Bunch of Fives – Drafting GFW’s Women’s Division (Part Two – The Rest of the World)

GFW LogoYesterday, we posted the first of a two-part edition of the Bunch of Fives where we looked at women who we believe would be both suitable and valuable additions to roster of the upcoming Global Force Wrestling promotion – wrestlers who have great promise but have never been exposed on either WWE or TNA TV. Part one featured a quintet of grapplers who are based in the United States, but considering GFW is “searching the United States and international ranks in search of undiscovered talent” as the press release asserts, we thought it would be prudent to take a look at five women from outside the US who could make a big impression.

As with yesterday’s piece, these are merely speculative and are no allusion to the search which Jeff Jarrett and wife Karen are currently undertaking, but one who we feel would be prudent selections. You may agree or disagree – and as always, we encourage you to sound off with your opinions in the comments section.

Leah Von DutchLeah Von Dutch

Canada’s Von Dutch seems destined for being part of a major promotion. Awarded free training at Squared Circle Wrestling in Toronto, ON when she won an essay contest after being selected by WWE Hall of Famer Edge, she has had a rocket strapped to her back and has accomplished much in her two and a half year career. With a strong sense of how to make herself marketable, she is skilled in reducing video promos hyping her upcoming contests – such as her Jurassic Park-esque ones for Nikki Roxx and Angelina Love in SHINE – and advertising her huge amount of merchandise, exemplifying how she has skill in the business side of the industry. From an in-ring standpoint, she has been willing to go wherever is necessary to accrue more knowledge in order to make herself as valuable as possible, working in a slew of different promotions and making two trips to Europe and one to Japan to expand her skills. Depending on the opportunities which she could receive, she could be willing to dedicate herself to GFW in order to learn more about working for TV and to get a run going.

Jennifer Blake“Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake

Another Canadian, but one who has enjoyed her biggest success outside of her home country. Originally making her mark in her home country and then making a mild impression in SHIMMER, she has been living in Mexico for the last five years, competing for AAA and has also enjoyed an 18 month reign as one half of the World Mixed Tag Team Champion with Alan Stone – and the crucial point is the company for whom she wrestles. Jeff Jarrett has had dealings with AAA, and has wrestled most of his matches there since his dealings with TNA went sour. Considering the friendliness between he and AAA, it may be that a bit of a talent exchange could be a possibility and Blake could be a prime candidate as she has experience of wrestling the lucha libre style is but is an English-speaker, which could make her marketable in the same way Dark Angel should have been for TNA when she wrestled as Sarita. She could also be a way to promote GFW inside Mexico with a familiar face – from a business standpoint, Jennifer Blake would be a strong addition to the roster.

Shanna Blake Thomas“Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna

Like with Ivelisse Velez yesterday, this one is bending the rules a bit as Shanna has been on TNA’s Xplosion show, but it wasn’t with any real focus on her as a bona fide Knockout, so she works for this Bunch of Fives. Having made in-roads into the US with work in Women Superstars Uncensored and SHINE, she has expanded her portfolio and introduced herself to new markets to go along with her track record in Europe. Working a couple of dates on TNA’s most recent European tour has given her the opportunity to work with the likes of Gail Kim and has increased her desire to get a contract with a big promotion. Shanna is a very driven woman, and if TNA doesn’t come calling, perhaps GFW should capitalise on her fiery determination to make it – and she would dedicate everything she had to making it happen. In addition, her ability to speak multiple languages will be a big bonus, as will her knowledge of the European scene. She has many strings to her bow, and she is hugely enthusiastic to show it off.

Amazon Ayesha Ray LCW RosesAmazon Ayesha Ray

A couple of extended stints in Japan has really helped to light a fire under the 6 foot tall Briton. Her return to the UK has seen her increase her (already very high) aggression to the point where you can hear her snarling as she competes. The intensity she now possesses has added to her credibility between the ropes. She has always been physically imposing, but she has picked up the ability to be mentally tormenting as well. Much like with Melanie Cruise, she can play the monstrous character but is also not too tall that she is immobile or difficult to work with. Her time competing for Stardom has also helped with her in-ring work as it has altered her repertoire of moves, evidenced by the match she and Nikki Storm had at LCW Roses show last month which was more of a wild scrap than a series of spots. With that added versatility, Ayesha Ray has ascended to another level, and GFW could be the next promotion to capitalise on that.

Kana Gilda PasquilKana

Come on, this list wouldn’t be complete without Kana – arguably the best wrestler out there at the moment. Inside the ring she is aggressive, hard-hitting and has an insane amount of ability, while outside she is the ultimate self-promoter, and that is not a criticism either. With promos, blogs, videos and photoshoots, she certainly knows how to make herself as marketable as possible. She also knows to change things up to keep herself fresh – a good example of which would be her decision to start wearing facepaint to add to her mystique and provide even greater photo opportunities. Wherever she goes, there is a buzz, and that could be presented under GFW’s banner under the correct circumstances – and they would have to be right for Kana, as she is all business. Some may comment that hr lack of English could work against her like it did with Ayako Hamada in TNA, but Hamada’s start there was perfectly fine until they didn’t have any more plans for her. Given the correct writing, Kana wouldn’t need to do any promos and the story could be told in other ways. Alternatively, give her a manager to be the mouthpiece – in short, GFW would be netting themselves a goldmine if they could secure Kana’s services.

So that’s our list, but what do you think? Did we nail it, or do you disagree and feel someone else should be considered? Let us know in the comments as we welcome your input – as we said, this isn’t definitive and many women could be considered. Let us know your thoughts.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by Leah Von Dutch, Blake Thomas (Shanna), LCW Roses (Ayesha Ray), Gilda Pasquil (Kana)


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