Ringbelles Roundup (8 April 2014) – Paige, Lita, bumper wrestling weekend & SHIMMER

Paige WWELots of stuff to cover in this Roundup, and we start with the goings-on in WWE over the last few days…

AJ Lee survived the odds put against her by Vickie Guerrero to retain the Divas Championship at WrestleMania XXX. By tapping out Naomi, she defeated her 13 challengers for the title in a match which played to the strengths of its more skilled participants and managed to generate a slight buzz – which was a herculean effort considering the wave of depression in the Superdome in New Orleans, LA because of Brock Lesnar beating the Undertaker in the previous contest – and also stuck it to Guerrero for putting her in such a disadvantageous position and for emerging victorious. Standing on the middle rope, AJ soaked in the victory, which was her most high profile in her Divas Championship reign…

And her last.

The following night on Raw, AJ gloated about her victory, declared herself the best Diva in the world and highlighted that she had beaten everyone on the roster. At that point, the music for NXT Women’s Champion Paige hit and the Briton walked to the ring to congratulate the titleholder on her win, but was put down by a patronising champion to then challenged her to a match. Paige said she wasn’t ready but got pie-faced for her trouble and was told that it was happening whether she was ready or not – and as a sweetener, the Divas Title would be on the line.

What followed was not much of a match – AJ hit a few punches to the back and tried to lock in the Black Widow, but Paige responded with a Paige Turner for her only move of the match, but a crucial one. Three slaps of the mat later, we had a new Divas Champion, putting an end to the 295 day reign of AJ Lee, who screamed at her defeat.

First off, from a personal standpoint, congratulations to Paige. For 26 months she has toiled, listened, learned and improved into the character which walked down the aisle on Monday. She has been offered opportunities to shine and she has grasped them, becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion by winning a tournament last summer and being part of one of the three marquee matches for the NXT ArRIVAL show in February where she defeated Emma. As someone who saw her wrestle at the age of 14 in front of a hundred people in a cold building on the east coast of England as part of ChickFight VII, it is amazing to see how far she has come, and she has earned this position.

With this victory, Paige becomes the first woman to win the Divas Title on her debut, and also makes the 21-year old the youngest Divas Champion in history. She has had a rocket quickly strapped to her back – which leads me onto possible issues which may arise and will probably need to be addressed.

Paige’s debut was a cold one, relatively speaking. With no build-up or introduction, it was a wise move by WWE to make her first night the post-WrestleMania Raw which has a high percentage of European fans who may be more aware of her, and is populated by fans who are likely more knowledgeable than regular live viewers of the product. These are people who scour the Internet, know about NXT and what she has been doing there. Despite AJ not mentioning her by name, people were chanting Paige’s name as she stood in the ring for the pre-match promo, and that’s a good thing. However, what will happen in the weeks to come is another matter, as she will have to be introduced to non-NXT viewers, and considering how the crowd is still warming to Emma, it may not happen immediately. What works in Paige’s favour is that WWE is embarking on its biannual European tour in just over a month where the reaction to her will likely be more favourable.

Hopefully WWE does something to acknowledge her skill as a wrestler to counterbalance possible accusations that her win over AJ was a fluke – which is possibly the forwarding storyline that they could go with, as the match on Monday was more of an angle than anything. Having her being slapped and just taking it seemed strange, as NXT Paige wouldn’t have taken it, nor would she says that she wasn’t ready for a match, despite being in her gear. She needs big and decisive wins to establish her as a force, and should use the Paige Turner to win them to get that move over.

Paige AJ Lee WWEWhile fans have been happy about her debut, the nature of it has caused a few scratching heads as her title challenge against AJ could have been built up for a couple of weeks and taken place at something like Extreme Rules where she gets the win and the title. By doing that, it puts a very solid period at the end of AJ’s long run with the belt and puts over Paige as part of this generational shift we’re seeing at the moment – so much so that she is the first person to win a main roster title who was born in the 1990s. I accept that, but WWE does not do things in a knee-jerk fashion anymore as it doesn’t have to – and it has been reported in the past that Triple H is well involved in the development of wrestlers in NXT, insisting that they’re not brought up to the main roster unless a storyline is set for them. While the win was impromptu and unexpected, one would imagine that there is a number of twists and turns to both establish Paige as a worthy champion and also to build a feud between she and AJ – which, given the right support and backing, could be the next incarnation of the long-running Trish Stratus v Lita dynamic which ran one and off for six years.

