Leah Von Dutch becomes Vixens' Queen

Leah Von DutchShe promised it, and she delivered – Leah Von Dutch became the first Vicious Outcast Wrestling Vixens’ Queen of the Ring by winning a tournament as part of last night’s Vixens Mayhem card in Jeanette, PA.

She defeated Renee Michelle, Jessie Kaye & Allysin Kay in a 3-way semi final and Devyn Nicole in the finals to earn the tiara sitting atop her head in the photo to the left. Her win also works as a Money in the Bank gimmick as she can cash in her tiara at any time for a shot at the Women’s Title, currently held by Samantha Starr.

The victory sees her bounce back from last weekend’s unpleasantness where she, LuFisto, Jazz and Jewells Malone were screwed out of their fee by a promoter who escaped with the takings.

Intrepid reported Dave Muscarella attended the show and tweeted results – you can see them after the jump.

Opening Round
1. Samantha Starr pinned Chasity Taylor with an X-Factor. Taylor was seemingly knocked loopy and was slow to get up.
2. Devyn Nicole defeated Mary Elizabeth Monroe.
3. Jessie Kaye beat Christina Diamond after interference from Samantha Starr backfired.
4. Leah Von Dutch bested Renee Michelle with a spear.
5. Allysin Kay beat Marti Belle after blinding her with hairspray and rolling her up for the pin.

Semi Finals
6. Devyn Nicole pinned Samantha Starr, who was beaten after being distracted by Christina Diamond stealing her championship belt.
7. Leah Von Dutch beat Allysin Kay & Jessie Kaye in a 3-way. Von Dutch pinned Kaye.

8. Super Oprah defeated G-Raver with a chokeslam to a knee.

9. Leah Von Dutch made Devyn Nicole tap out to the Dutch Clutch to become Vixens’ Queen of the Ring.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Dave Muscarella


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