveland, OH on 3/29/14. There was a pretty bad snow storm during this show, so attendance may have been affected by that. There was roughly 60 or so people there for both shows.

Angelus Layne Jasmin AIW by Dave Muscarella• GNO 11 started off with Jasmin losing to Angelus Layne via swinging neckbreaker. Angelus Layne showed no ring rust from her stint with PCS here. She looked good, as did Jasmin. I feel like Jasmin has grown a ton since GNO 9/10. For someone so young, she has a ton of potential. Angelus had a lot of character here and really interacted with the crowd, ref, and her opponent well. It added to her match.

• Thunderkitty and Marti Belle had a match. Maybe it’s me, but I just can’t get into Thunderkitty. There is just something I don’t like about it. Marti Belle has talent, but I feel like she rarely gets paired with someone who pushes her to be her best. The crowd was pretty dead for most of this match. I do think Marti Belle is better as a heel as it lets her really showcase her personality much more than what I see of her in WSU.

• Kaela made her AIW debut against Sassy Stephie. Kaela is a bit of a project as she’s very young, and not polished in the ring, but I think she has promise. She makes a very good babyface and was a perfect opponent for the nasty Sassy Stephie. While, this was hardly the best match of the nght, it served a purpose to give Steph a 2nd win at GNO and introduce the AIW crowd to Kaela. I def want to see more of Kaela. And of course, Steph was as solid as ever.

• Kimber Lee vs Hania was really the first match that the crowd got emotionally invested in. These two have wrestled a few times before, and they have quite a good chemistry with each other. There was a level of intensity and importance in this match that the first few matches lacked. These two are extremely talented and the kind of wrestlers any company should want to build a roster around. This match had hard hitting, submissions, and high flying. Really enjoyable.
Nikki Storm Angel Dust AIW by Dave Muscarella
• Nikki Storm and Angel Dust has a very solid match as well. Nikki really adds a lot to her matches just by her talking. She knows how to get the crowd involved. Angel Dust is a bit of question mark for me. While she is not a bad wrestler per say, she lacks something. Maybe its her ring gear, or personality. I dunno, I want to like her, but there is just a missing piece. Still, I enjoyed this match and Angeldust looked good in the loss considering it took TWO of Nikki’s finishers to beat her.

• With Shanna AND Mickie Knuckles pulled out of the GNO weekend, it was the obvious choice to put Kay Lee Ray and Veda Scott together. The battle of the red heads was quite good. Even with no backstory, this match felt like there was some level of bad blood between the two. It spilled onto the outside almost immediately and kept up a level of intensity that made the match stand out more than it probably should have. Even though Veda Scott is an AIW mainstay, I still would classify her win as a mild upset considering the hype KLR has had recently.

• Seleziya Sparx was the mystery partner for Jenny Rose in the tag team match. This made sense as it was a way for AIW to get Seleziya on the show without having to announce her officially and there is history with Seleziya and Jenny Rose as a tag team in DIANA during their last tour of Japan. What I liked so much about this was the level of fun it had. I coined the team of Rose & Sparx as the “Social NeTWERK” and there was a fair amount of twerking in the early and middle stages of this match. Lots of comedy here. I think seeing Seleziya twerking upside down in the corner while Jenny Rose slammed Annie Social’s face into her butt 10 times the funniest moment of the night. And while Heidi does really well in her babyface roles in other companies, I think she’s really embracing her chance to be the bad girl in AIW. It’s evolved over all the GNO events and her and Annie work really well as a team. Sammy G also adds another level to the Social Network. The ending of this match saw Jenny getted bumped off the apron by Allysin Kay AIW Champion by Dave MuscarellaSparx accidently, and that moment led to the finish and their team losing. After that, it seemed obvious that this set up their match at GNO 12. Good story telling by AIW here and one of the benefits of doing a double taping.

• Allysin Kay retained her AIW by forcing Leah Von Dutch to submit. AK also got some revenge on The Duke by knocking him out during the match. While LVD came out with the old AIW Women’s belt, Allysin Kay was sporting the brand new AIW Women’s title and this led to them having a duel of the belt at the very beginning which I thought was a nice touch. My only real complaint about this match was the time was not as long as you’d expect a main event to be.

• Athena arrived very late due to the snow storm wrecking havok with the incoming flights, so the her match vs Mia Yim was the first match of GNO 12, even though it will be included with GNO 11. All I can say it was worth the wait. This match was simply fantastic. Having witnessed Athena/Lufisto in person recently at WSU, this match was right on par with that. This match went 100 miles per hour from the start and it never let up. It just ruled. Even though the crowd at Turner’s Hall was quiet for most of the matches, they came alive for this match. Athena has been on another level since returning for injury and Mia Yim was more than capable of matching her intensity, skill, and desire. This match will be well worth the price of the DVD when GNO 11 is released. It was just brilliant stuff.