As mentioned, WWE will have a plan for Paige, and will understand the importance of her winning the title on her debut. The last woman to do that in WWE was Gail Kim, who snared the Women’s Title in a battle royal in 2004 but was never really put over as the top woman in the division and her momentum never really got going. It’s unlikely that WWE will make the same mistake twice.

It sounds like I’m on a downer, but I’m not – on the contrary, I’m excited and intrigued by the future, and I would love it to go well for everyone’s sake. WWE has a real opportunity to forge ahead with the division and it has two women at the front who are eager and hungry to make an impression. Monday’s developments mean a lot for the Divas. By clearing the table at WrestleMania and putting just two people in the title picture the following night, it has started things afresh and put an end to the interminable AJ v Total Divas/Divas division story which has been dragging on since last August. We have something interesting which could run and run with the possibility of great promos, angles and matches.

If everything falls into place, it could be an exciting time. WWE just needs to make sure everyone knows what viewers of NXT – or fans who have followed her on the indies – have known for a long time; Paige is legit.


Lita WWEAs I am not a subscriber to the WWE Network yet, Stew Allen has provided a recap of Lita’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night:

This past Saturday evening, live on the WWE Network, former four time WWE Women’s Champion Lita (Amy Dumas) was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as part of an eclectic class which included the Ultimate Warrior and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

When people talk about influential North America based female wrestlers, it’s easy to start throwing out names like Moolah and Mae Young, Mildred Burke or Sensational Sherri – but truth be told, if there’s one thing we’ve learned on Ringbelles by interviewing dozens of female wrestlers on our audio shows over the last few years – that is that seemingly a vast majority of current female indie stars were specifically influenced to get involved in wrestling by one of two people – Trish Stratus or Lita. Two sides of the same coin in many ways. Trish the impossibly good looking blonde fitness model, and Lita the punk rock influenced tomboy – both proving that females can have a place in wrestling other than just eye candy. Together they main-evented Raw. Together they changed people’s attitudes. Fitting then, that one year after Trish’s enshrinement into the WWE Hall of Fame, she was back to induct her “bestie” Amy (as she referred to her throughout her intro) into the Hall the following year. Trish reminded everybody that she and Lita started their career almost exactly at the same time, and they finished up only a couple of months apart (with Trish having both her first and last matches against her rival), that while she was “technically” Lita’s maid of honour at her “wedding” to Kane, Lita is legitimately her son Max’s Godmother. Trish was, as ever, entirely charming, professional, and warm with her clear love for her friend.

As for Lita? Well, apart from debuting her first ever long dress, she gave a long speech that was in some ways the most traditional style of induction speech on the whole show. Whereas celebrity inductee Mr T rambled at length about how much he loved his momma, or how Jake Roberts’ speech turned into a semi-harrowing/semi-inspirational examination of life as a wrestler – Lita reminisced warmly about her career. Whereas some movie stars end their career being roasted by their peers, she noted, here she had the chance to once again revel being part of the WWE family by recalling some important career moments. She’d recently been a guest on Renee Young’s excellent “Road to WrestleMania” podcast series, and explained that once the news of her induction became public, fans on social media had been reminding her of lots of moments that she’d forgotten, and it’s more than possible that those recollections made up the basis for her speech. Going on first was, in retrospect, very lucky – she was free to talk as long as she wanted, and the fans were receptive both to her and her stories, and for her part, Lita genuinely seemed to really enjoy her moment.

