In Video: Yuhi vs Meiko Satomura

Yuhi vs Meiko Satomura A day ahead of her impending retirement from professional wrestling, Yuhi wrestled Meiko Satomura for ZERO1‘s “Yasukuni Shrine Festival” in Tokyo, Japan. The match capped off Yuhi’s road to retirement as the 18-year old had wrestled Arisa Nakajima, Aja Kong, Act Yasukawa for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship and Kana to a time limit draw at forty-one minutes and twenty-nine seconds in the weeks leading up to her departure. Though this wasn’t the first time she and Meiko Satomura had touched, the competitors met at “Happy New Year” back in January of 2013 with Satomura picking up the win.

Regardless of the outcome, footage of Yuhi’s final matches have surfaced online. We’re nearing a month removed from her final match, take the time to reminisce and click the jump to watch the contest. 

-Photo by Yasuhito Maejima


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