Ringbelles Retro: FIVE FRIGGIN' STARS – part 3

manami toyotaIn November 2011, we posted a match between Manami Toyota and Aja Kong from November 1994 which garnered a five star rating by the Wrestling Observer. In October 2012, we posted another match which was given five stars – another Toyota match, this time from May 1995, with her opponent being Kyoko Inoue. Today, we have a third Toyota match which was awarded the five elusive snowflakes.

This one is another from 1995, though it’s from July 23 of that year and is against Mima Shimoda – a woman who she teamed with in the very early years of her career as the Tokyo Sweethearts and together won the World Women’s Wrestling Association World Tag Team Championship in 1996.

Just as a frame of reference as to how great Toyota was in the mid-1990s, she notched up five matches which earned the top Observer rating in 1995. So click the jump and enjoy this match – because it’s an absolute screamer.


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