TNA reaching out to indies for second Knockouts Knockdown PPV

Knockouts KnockdownAs with last year, TNA has been filming a number of One Night Only pay-per-views to sell in place of them holding live supercards – with an international show in Japan, a World X Cup and a Joker’s Wild tag team tournament already in the can. TNA President Dixie Carter had already announced intentions of producing a second all-women show after last year’s Knockouts Knockdown show – taped in March, released in September – which featured Serena Deeb’s return to wrestling following a long lay-off due to a big concussion, with developmental talent like Hannah Blossom and Taeler Hendrix being featured alongside the regular Knockouts.

However, to bolster the numbers, TNA reached out to former female members of its roster as well as independent names. Some former Knockouts, like Angelina Love, Nikki “Roxxi” Roxx and Amazing (Awesome) Kong declined, while others like Jacqueline, Sojo Bolt, Trinity and Alissa Flash accepted – and indie names like Santana Garrett (now Brittany), Jillian Hall, Ivelisse Velez and Mia Yim were brought in.

Ringbelles has received word that the second Knockouts Knockdown PPV is being recorded next month – May 10 to be exact – and TNA is reportedly looking to recruit more women to be part of the show. That’s logical, as the number of women on its roster has shrunk since last year, with Tapa, Tara and Mickie James all gone, and question marks over Brooke Tessmacher (who hasn’t been on the show in a long while) and Taryn Terrell (who had a baby less than two months ago).

This quest for more participants on the show could potentially cause issues with another event being run on the same day, where the wheels are already turning.

WSU logoWomen Superstars Uncensored‘s Queen and King of the Ring is being broadcast on iPPV, with a seven of the eight teams for the intergender tag team tournament announced – featuring Shanna, Kimber Lee, Jewells Malone, Candice LeRae (who wrestled on Impact last year), former Knockouts Shelly “Salinas” Martinez & Mickie “Moose” Knuckles, and Mia Yim (who was on the first PPV) – as well as a WSU Championship match between titleholder Jessicka Havok and challenger LuFisto, along with as-yet unannounced matches featuring Nevaeh, Barbi Hayden, Hania and Jenny Rose.

Considering the bulk of names for the event have already been announced, to lose any of them would be a shame. However, the carrot at the end of the stick is always there and has been highlighted in Brittany’s addition to the TNA roster following her participation last year, so it’s understandable why some would be tempted by the promise of international coverage under the TNA banner.

We didn’t get any indication of who would be taking part before the tapings last March – just acknowledgement from those former Knockouts who admitted that they had been contacted and declined the offer – so we will wait and see who’s in and who’s not. It’s just a shame that it potentially interferes with the booking of a show which has had the hype machine going for a couple of months.

– Lee Burton


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