LCW Roses “Mayday” live results

lcw Roses Mayday posterLCW Roses‘ third show takes place in Leicester, England today and is headlined by a rematch from their debut card which ended in a disqualification, which has meant a stipulation this time round.

Addy Starr won her first encounter with Rhia O’Reilly at the Roses Rumble in January in what is arguably the best match in the promotion to date, and there are high expections for this return contest.

Elsewhere, the undefeated Nikki Storm takes on Nixon, who impressed at March’s War of the Roses card against Leah Owens. Leah will also be in action in tag team action – she’s meant to be teaming with sister Kasey against Violet Vendetta and Shauna Shay, though Kasey fractured her foot a couple of weeks ago so there’s a question mark as to her participation.

Ringbelles is there to watch it all go down – click the jump to see the results and keep hitting refresh, and we’ll bring you reaction and photos later.

1. Viper pinned Kay Lee Ray after countering a top rope rana.
2. Jenna defeated Kirsty Love, Nadia Sapphire & Felony in a 4-way elimination match.
– Sapphire was pinned by Love after a Felony stunner.
– Love was pinned by Felony with a roll up.
– Felony was pinned by Jenna following a top rope legdrop.
3. Faith Lehaine pinned Amazon Ayesha Ray following interference from Viper.
4. Leah Owens defeated Shauna Shay & Violet Vendetta in a handicap elimination match. Owens beat both with Figure Four Leglocks.
5. Nikki Storm pinned Nixon with the Perfect Storm.
No Disqualification
6. Addy Starr pinned Rhia O’Reilly with the Sliding D following a Northern Lights Suplex into Lego.

2• Mayday is a strange one. Despite some of the matches not featuring the best wrestling, I was entertained by this card. So let’s get into it which what you would expect to be a show stealer…

• But it wasn’t. In a shocking development, Viper and Kay Lee Ray had an okay match, but below my expectations – and theirs as well, most likely. I wouldn’t ever say that it was bad, as that would be untrue, and if this exact match featured different wrestlers, I would probably rate it higher – but considering the synergy these two have, I was hoping for more.

• I’m not going to be totally negative though, as some of the sequences were pretty nice, and KLR’s tope to the floor was as lovely as ever. The finish was pretty indicative of how things didn’t tend to fall into place, as Kay Lee came off the top going for a hurricanrana but Viper lost grip with the powerbomb counter and placed her opponent on the mat for what felt like somewhat of an anticlimactic ending. One to forget, which is a real pity.

• The four way was fought under lucha rules, meaning that going to the floor was as good as a tag, so another wrestler could enter the ring to replace them. That meant the action kept going, but it was a little awkward in-between spots.

• Kirsty Love and Felony carried on their battle from War of the Roses by brawling to the floor, leaving Nadia Sapphire and Jenna to fight in the ring, with Faith Lehaine constantly yelling on the outside. As a unit, Sapphire and Lehaine are great – antagonistic, annoying and very easy to heckle. They’re great heels. Sapphire executed pretty Fisherman and German suplexes, as well as putting in some great complaining when Love bit her nails.

• The first elimination – which was a surprise to everyone, as we were led to believe it was a one-fall contest – came when Kirsty kicked Felony’s leg into Nadia’s head, then kicked the Living Dead Girl’s leg out, causing her to deliver a stunner to Sapphire and saw Love swoop in the for pin, only to be immediately eliminated by Felony straight afterwards.

• When it got down to two, Jenna had more of an opportunity to shine, popping the audience with a really nice sit out pumphandle powerbomb, and then scored the victory with a top rope 10legdrop. I’d like to know more about Jenna’s character – as her opponents were all very pronounced – but this win will stand her in good stead. A final note on Felony – she countered claims of a 619 by dropping knees into Jenna’s back at one point, calling it the 666…

• The shouting continued into match three, with Lehaine (accompanied by Sapphire, who liberally interfered) taking on Amazon Ayesha Ray. To counteract her opponent’s shrieking, Ray snarled and growled for what was the most aural contest of the show. As for the wrestling, when Nadia wasn’t interfering, Ayesha was in full on Hulk Smash mode, and had the match won with a Choke Bomb. However, Viper came out, lamped Ayesha in the neck and allowed Lehaine to get the shocking three. Ray delivered a second Choke Bomb to Faith after the match. Fun stuff.

• I have a few issues with the fourth match. Despite Kasey Owens being very public about her broken foot and how long it would take to heal, LCW Roses continued to promote her as part of a tag match for the show. Bad form. Secondly, to deal with the problem it booked Leah Owens against Shauna Shay and Violet Vendetta in a handicap match. So the heel has the disadvantage and is fighting to overcome the odds? That’s babyface territory, so it made for a confusing dynamic. Thirdly, this was an elimination match, even though the four way was under elimination rules too. Like last show where there were two triple threat contests, this dilutes the uniqueness of the gimmick.

20• As for the match, there wasn’t really that much to it. Owens made pretty light work of her opponents, tapping both out with figure fours – Shay gave up so quickly that most didn’t even see it happening. Shauna’s rope running was better, but this time there shouldn’t have been any as she was supposed to be selling an attack on her knee which was so bad that she had to instantly give up when put into a submission hold. Confusing booking.

• Nikki Storm’s outfit was certainly a sight. Leather shorts, braces and over the knee socks were to signal a “new” Nikki who was going to control her anger. It didn’t last long, as she cheap-shotted Nixon at every opportunity. The match itself was pretty good, and Nixon is still great at selling moves like they are killing her. The finishing Perfect Storm looked devastating, which was a fitting ending to a thumbs up match.

• Fittingly, Addy Starr’s No DQ match with Rhia O’Reilly was the match of the night. I appreciated how it started, with O’Reilly attacking Starr during her entrance, before the action spilled to the floor with chokes, and a lot of throwing each other into ringposts. The pair then took to the ring to continue their fight, but it wasn’t long until Addy brought out the Lego. However, Starr was the first – and most repeated – victim as she was tossed into the blocks thanks to a T-Bone suplex, curb stomp, and thanks to a counter to a Sliced Bread #2. The difference is that Starr is used to the pain of being slammed into Lego – seriously, I think going into thumbtacks would be less painful, and that’s saying something – and Rhia isn’t, so when she took a Northern Lights suplex into them, she was a sitting duck for the Sliding D. 24Great match – though also Starr’s last for the promotion, as she announced her plan to return to Canada, thanking fans for their support during her time in the UK.

• Despite some misgivings, this was the strongest LCW Roses showing to date. It still has kinks to iron out, such as explaining the narrative of some storylines like Love and Felony’s aggression and the background of why the main event was No DQ for anyone who was unaware, but it has potential with the Lehaine and Sapphire characters as well as the skills of Nixon.

– Lee Burton

If you’ve read this far, well done – now here’s your reward. Some of the LCW Roses roster have signed some pictures for us to give away, and we want to give them to you.

Our first prize winner will get signed photos of Addy Starr, Rhia O’Reilly and Amazon Ayesha Ray, along with some of the Lego used in the main event. The runner up will get signed pictures from O’Reilly and Ray.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below saying “Yes, I’d love to win some Lego” and leave the box checked so it posts to your Facebook. We’ll choose a winner at random after the closing date of May 17 at 23.59 GMT, and get in touch with you for your postal address. Good luck!


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