For anybody who really knows Lita’s story (and I’m certainly familiar with much of it, having rather enjoyed her autobiography published back in 2003), she recounted tales of her earliest days in Mexico, trying first to find the lucha libre at Arena Mexico, and then to get involved WWE Litain training (not to mention pilfering the mask of CMLL star Rayo de Jalisco Jr – which she then produced from a nearby bag), and a particular shoutout to Arn Anderson and Rey Mysterio Jr after a WCW show – a story that resulted in two Miller Lites being delivered to both Anderson and Mysterio in the audience, repaying a 20 year old debt. From there we have stories of “Dastardly” Danny Doring ‘proposing’ to Lita in ECW (where she was known as Miss Congeniality), not with a ring, but with a condom; the story of a young fan who had knitted a baby blanket for Lita’s fake demonspawn baby with Kane and the story of her neck injury on the set of James Cameron’s “Dark Angel” in 2002 (and the part Steve Austin played in her eventual recovery).

There were mentions to lots of people who helped her get to this point – including, from an in-ring standpoint, to Victoria (for having the first women’s steel cage match together), Mickie James (her final opponent), Manami Toyota (whom she’s never met, but had her “mind blown” by) and naturally, her “bestie” Trish (Lita described them as the “perfect yin and yang” – which just about sums them up). She finished by praising the Punk Rock and Hardcore scene that so defined her as a person. “The Punk Rock scene taught me I could do whatever I wanted to do and be whatever I wanted to be. And so I am.”

Running about half an hour, Lita’s speech was long – maybe too long for those who even in 2014 can’t quite get past the fact that women have a legitimate place in wrestling, but I never found it dull, and it was most definitely from the heart. Considering the people she’s influenced, and the sacrifices she’s made in the name of wrestling, she more than deserved the moment. Congratulations, Lita.


Ivelisse Jazz OdysseyAs has become customary, the wrestling scene in the US packs up and goes to whatever city WrestleMania is being held in for the weekend to capitalise on so many wrestling fans being in one pace at one time with a lot of disposable income. In recent years, the number of promotions has swelled, with a fistful of groups now putting on events over the days that WWE is in town.

This year, WWN Live separated itself from Highspots’ WrestleCon event to hold its own “experience” elsewhere in New Orleans. From our perspective, the first show as part of that amalgamation of events to feature women wrestling was the A Wrestling Odyssey card where Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan were toppled by Harlem Bravado & Lancelot Bravado before SHINE’s titles were put on the line. Leva Bates and Mia Yim retained their Tag Team Championships by defeating Sassy Stephie and Nevaeh, while Ivelisse Velez held onto the singles strap by beating Jazz.

Away from WWN for a moment, as there were other events taking place in the area that were not under that banner – for example, the Mid-South Legends Fanfest in Chalmette on Friday where Angelina Love defeated Miss Diss Lexia in a match which was meant to be Love challenging Barbi Hayden for the NWA World Women’s Title. However, Hayden didn’t make it onto her flight from Texas as she says she was unable to get through security as the gates were closed. Missing the flight meant she also had to pull herself from the SHIMMER 62 card the following day – and that was a big loss for her as five women debuted on the show and every single one of them impressed, meaning the fight to get booked on subsequent shows just got a bit more competitive.

Vanessa Kraven, Kay Lee Ray, Solo Darling, LeRae and Velez – incidentally, the SHINE Champion was not a replacement for Hayden as it has been led to believe and was being considered in her own right – all made the first appearances in SHIMMER and did great work. Darling played a top babyface in peril in the opening tag match; Kraven and Ray but together a good size v speed contest; LeRae and Athena put on what was arguably match of the night, and Velez notched up a victory in her debut, defeating established SHIMMER name Kimber Lee. While Kraven and KLR could SHIMMER 62 Courtney Rush vs Mercedes Martinezbe omitted because of their international status, that still leaves three new domestic faces who made big impressions on iPPV, making it even more difficult for Hayden to squeeze into that scrum.

Elsewhere, Athena and Courtney Rush both returned to the promotion after having to fit out the October tapings with injuries, Hikaru Shida and Evie kicked and kneed each other to oblivion in another MotN contender, Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa beat “frenemies” Nicole Matthews and Madison Eagles to defend the Tag Team Titles and Cheerleader Melissa & LuFisto went 40 minutes in the two out of three falls match which ended with the Super Hardcore Anime being screwed out of the SHIMMER Championship by an interfering Mercedes Martinez.

