In Video: SWS Queen of the Ring 2014 in full!

SWS NWWA Queen of the RingIt’s fair to say that there’s a bit of buzz going on in Scandinavian women’s wrestling this year – and while the scene may not feature many wrestlers that are well known outside their home promotions (yet), there’s definite talent on the rise. Our case in point for this “In Video” entry is an entire card of women’s wrestling action from a couple of months ago – namely March 8th’s “Queen of the Ring” tournament, promoted by SWS (Svensk Wrestling Syd) in association with the NWWA (Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance). The event, held in Malmo in Sweden, was a six woman tournament – and intended to create a new #1 Contender for the NWWA Championship, held by Aurora Flame.

Your tournament format consists of three one-on-one matches, with the winners advancing to a triple threat final, with the winner taking on Aurora Flame that same night – or at least that was the plan. You can see how it all plays out below. Your competitors in the first round include Finland’s Sara Elektra vs the masked White Tigress; followed by Germany’s Lady Lory taking on another masked wrestler, La Viuda Negra (Spanish for “The Black Widow”). The final first round battle saw Norway’s Miss Mina battle Finland’s Jessica Love.

Now, a word of warning, there is (at least) one twist in the proceedings here, and while it’s not hard to follow, given that the ring announcer is speaking Swedish, if you don’t understand any of what happened here, we’ll refer you to the Ringbelles Roundup from March which covered the story in more detail (it’s the third main story in the Roundup) to help answer any lingering questions. For the follow-up match that you’ll (hopefully) want to check out afterwards, click here.


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