The Soap Box: Total turn-off

SoapboxWelcome to a new interactive feature for Ringbelles – a chance to sound off on any topic to do with women’s wrestling… and this is something you can be a part of.

The Soap Box is a forum to have your say on promotions, wrestlers, matches, storylines, countries, titles, shows – essentially, anything that you want to speak out about. We want to offer a place for your thoughts, and open up the discussion to anyone who wants to comment about it. You can let us know your opinions on the posts in the comments section, or you may want to offer a different slant with a Soap Box post of your own.

You can find out how to join in below, but to kick us off here is former wrestler Becky James to talk about her feelings on the substance of Total Divas – or the lack of it. The views posted in The Soap Box do not necessarily represent or are shared by Ringbelles…

Natalya Total DivasI have always been an absolute reality TV fiend. I must’ve watched every single reality show under the Sun from Wife Swap to Made In Chelsea. It is a sick, twisted vice of mine that never seems to be satisfied. You can therefore, imagine my delight at the idea of Total Divas.

Combining televised nonsense with one of my favourite things in the world that is wrestling?! Slap that sandwich of awesome together and let me dine on that bitch like I am Honey Boo Boo. I imagined it to have so many possibilities. They could have followed the NXT women through the hard and glorious times and within that, capture the rise of Paige for instance in a much more intimate and engaging fashion to build her up in a way never before experienced, other than the somewhat attempts made through their previous reality show Tough Enough.

However, what we have gotten is the Bella Twins crying because one twin has more body fat content (and to me looks better for it quite frankly) than the other and the staggering demise of any self-respect Natalya had through documenting her piss herself, burn her ass crack with pain relief gel and call Stephanie McMahon whilst smashed off her tits in the most arrogant fashion possible. Now let me be clear; I did not expect miracles. Of course the show has to have these kinds of elements. The foundation of almost any reality show is the demise of womens emotional stabilities so that other women can smirk at their superiority of not being that woman. What I did not expect was WWE deciding to take a veteran, make her get bitch slapped by some newbie in Summer Rae and then proceed to have said veteran whinge about a nose injury in the most pitiful manner possible when any indie female wrestler I have ever known would’ve shrugged it off unless a limb was practically hanging off. I have always respected Natalya greatly and cannot help but think that her participation in this nonsense has done more harm than good.

Natalya Summer Rae Total DivasCould there have not been a balance? After all, I doubt it is actually hitting any demographics. Men could never sit through it, hot women involved or no. Women who like this low level of brain activity would usually not watch wrestling in the first place and probably do not know it exists. Smarks will resent it and marks might follow it but then their mums will come in and demand they get a job rather than watch such drivel whilst swiftly switching off the laptop in their basement bedroom. All I can imagine is that it appeals to 13 year old girls and that makes shivers go down my spine at what that means for the future.

All I wanted was ONE storyline that could have inspired the next generation a little mixed in with all the ‘like oh my Goddddd’s. Perhaps they could have followed more of what they did for charities, or the genuine stresses of life within the industry as a female. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps coming from the perspective of having actually been involved in womens wrestling for so long has made me want more than the average drivel I usually sit in my pyjamas and watch. I just saw so much potential beyond the normal, but once again, the ball is dropped. Someone pass the remote?

So, have you been inspired by the concept of The Soap Box, and want to write something on your chosen subject? Go for it!

Of course, there are rules for Soap Box submissions – because without rules, we would have anarchy. So if you’re itching to make a contribution, bear these things in mind:

• Submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words. We’re looking for reasoned, thought out opinions.
• Nothing libellous. We’re trained in law here at Ringbelles, and won’t be posting anything which could provoke legal recourse against ourselves or the writer.
• Submitting a contribution to us does not guarantee that we will post it.
• We reserve the right to edit submissions for grammar/repetition and the like – though we promise to not take posts out of context.

Still keen on standing on our Soap Box? Send us an email – or if you want to react to what was written above, feel free to do so in the comments section below.


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