I feel that this show was far superior to the other SHIMMER iPPV, volume 53, though others have disagreed. You’ll probably need to watch both to decide.

Later that night, Ivelisse made another defence of the SHINE Title on the second Dragon Gate USA iPPV of the weekend by pinning Mercedes Martinez in a match which saw the challenger suffer a stinger and needed help leaving the ring – we wish Mercedes a swift recovery – while at a Combat Zone Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Guerrilla joint show, LeRae & Ryan were back in action as a tandem, defeating Jake Manning & Sojournor Bolt, while Kimber Lee also beat Kellie Skater in singles action.


SHIMMER 62 Cheerleader Melissa vs LuFistoAnd now, back to Stew for a preview of this weekend’s four SHIMMER DVD tapings and what we can expect to look forward to, including LuFisto evening up the odds and Nicole Matthews being put in an awkward position:

Coming off Vol 62 in New Orleans at the weekend, attention moves to Berwyn, IL this coming weekend for the tapings of SHIMMER Volumes 63-66. As usual, a two-day schedule across Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th will see two volumes taped back-to-back each day. Ringbelles will be represented (as has been the case more often than not in the last six years) and we’ll look forward to bringing you coverage and opinion across the weekend.

Much like last year, the Berwyn tapings come directly after an iPPV on WrestleMania weekend, and while last year we felt the hype and excitement focussed too much on the show in Secaucus, NJ, at the expense of Illinois shows, this year, the feeling we’re getting is quite significantly different. The finish of Vol 62 – which saw Mercedes Martinez use her NCW Femmes Fatales Title belt as a weapon to clobber LuFisto in her SHIMMER Title match with Cheerleader Melissa – seems to lead directly into this coming weekend. Rather than the iPPV being the finale to a story (as it was last year when Cheerleader Melissa beat Saraya Knight in a Steel Cage), this year, the iPPV has set the stage for what could well be a very heated and personal grudge to continue into the Berwyn weekend – and with four further chapters to play with, it opens up a number of interesting options for promoter/booker Dave Prazak. The very clear indication seems to be a possible match brewing between LuFisto & Kana and Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez – a match which was originally scheduled to main event Vol 61 back in April before SHIMMER Champion Melissa was split open and taken to the hospital after the main event of Vol 60 (vs LuFisto). We could go a couple of ways with that one, depending on where the booking goes – because Kana’s never had a SHIMMER Championship shot, while surely the big interest is in a third championship bout between Melissa and LuFisto. Will one or the other (or both) happen across the weekend? We’ll see.

As noted, Kana will be back in action in Berwyn after missing the iPPV last weekend – but she’s not the only joshi talent making their returns to SHIMMER, as the uber-talented high-flying combo of Ray and Leon return for the first time in three years. There are a number of really interesting options for them in the tag team ranks, but in particular, should they cross swords with the current SHIMMER Tag Team Champions, the Global Green Gangsters, we could have a classic on our hands. Speaking of tag teams, what about the future of the Canadian NINJAs, following Nicole Matthews’ flirtation with a new tag team partner (Madison Eagles) last weekend at Vol 62? OK, so the Eagles/Matthews “frenemies” team didn’t really work out, but it seems that Portia Perez had her nose put out of joint by Matthews’ decision making. On twitter, Perez berated Matthews with a few pointed tweets. “I can’t believe you teamed with someone else.” “And don’t tell me it was only one time. What if you had won the titles?!”. Perez went on to point out that “She’s not even Canadian.” and that “She’s not even a ninja!” “Just tell me one thing…did you do The Funky Cold Medina with her?” It seems to make Matthews a piggy-in-the-middle here, as she goes into the weekend possibly with heat from two sides.

