SHINE 18 live results – Ivelisse defends against Saraya; Martinez/Deeb steal the show; Havok hit by a car

Saraya playing at SHINE 18It’s a final one-two punch for the Spring version of Female Fight Season over the next two evenings as SHINE Wrestling presents SHINE 18 live on iPPV tonight, and up in Montreal, NCW:Femmes Fatales presents Femmes Fatales XIV tomorrow. With SHINE being live (and available on VOD shortly after), we certainly encourage you to go to and get your order in for a pretty stacked card, but if you’re not able to watch live, we’ll have live updates in this post.

Given that it’s a week after SHIMMER Vols 63-66, and a lot of the import talent for those shows are still in the US, there’s a different feel to this show, with long term SHINE feuds like Allysin Kay vs Jessicka Havok (who will be colliding in a possibly show-stealing Ybor City Street Fight) sit alongside matches that, while they don’t have the buildup, may be once-in-a-lifetime style matches – such as the main event, where Ivelisse defends her SHINE Championship against former SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight, or the intriguing matchup between Amazing Kong and the “Galaxy Famous” Nikki Storm. There’s also a SHINE Tag Title defence on the card, though the exact opponents for the Lucha Sisters has yet to be announced, following Madison Eagles‘ injury last weekend. As of this moment, SHINE’s website lists the challengers simply as Evie & TBD. Join us after the cut for results as they come in.

1. Four Way Freestyle: Kellie Skater pinned Justine Silver following the International Incident. Kay Lee Ray & Kimberly were also involved in the match.
2. Tracy Taylor pinned Amber O’Neal with the Sole Food.
3. Shanna pinned La Rosa Negra with a bridging Dragon Suplex.
4. Su Yung made Rhia O’Reilly tap out to Yellow Fever. Saraya Knight got involved, whispered words in Su’s ear, possibly encouraging her to victory. Post match, Saraya, Rhia and Su all left together.
5. SHINE Tag Team Championships: Lucha Sisters (Mia Yim & Leva Bates) (c) beat Evie & Kellie Skater to retain the titles. Yim pinned Evie following a Package Piledriver.
6. Amazing Kong pinned Nikki Storm with the Implant Buster.
7. Serena Deeb pinned Mercedes Martinez with a Spear.
8. Ybor City Streetfight: Jessicka Havok vs Allysin Kay ended presumably with a no-contest when Jessicka Havok was knocked down by a Red Camero vehicle as Kay and Havok were brawling. Kay got in the car and it drove off. The driver was not identified.
9. SHINE Championship: Ivelisse Velez (c) pinned Saraya Knight with the Vertigo Kick to retain her title. Post match, Valkyrie ran in – Serena Deeb, April Hunter, Allysin Kay, along with Su Yung. They proceeded to beat down Ivelisse. Deeb challenged Ivelisse for the championship and declared the women in the ring as “The New Valkyrie”.


Good show all things considered. The SHINEs that happen just after SHIMMER weekends (with the extra import talent, as noted above) have their positives and negatives as far as being able to promote a stacked card, but sometimes end up with a lack of internal storyline progression. I’m very happy to say that by the end of the night, the focus was certainly on the long term SHINE storylines involving Ivelisse and Valkyrie – with Ivelisse vs Serena looking like the next title defence, and with Valkyrie strengthened with the addition of the newly heeled up Su Yung.

• As usual with these iPPVs, I find I have no problems with the stream (other than one freeze for less than a minute) and the video quality was excellent throughout. I did see some issues Multi Submission at SHINE 18online, but I’m betting that’s down to individual computers rather than any streaming issues from the top. Also as usual with indy wrestling in general, we started late. Just ten minutes this time. SHINE had a new hostess, Heather Lee, and the commentary team was Lenny Leonard and Amber Gertner.

• The four way freestyle match felt kinda weird in that SHINE debutante Justine Silver worked the vast majority of it, while Kellie Skater really didn’t work much at all. In fact, when Skater pinned Silver to win, I knew there must be something up – and so there was, as Skater called out Lexie Fyfe and offered to be Evie’s tag partner (replacing Madison Eagles). Makes sense. Kay Lee Ray looked good, but given that it was a first match, we didn’t get anything crazy from her like a balcony dive – and I enjoyed seeing Kimberly again, who has been rather pushed to the background of late in SHINE. Fine for a first match. Nothing to really see here.

• Tracy Taylor and Amber O’Neal had the sort of technical, competitive match you’d totally expect two longtime vets to have. Didn’t overstay its welcome either.

• Shanna (who seemed particularly keen to show off her booty this evening) vs La Rosa Negra ended up being really rather fun, especially when they ramped up to a really smooth and really believable series of near falls, including La Rosa getting to the ropes to stop the three count after Shanna hit the Perfection Injection. Shanna eventually opted for a bridging Dragon Suplex for the win. Exceeded my expectations. Very tidy match.