• Thunderkitty and Sassy Steph had to follow Athena/Yim, and I don’t know if anyone really could follow that. They tried, and this match got a lot of time, which may have actually hurt them more than helped. Thunderkitty should more personality here and even drank a beer before the start of this match. I think Sassy Steph played off Thunderkitty really well, but the match somewhat dragged on at times. There was just too much working against them for this match to really be anything amazing.

• The Fatal Four Way was a good way to give the undercard something to sink their teeth into. The basic story of the match was Angelus and Marti teamed up against Angel Dust and Kaela. Of course that strategy only worked for so long before it was every woman for themselves. I thought Kaela showed more here than her first match and this match let all four of them have their own moment to shine. Angel Dust looked strong here going over the others and it seems AIW has plans for her going forward. Hopefully, all 4 will be back at future GNO shows.

• KLR and Kimber Lee had an extremely solid match. I wish I could remember more but this is when everything started to blur a bit. I do remember a lot of heavy strikes and both of them being evenly matched. My one wish is that KLR had more time to showcase herself to the AIW crowd as I felt like she was holding back at times. I think having a promo to introduce herself would have been helpful here.

• Hania continued her impressive outings facing Nikki Storm. I am a pretty big Hania fan as I’ve seen her evolve over the years under her old masked gimmick. I think she upped her game against Nikki here. Even in the loss, I think Hania came away with the crowd’s respect. I expect more companies to look into Hania as a valuable addition to their rosters. SHIMMER, SHINE, etc would all benefit from taking a look at her.

• Veda Scott capped off her 2-0 night with a win vs Leah Von Dutch. After having LVD go undefeated and the (disputed) women’s champ, these two shows tonight put her a bit back down to earth. Veda Scott is obviously headed towards bigger things with Gregory Iron, so this match was a good watch to contiue her momentum. Even though LVD lost twice, I thought she made a good impression in both matches and hopefully its not the end of her in AIW.

• Jasmin has arrived. That’s what I immediately thought after her match with Mia Yim. Going into this match I wondered if Jasmin could keep up with Yim, but I am happy to say she did and then some. If anyone left an impression with me, it was Jasmin. You can see progress with every one of her matches. Mia Yim has sky rocketed up the ladder in women’s wrestling the past year or so. I think, you can make some parellels to Jasmin here. Mia Yim had something special years ago, but didn’t really put it all together until recently. I think I see Jasmin in that same spot and expect her to “get it” very soon and get more and more oppurtunities very soon.There is def a quality to Jasmin that just stands out IMO.

Seleziya Sparx vs Jenny Rose AIW by Dave Muscarella• Seleziya and Jenny Rose had a good match to continue their story from GNO 11. It was somewhat hard to tell who was the heel though. Both played to the crowd a good amount as if they were babyface. In fact, that was a bit of theme of the night. Good vs good seemed to happen a lot, but that could have been just a side effect of Shanna’s absence. It was good to see Seleziya given something to really sink her teeth into here and she really clicked with Rose. I’d imagine training together for 3 months helped with that. The only negative of the match was with the ref at the finish. Seleziya hit the Ocean Cyclone Suplex and got a 2 count, then a long delayed 3. Seleziya looked visably upset at the ref and even gave him a kick afterwards. It somewhat ruined what was otherwise a good match sadly.

• The AIW tag titles were on the line between the Fuck-It’s and the Social Network. I had no idea what to expect with this and what I got was a highly competitive match with a bit of comedy mixed in. T-Money seemed fixated on Annie Social’s…boobs. It got to one point where Nasty Russ held Annie against the ropes with T-Money exclaiming “LET’S SEE SOME TITTIES”. Thankfully, Heidi saved her with a low blow and Annie escaped with her shirt in tact. As expected though, the match ended with Heidi getting POUNCED! Allysin Kay Japanese Stranglehold on Athena AIW by Dave Muscarellaand taking the fall. Make no mistake about it though, Annie & Heidi held their own here and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.

• How could Athena top her MOTN effort against Mia Yim? Well, by accepting an open challenge from Allysin Kay and winning the AIW Women’s title in a NO DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match. This match, as you’d expect, went all over Turner’s Hall. Fun brawl, which ended with an exploder suplex thru a table that ended AK47’s long reign as AIW Women’s champion. As great as Allysin Kay is, no one deserves success more than Athena. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is, and she just simply cannot have anything other than an outstanding match up.

• So, that was GNO 11 & 12. Good shows? Yup. Worth buying? Absolutely. Will be interesting to see who steps up to challenge Athena next. But, whoever it is will have their hands full trying to dethrone the new queen of AIW.

Dave Muscarella


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