LuFisto, Jazz, Leah Von Dutch & Jewells Malone all swindled

Hardcore Roadtrip Jazz Leah Von Dutch LuFisto Jewells MaloneAccording to reports, the Hardcore Roadtrip series of shows was going well with good matches and receptive crowds – though according to PWInsider, that all changed at the conclusion of last night’s show in London, ON, Canada when booker Steven DeAngelis had to reveal to the crowd that promoter Mark Livingston and his wife had dipped out of the building without paying the wrestlers or without making travel arrangements to get them home, citing sickness, possibly a heart attack.

This meant that numerous wrestlers – including LuFisto, Jazz, Jewells Malone and Leah Von Dutch were all left out of pocket for their contributions. SLAM Wrestling has posted a couple of pieces about the situation – which you can read here and here – while a number of different sources have tried to get in touch with Livingston, though he hasn’t made any public comment, and his Twitter account has been deleted.

The fact that this still happens is an affront to wrestlers who went out and contributed to a high degree and risked injury to entertain the fans. It smears the reputable promoters who make sure they have costs covered before the show starts, and makes fans more wary about spending their money on going out to events.

Some of the wrestlers are trying to recoup their losses, but they are losses they should never have been forced to incur. Considering the negative press this has received, it seems unlikely that Livingston will be running shows in the future – however, like bad pennies, they tend to resurface.

– Lee Burton


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