In Video: Syuri Defends the CMLL-REINA International Championship Against Amapola In Mexico

cmll11Last Sunday, Syuri‘s CMLL-REINA International Championship was on the line against Amapola in Mexico City, Mexico. The current champion had visited the country in part of REINA Joshi Puroresu‘s relationship with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), as Syuri held the promotion’s joint promoted championship. CMLL booked a Torneo Cibernetico back on April 8th for the number one contendership to the title with Estrellita, Goya Kong, Marcela, Lluvia, Dark Angel, Tiffany, Amapola, Dalys la Caribena and Princesa Sujei all fighting for the title shot. Eliminating Dark Angel for the win, the number one contender gained the pinfall on the champion during a six-woman tag team match on April 15th, involving Dallys la Caribena, Tiffany, Estrellita and former challenger La Silueta.

If that wasn’t enough to foreshadow the outcome, Amapola walked away with the championship. Syuri’s tour of Mexico has concluded and has since returned to Japan one title shot in her current collection of the REINA World Women’s Championship, Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship and the Krush Women’s Championship (MMA). Click the jump to see the contest.

-Photo by Alexis Salazar


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