SHIMMER 62 Thunderkitty vs Nikki StormScotland went 2-0 at Vol 62, with Nikki Storm and the debuting Kay Lee Ray picking up wins over Thunderkitty and Vanessa Kraven respectively. The very vocal Storm has been keen to point out that she has aims to go to the top of the promotion, and having seen Kay Lee Ray fly around venues in the UK for some time, I’m fantastically keen to see how well the Berwyn fans take to the red-headed daredevil, who arguably offers something different to absolutely everybody else on the roster with her aerial abilities.

The roster for Berwyn has, for the most part, not been officially confirmed – though it will bear a large resemblance to the roster that took part in New Orleans. There will be a few changes though. Although both Candice LeRae and Ivelisse Velez made a lot of fans in their SHIMMER debuts last weekend, we understand that neither will be part of the Berwyn tapings as neither were able to commit to this coming weekend at short notice – but we further understand that both will be welcome back to SHIMMER as soon as their schedules allow for future volumes. Coming in will include the likes of Saraya Knight and Jessicka Havok – both absent last weekend, but both implicitly confirmed for SHIMMER, as both will be part of the AAW “Point of No Return” event which kicks off the AAW/SHIMMER weekend this Friday along with Nevaeh, Heidi Lovelace and Athena. We also understand there is one more joshi talent yet to be announced.

Speaking of Athena, she’ll be making her return to Berwyn after missing October through injury. She, like fellow October absentee Courtney Rush, were described by Prazak on a podcast appearance with WrestleView last week as “the two most important babyfaces” missing from the October tapings. You can read into that whatever you want, but pretty safe to say that Prazak will be happy to be working with a packed roster of talent this weekend.

With the addition of a reserved second row of seating at a price point between ringside and General Admission, which has seemingly been a success and encouraged fans who may have paid GA and queued up early to snag a second row seat to pay early to reserve their spot, the advance for the weekend (both from an attendance and a dollar value) is ahead of the last set of tapings, so things look to be shaping up very nicely for this weekend. There’s going to be an appreciative crowd there, and while we may have nothing “officially” announced match-wise until the day of the show, there’s plenty of directions these tapings can go. If you can’t be in Berwyn this weekend, we’ll see you back here at Ringbelles for as-near-to-live results as we can possibly manage, followed by detailed thoughts from the show as and when either (a) partying or (b) sleep allow.


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Among the visitors at WWE Axxess on Friday was former WCW valet Gorgeous George who visited Lanny Poffo, who’s the brother of her former boyfriend, the late Randy Savage… Brie Bella says she wasn’t allowed to join her husband-to-be Daniel Bryan in the ring after he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the end of WrestleMania XXX. That seems a shame, considering they tie the knot on Friday… Sasha Banks, Charlotte & Alexa Bliss served as the women who were part of Triple H’s entrance at WrestleMania… We neglected to mention it last week, but it appears that AJ Lee and CM Punk are engaged. WWE’s intent to erase Punk from their history has nothing to do with AJ losing the title last night either… Fandango dumped Summer Rae via Twitter earlier this evening following their loss to Santino Marella and Emma on last night’s Raw.

Angelina Love Velvet Sky TNATNA
The Beautiful People have had their first match since reforming their duo. They defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany on last week’s Impact Wrestling… Christy Hemme – who has been overseeing the Knockouts as of late – has been added to TNA’s creative team. That’s a hell of a promotion, so congratulations to her.

North America
Teams are starting to be announced for Women Superstars Uncensored’s Queen and King of the Ring tournament on May 10. Nevaeh and her husband Jake Crist join Shanna and Chris Dickinson, who qualified after winning their match at Mutiny in February… New Canadian promotion Beauty Slammers will crown its first champion on May 1 – and the event from Sydney, NS will be broadcast on iPPV… Former WCW & WWF valet Debra Marshall received the Mary Avis Todd Award for Outstanding Work in Community Services from the University of Alabama last week… LuFisto was asked to be part of the upcoming IWA Mid-South Queen of the Deathmatches tournament but declined, citing that those sort of matches are in her past. However, she will be at the show wrestling in a non-tournament match… Lei’D Tapa won her third Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Championship on Sunday, defeating Jessie Belle… Jeff and Karen Jarrett announced their latest venture over the weekend. Called Global Force Wrestling, it hasn’t revealed any roster members – though its website does have a female silhouette, so that’s a promising sign.

