Ivelisse & Lucha Sisters successfully defend SHINE Championships at 'A Wrestling Odyssey' in NOLA

Ivelisse JazzWrestleMania weekend is underway in New Orleans, Louisiana – as is the WWNLive Experience, and on this afternoon’s “A Wrestling Odyssey” show, we’ve seen two title defences from the incumbent champions of SHINE Wrestling as part of a supershow which also included talents from CZW, FIP and WILDCAT Wrestling – and at the end of the day, both SHINE Champion Ivelisse Velez and SHINE Tag Champions Mia Yim & Leva Bates (The Lucha Sisters) held onto their titles.

Ivelisse’s match with former WWE Women’s Champion and ECW original Jazz was a very technical (and for the most part ground-based) affair. It was a rematch from SHINE 9, where Jazz defeated Ivelisse in a SHINE Championship Qualifier (prior to Jazz’s injury keeping her out of the tournament), though unlike that match which had the underlying story of a rib injury to Ivelisse, this match was wrestled straight-up and competitive. Ivelisse had one hairy moment where she was unable to get any spring back from the middle rope on what was probably an attempt at a twisting crossbody, but the fans were sufficiently supportive that they stayed with the match – and indeed heavily cheered when Ivelisse hit her next high risk move. Velez eventually wrapped up the victory with a Vertigo kick to win what was clearly an emotional match for her. As referenced briefly on commentary, she has recently been dealing with the tragic passing of a family member (for which we send our condolences), not to mention her gear getting misdirected in transit and only reaching the building shortly before bell time – so a chance to get in the ring and perform was probably a blessing. Post match, the two embraced.

Meanwhile, in the SHINE Tag Team division, The Lucha Sisters defeated the S-N-S Express combination of Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh. If I say that this was a Lucha Sisters vs SNSformula tag team match, please understand that I don’t mean that as a negative. Indeed, “proper” tag team wrestling has seemed like a lost art for many years – but this was an excellent example of how something simple can work. Stephie & Nevaeh worked the old school tag team heels, cutting off Leva in their half of the ring for some time – much to the chagrin of Yim. There were near tags, referee distractions, missed tags, visual pinfalls – all the havoc you’d expect in a good tag match. For the finish, a double team Shiranui from the Lucha Sisters followed by a quebrada from Yim on Sassy Stephie for the pin. Good stuff.

Earlier on the show, Candice LeRae teamed with her partner Joey Ryan in an intergender tag match against the team of the Bravado Brothers. The match, subtitled “Funny = Money” was, in fact, a hoot, and ended with the Bravados victorious after planting Candice with the Gentleman’s Agreement. LeRae will debut for SHIMMER Women Athletes tomorrow during their WWNLive Experience show. Speaking of which…

In big news coming out of the show, following Barbi Hayden’s pulling out earlier today, SHIMMER have moved quick to announce a marquee replacement name, tweeting that Ivelisse will be debuting for the company tomorrow at SHIMMER Vol 62, also on iPPV. We’ll be back with full coverage of that show tomorrow!

— Stew Allen


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