Kellie Skater has had a fractured foot for three months

Kellie Skater Kristine RoperLiving up to her nickname of Rate Tank, Kellie Skater has been wrestling with a fractured bone in her foot since the end of January.

The injury occurred in a six-woman tag team match for Stardom – five days before her WRESTLE-1 match against Hiroyo Matsumoto, which we posted on the site a couple of months ago. At the time, she told Ringbelles that it felt “messed up”, and that match was the first exertion on it since it started causing her pain, though she probably had no idea how badly damaged it was.

Skater revealed more details to us earlier today – she saw three doctors before yesterday who all said that her pain was unlikely to be bone damage as it would be difficult to walk, let alone wrestle. it was only when her family doctor suggested an x-ray that the fracture was discovered. She was told that her pain tolerance is so high that it can’t be used as an injury marker and she will have to pay attention to other signs in the future. This isn’t even a freak occurrence as she wrestled for a three months last year with a broken big toe.

Since the injury happened, the Rate Tank has wrestled more than a dozen matches for promotions like the aforementioned Stardom and WRESTLE-1 plus in the main event of Joshi 4 Hope V, as well as multiple times over the last three weekends. As well as a SHIMMER Tag Team Title defence at SHIMMER 62 in New Orleans, LA, she also wrestled Kimber Lee in a singles match at a Combat Zone Wrestling show on the same day. The following weekend saw her compete in four matches as part of the SHIMMER DVD tapings in Berwyn, IL (results here and here) where Nikki Storm, Rhia O’Reilly and Saraya Knight all worked on her injured left foot, and even walked the ropes, as shown in the photo above. She then headed to Florida to wrestle two matches for SHINE last Friday – one was a four way victory, before teaming with Evie in a losing effort against SHINE Tag Team Champions Mia Yim and Leva Bates.

There is now a question mark over Skater’s participation in the New Horizons Pro Wrestling Global Conflict tournament taking place in a month’s time. She was set to wrestle Evie in the opening round, but it looks like that match is unlikely to be taking place. Still, this is Kellie Skater, so it’s not an impossibility.

We wish her all the best in her recovery, and shake our heads at how she’s not just double-tough – she’s quadruple-tough.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Kristine Roper


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