Koji Clutch at SHINE 18• Rhia O’Reilly vs Su Yung next. I actually forgot these two had fought once before in SHINE, having previously tangled all the way back on SHINE 4. A far better match than their earlier encounter, and with a far different dynamic once Saraya Knight turned up on the scene… Knight is a known associate of O’Reilly, but she glared and whispered words to a shocked looking Su Yung which woke up a streak of aggression in her, leading to a couple of consecutive submission attempts, the second of which caused Rhia to tap. Yung, apparently in the thrall of mother Knight, left with both her and Rhia, much to the confusion of Tracy Taylor.

• Lucha Sisters vs Evie & Kellie Skater was good. Seemed possibly a little short, and there were a couple of miscommunication issues between Evie & Skater (within the context of the match, I mean) which Storm Splat at SHINE 18meant they never quite ever seemed to get on the same page. Lucha Sisters did their thing – including, believe it or not, Leva out kicking Evie, and setting her up for Yim’s Package Piledriver.

• If you didn’t see the show, but you know the contrasting sizes, styles and personalities of Amazing Kong and Nikki Storm, close your eyes and imagine how you’d see this match playing out. That’s EXACTLY what happened here. Rather entertaining stuff, and the Implant Buster killed Storm. Ironic that later in the show we had a wrestler *actually* get hit by a car, because Storm’s face afterwards was priceless as she surely was trying to remember the licence plate of that semi.

• Serena Deeb vs Mercedes Martinez? Now this, dear readers, was a match. Typical old school babyface vs heel matchup workedRight Hand Coming at SHINE 18 by two vets who know exactly what do to to turn the screw as the match goes on. Seemed a little strange still to be seeing Serena as the evil heel, not to mention Mercedes Martinez as the babyface – but they both settled in very well, with Serena developing a killer set of evil looks, sometimes with tongue poking out, but always with a look of disdain. April Hunter interfered liberally as the match drew on – literally getting in the ring at one point, or pulling the referee out. Deeb appeared beaten more than once, but she eventually hit a spear on Martinez and got the win even though Martinez’ foot was on the bottom rope (well, until “Big Red” pushed it off). An engrossing – and fantastic match.

• Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay took the concept of a Street Fight literally, fighting around the ring, on the stage, and yes, to the Literal Street Fight at SHINE 18street outside. Amazing visual of Havok assaulting Kay on the sidewalk whilst cars drove past. Havok even threw the ever-classy Kay into a dumpster. They looked like they were heading back inside for a while, but went back to the street and to the parking lot, where out of nowhere, Havok got knocked over by a car driven by an unknown party. Kay got into the passenger seat and it drove off. How very Memphis. I enjoyed the hell out of this. This was the definition of a spectacle – just impossible to tear your eyes from the screen. We’ve called it a “no contest” in our results, but nothing official was ever announced. This is definitely worth seeing.

• The main event between Ivelisse and Saraya was going to have its hands full following the last match for sheer visceral impact, and honestly, while I thought it was fine, it wasn’t a match that I felt really worked particularly well as a match. Saraya did her rough tactics early, Ivelisse came back with some kick-based offence and hit the Vertigo Kick for the win. It was a bit flat, but if anything the match was a mere set-up for the run-in that followed, as Serena Deeb, April Hunter, Allysin Kay and Su Yung (wearing new gear and with some different eye makeup) stormed the ring and beat down Ivelisse. Serena wants the belt – and that’s a match I’d love to see. Serena determined that this was a “New Valkyrie” – a stable that clearly includes the newly heel Su Yung, but I don’t believe includes Saraya, who stayed outside the ring, looking on. Perhaps she’s an associate, as there still appears to be some thrall between her and Su, even at the end.

Fear The Spear at SHINE 18So yeah, as I said at the start, good show – the couple of matches that are really worth going out of your way to see are Martinez vs Deeb and Kay vs Havok. Everything else is at a varying level of “good”, I suppose. Unless I missed it, I didn’t hear a return date for SHINE 19 yet, but it would certainly appear that we’ll have Ivelisse vs Serena for the title, and the next instalment of Havok vs Kay. There are some interesting questions to answer regarding this New Valkyrie too. Is Taylor Made still part of it? Who was driving the red Camero? Was it Su Yung, perhaps? Or is there *another* member of Valkyrie still to be outed? The latter option is probably the most interesting, and (if Taylor’s not in the group) it would up the in-ring Valkyrie stable members to four again. We’ll see next time, I guess. The VOD replay is, we believe, already up for your perusal.

— Stew Allen


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