Hikaru Shida will return to the UK in October for 4 Front Wrestling’s three show weekend. The last time she was in the country was for Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon in October 2011 where she wrestled Alpha Female, Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm… Kana has announced that she will face Kana Rabbit MiuJWP’s Rabbit Miu on Pro Wrestling NOAH’s April 16 show – which is a big thing as NOAH is males-only… Sendai Sachiko need to take a few months off after having surgery on her ACL. She and DASH Chisako are currently the JWP Tag Team Champions, so that’s a big blow… Yumi Ohka defends the Regina di WAVE Championship against Hikaru Shida on April 20… Manami Toyota won the Diana Queen Championship on Sunday, defeating Mask de Sun in her first defence.

Viper, Bete Noire & Sammii Jayne defeated Courtney Stewart, Debbie Sharpe & Fiona Fraser in an elimination match at the Scottish Wrestling Alliance show on Saturday… Four of the aforementioned women will be part of Sunday’s ICW Fierce Females mini-show, which will feature a tournament which will see Viper against Debbie Sharpe, and Sammi Jayne facing Bete Noire. – the winners will face off later that night.

Australia & New Zealand
Demi Bennett became the number one contender to the Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship on Saturday when she beat Harley Wonderland.



April 1: WWE Main Event (Washington DC) – Tamina Snuka b Nikki Bella

April 1: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Dark Angel, Estrellita & Silueta b La Comandante, Tiffany & Zeuxis via DQ

April 2: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Kurumi & Yuuka b Kyuri & Meari Naito; Risa Sera b Shiori Akiba; Keizo Matsuda b Miyako Matsumoto; Mio Shirai & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Neko Nitta & Tsukushi

April 2: Rockstar Pro Wrestling (Dayton, OH) – Kimber Lee b Samantha Heights

April 2: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Emma b Sasha Banks

April 3: TNA Impact Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Angelina Love & Velvet Sky b Madison Rayne & Brittany

April 3: TNA (Augusta, GA) – Madison Rayne b Gail Kim

April 3: ZERO 1 USA (Champaign, IL) – Angelus Layne b Kay Lee Ray

Kellyanne English Krackerjill Cory LockwoodApril 4: Wrestleclash (Melbourne, Australia) – Cletus & Krackerjill b Kellyanne English & Adam Brooks

April 4: Lincoln Fight Factory (Lincoln, England) – Annie May b Ellie Rollins

April 4: Santino Bros Wrestling (Bell Gardens, CA) – Pinky & Shelly Martinez b Joey Kaos & Sage Sinn

April 4: Mid-South Legends Fanfest (Chalmette, LA) – Angelina Love b Miss Diss Lexia

April 4: A Wrestling Odyssey (New Orleans, LA) – Harlem Bravado & Lancelot Bravado b Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan; Leva Bates & Mia Yim b Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh; Ivelisse Velez b Jazz

April 4: Vendetta Pro Wrestling (Santa Maria, CA) – Clay Tawzer & Kiara Dillon b Egregious Jackson & Kikyo Nakamura

April 4: Lucha Libre Femenil (Monterrey, Mexico) – Nahomi b Amazona; Lady Maravilla b Lady Flamer; Tsunami b Big Mama; Estrella Explosiva won a Rumble match

April 4: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dalys, Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugheit b Goya Kong, Lluvia & Silueta

April 5: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Mio Shirai & Tsukasa Fujimoto b 235 & Kyuri; Kurumi b Shiori Akiba; Tsukasa Fujimoto b Mochi Miyagi; Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera b Miyako Matsumoto & Shuu Shibutani

April 5: Kaientai Dojo (Tokyo, Japan) – Bambi b Kaji Tomato & Menso-re Oyaji in a 3-way

