Knockouts Title match announced for Sacrifice

Angelina Love Madison RayneAfter winning a 4-way match on last week’s Impact Wrestling, it has been announced that Angelina Love will challenge Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Championship on the Sacrifice PPV on April 27.

The pair have been on a collision course since Love’s return to the promotion on the March 13 episode of Impact following a year and a half on the indies. She started with trying to reform the Beautiful People with an originally-retiscent Velvet Sky, though she agreed to it the following week. Rayne was invited into the fold to complete the Mi Pi Sexy triumvirate, but it was done in a condescending way, which caused Madison to decline the offer – something which Love didn’t take very well as she attacked the Knockouts Champion later in the episode.

What followed was a couple of heel wins in the subsequent episodes with Angelina beating Madison in singles action and the Beautiful People defeating the titleholder and newcomer Brittany, before Love became the number one contender to the title by beating Gail Kim, Brittany and ODB on last week’s show.

When it comes to Knockouts Championship matches, the pair have traded the belts between them. Rayne’s first run with the championship came at the expense of Love as part of a convoluted cage match at Lockdown in April 2010 where Knockouts Tag Team Champions Sky and Rayne faced singles champion Love and Tara in a contest where all belts were on the line. The pair faced off in a Title v Career match at Victory Road in July with Love seemingly winning the title by DQ after it was ruled that Rayne would lose the title if either Sky or Lacey Von Erich interfered on her behalf – though it couldn’t be proved that the woman in the helmet (who later turned out to be Tara) was Velvet or Lacey, so the belt was returned to Madison, though Angelina’s title win still counts. She then won the belt again the following month to halt Rayne’s initial death grip on the championship.

So will Rayne be able to turn back the challenge of a rejuvenated Angelina, or will Love start a record-setting sixth Knockouts Championship reign? We will find out on April 27.

– Lee Burton


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