Raquel Diaz released by WWE (again)

Raquel DiazIn what must be considered somewhat of a disappointing return, PWInsider reports that Raquel Diaz has been released by WWE, seven months after her return to the company.

Since rejoining the fold last September, the self-professed Ultra Diva hasn’t wrestled appeared on TV, and has only made some appearances at NXT house shows in interview segments. It’s a big shame considering the momentum she had in her first run – which came to an end in September 2012 when she asked to be let go for personal reasons. At the time, she was one of the early female stars of the NXT women’s division with her Exfoliating Ugliness Tour gimmick, and had recently ended a 197 day run as Florida Championship Wrestling‘s Women’s Champion.

It also seems as if the 23-year old daughter of Vickie and the late Eddie Guerrero did not know that this release was coming. Her last tweet was from Monday night, where she commented on what she was watching on Raw. Since then, no word.

It’s a pity, as with such an emphasis on producing new Divas, she could have carved a good niche for herself with her charismatic Ultra Diva schtick, and it could have slotted very nicely into the Beautiful Fierce Females stable with the likes of Sasha Banks, Summer Rae and Charlotte. She also appears to have been launching her own in-character videoblog – and judging from the debut episode, it was much more fun to watch than the one from Brandi Rhodes.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Raquel Diaz


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