April 5: Riot City Wrestling (Adelaide, Australia) – Demi Bennett b Harley Wonderland; Savannah Summers, Ashton Ballentine & Dean Brady b Kellyanne English & Nick and Jett Armstrong

April 5: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Motherwell, Scotland) – Viper, Bete Noire & Sammii Jayne b Courtney Stewart, Debbie Sharpe & Fiona Fraser

April 5: Pro Wrestling LION (Herne, Germany) – Blue Nikita b Layla Rose

April 5: Pure Pro Wrestling (Yanceyville, NC) – Jennifer Blaze b Kacee Carlisle & The Great Sisaki to win the PPW Women’s Championship

April 5: 3XWrestling (Des Moines, IA) – Heather Patera b Randi West

April 5: SHIMMER Women Athletes (New Orleans, LA) – Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh b Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling; Leva Bates b Veda Scott; Kay Lee Ray b Vanessa Kraven; Ivelisse Velez b Kimber Lee; Athena b Candice LeRae; Mercedes Martinez b Courtney Rush; Nikki Storm b Thunderkitty; Hikaru Shida b Evie; Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa b Nicole Matthews & Madison Eagles; Cheerleader Melissa b LuFisto

April 5: Combat Zone Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (New Orleans, LA) – Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan b Jake Manning & Sojournor Bolt; Kimber Lee b Kellie Skater

April 5: Dragon Gate USA (New Orleans, LA) – Ivelisse Velez b Mercedes Martinez

April 5: Expo Lucha Libre (Mexico City, Mexico) – Lady Apache, Lola Gonzalez & Vicky Carranza b Miss Janeth, Rossy Moreno & Tania

April 6: World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana (Kawasaki, Japan) – Lylah Lodge b Yako Fujigasaki; Sareee & Kaho Kobayashi b Kagetsu & Cindy Sanders; Jaguar Yokota & Crazy Mary Dobson b Kaoru Ito & Jessica James; Kyoko Inoue, Tomoko Watanabe & Raideen Hagane b Yumiko Hotta, Keiko Aono & Arisa Nakajima; Manami Toyota b Mask de Sun to win the Diana Queen Championship

April 6: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Yua Hayashi v Kayoko Haruyama went to a time limit draw; Raideen Hagane b Yako Fujigasaki; Sachie Abe & Hanayashiki Hanako b Rabbit Miu & Kyuri; Leon b KAZUKI; Arisa Nakajima, Command Bolshoi & Kana b Kayoko Haruyama, Manami Katsu & Sareee

April 6: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Maya v Io Shirai went to a time limit draw; Act Yasukawa b Koguma, Yoshiko & Alpha Female in a handicap match; Io Shirai & Takumi Iroha b Kaori Yoneyama & Hatsuhinode Kamen; Nanae Takahashi & Kairi Hojo b Hiroyo Matsumoto & Miho Wakizawa; Natsuki☆Taiyo b Mayu Iwatani

Natalya Aksana Naomi WWEApril 6: Wrestling New Classic (Kawasaki, Japan) – Lin Bairon b Koharu Hinata; Maki Narumiya & Makoto b Kaho Kobayashi & Syuri

April 6: HXC Wrestling (Manchester, England) – Leah Owens & Lana Austin b Violet Vendetta & Viper

April 6: WWE WrestleMania XXX (New Orleans, LA) – AJ Lee b Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie, Summer Rae, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Aksana, Layla, Emma, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina Snuka

April 6: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Lei’D Tapa b Jessie Belle to win the OVW Women’s Championship

April 7: WWE Raw (New Orleans, LA) – Emma & Santino Marella b Summer Rae & Fandango; Paige b AJ Lee to win the WWE Divas Championship


April 11: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Heidi Lovelace & Athena v Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh

April 12: Fight Club Finland (Helsinki, Finland) – Aurora Flame v Sara Elektra

April 12: Melbourne City Wrestling (Tullamarine, Australia) – Izzy Shaw v Vixsin

April 12: Pure Wrestling Association (Clinton, ON, Canada) – Leah Von Dutch v Beautiful Beaa

