Barbi Hayden won't be at SHIMMER 62

Barbi HaydenIn what is a huge disappointment at Ringbelles HQ, Barbi Hayden has announced that she won’t be part of SHIMMER 62 tomorrow in New Orleans, LA. In a statement on her Facebook page, the NWA World Women’s Champion says:

I would like to publicly apologize to everyone. I will not be in New Orleans this weekend as scheduled against Angelina Love at Mid South, or at SHIMMER. I can’t explain enough how sick to my stomach I am right now about this, I am truly sorry. I let down a lot of people; fans, promoters, my opponents and myself.

The reason for her not being at SHIMMER – or the Mid-South Legends Fanfest this evening where she was meant to defend the NWA strap against Angelina Love – is bizarre.

A look at Barbi’s Twitter seems to shed light on the story:

It seems that Hayden missed her flight because she couldn’t get through security at her airport because the security staff was on a break. It’s such a strange situation for her to miss out on two high-profile matches, but life is strange sometimes. Let’s hope she gets another opportunity at appearing in SHIMMER in the future.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Barbi Hayden


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