Sacrifice: Angelina ends Madison's reign

Angelina Love TNAAngelina Love – accompanied by Beautiful People teammate Velvet Sky – challenges Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Championship at the Sacrifice pay-per-view.

The Background
Love returned to TNA around six weeks ago with one agenda in mind – reuniting the Beautiful People. Sky was not sure about reforming at first, but went with it on following week’s Impact Wrestling.
• After that reunion, Angelina made a mildly condescending offer to Rayne to rejoin the fold, but the Knockouts Champion declined the offer – only to receive a backstage beatdown by Love for her decision.
• The pair fought the week after, with Sky confirming her heel turn to solidify her rebounding with Love by attacking Madison, then wrestled their first match back as a tandem on the next Impact by beating Rayne and enthusiastic super fan Brittany.
• Angelina became the number one contender to the title on the April 11 episode by beating Gail Kim, Brittany & ODB, with the title match announced for Sacrifice.
• The Beautiful People gave Madison the old paper bag treatment on last week’s Impact, then defeated Rayne and Kim in a tag team match later on in the show, marking Gail’s babyface turn as part of her drive to save the Knockouts division from the terror of the Beautiful People.

The Match
• The titleholder gained the early advantage with a series of quick armdrags which sent her challenger for a brief respite on the floor, then outsmarted Love when she returned to the ring. However, Angelina took over when she blocked a kick from the apron and sent Rayne face-first into the hardest portion of the ring.
• As Love started working on her opponent, she periodically distracted the referee so Sky could get her licks in, such as when she dropkicked Madison to the floor so Velvet could put the boots to the champion.
• After forcing Angelina’s shoulders to the mat while in a surfboard to break the hold, Rayne fought back with shoulderblocks, enziguri and scissor stomp, before diving from the apron to the floor to take out both members of the Beautiful People.
• Back in the ring, Madison hit the Raynedrop but missed the spear, allowing Love to score with the Botox Injection for a near-fall. Angelina then missed a top rope cross-body, with Rayne hitting the spear.
• At this point, Velvet climbed to the apron and distracted the referee to stop him from counting the fall. Madison shoved him out of the way to get to Sky but received a wash of hairspray to the face, allowing Love to score the title-winning pinball with a tights-assisted roll-up.

Angelina Love Velvet Sky Madison Rayne TNAThoughts
• With that victory, Angelina Love became the first-ever six-time Knockouts Champion, with half of those runs starting at the expense of Madison Rayne.
• As for the match itself, it was fine – fought at a decent pace with Love slowing things down, making things more dramatic for Rayne’s comeback, and the logical finish to push the revival of the Beautiful People. However, the contest was fought in front of a near-silent crowd – and this was symptomatic of the whole show, as nothing brought them out of their slumber. Plus, this match came after the Gunner v James Storm I Quit Match which was a weapons-filled brawl, so as far as crowd response goes, it had no chance.
• Madison’s run with the title was pretty uneventful in the end. It’s a shame, but it’s a problem synonymous with TNA at the moment. Nothing matters, and it seems that everything is in a holding pattern. TNA isn’t must-see TV anymore, and it’s not clear if there’s a plan to change that – plus, with time running out on their TV deal with Spike and no news on if it will be renewed, the company may be in pretty big trouble.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by TNA


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