April 12-13: SHIMMER Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

April 13: Tidal Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Nixon v Lexi Reckless

April 13: ICW Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland) – Viper v Debbie Sharpe; Sammi Jayne v Bete Noire

April 13: IWA Mid-South (Clarksville, IN) – Mickie Knuckles v Randi West; Jordynne Grace v Solo Darling

April 13: Warrington Wrestling (Warrington, England) – Lana Austin v Violet O’Hara

April 16: Pro Wrestling NOAH (Tokyo, Japan) – Kana v Rabbit Miu

Shax Violet Vendetta AggressiveArtApril 18: House Of Pain: Evolution (Nottingham, England) – Violet Vendetta v Shax

April 18: SHINE 18 (Ybor City, FL)

April 19: Solent Wrestling Federation (Southampton, England) – Erin Angel v Laura Cruz

April 19: NCW Femmes Fatales XIV (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Cheerleader Melissa v Courtney Rush; Angie Skye v Cat Power; Sassy Stephie, Jody D’Milo & Anna Minousha v Mary Lee Rose, Pink Flash Kira & Vanessa Kraven; LuFisto v Nikki Storm; Portia Perez v Kaitlin Diemond; Mercedes Martinez v Leah Von Dutch v Midianne v Missy; Deziree v Mistress Belmont; Saraya Knight v Sweet Cherrie; Bettie Rage v Diana Hall

April 20: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Sapporo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata & Mio Shirai v Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka; Sumire Natsu v Tsukasa Fujimoto; Yumi Ohka v Hikaru Shida

April 20: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Su Yung v Solo Darling; Dylan Dunbar v Delilah Doom

April 24: Hardcore Roadtrip (London, ON, Canada) – LuFisto & Jewells Malone v Leah Von Dutch & Jazz; Warhed & Jewells Malone v Lufisto & Necro Butcher

April 25: RESISTANCE Pro (Willowbrook, IL) – D’Arcy Dixon v Mickie Knuckles; Lucy Mendez & Amanda Rodriguez v Samantha Heights & Angel Dust

April 25: Strong Style Wrestling (Elkhart, IN) – Melanie Cruise v Thunderkitty

April 25: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Athena v Nikki Storm

April 26: United Pro Wrestling (Beenleigh, Australia) – Sara Jay v Savannah Summers v Storm

April 26: Coventry Pro Wrestling (Coventry, England) – Nadia Sapphire v Fearn Wai

April 26: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Nottingham, England) – El Ligero v Kay Lee Ray

Sassy Stephie Cheerleader Melissa Athena Remix ProApril 26: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Sassy Stephie v Athena v Cheerleader Melissa

May 3: Tidal Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Violet O’Hara v Shax

May 4: Insane Championship Wrestling (London, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob v Erin Angel

May 4: House of Pain: Evolution (Derby, England) – Nixon v Violet Vendetta

May 10: LCW Roses (Leicester, England) – Rhia O’Reilly v Addy Starr; Viper v Kay Lee Ray; Nixon v Nikki Storm

May 10: Women Superstars Uncensored Queen and King of the Ring (Voorhees, NJ) – Jessicka Havok v LuFisto

May 11: Alpha-1 Wrestling (Hamilton, ON, Canada) – Michael Elgin v Seleziya Sparx

May 11: Wrestling Eclipse (Oshawa, ON, Canada) – Jewells Malone v Courtney Rush

May 23: New Horizons Pro Wrestling “Global Conflict” (Perth, Australia) – Demi Bennett v Mercedes Martinez; Nikita Naridian v Saraya Knight; Evie v Kellie Skater; Madison Eagles v TBA

May 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Kacee Carlisle v Mickie Knuckles

June 9: Bellatrix 9 (Norwich, England) – Blue Nikita v Sammi Baynz

July 6: British Empire Wrestling (London, England) – Dragonita v Dean Michael; Toni Storm v Kasey Owens

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE (1-4, 12), TNA (9), Kana (10), Cory Lockwood Photography (11), Aggressive Art (13)
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch, joshifans.com, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

© Ringbelles


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