Evie "steals" the IPW Women's Championship belt

EvieIt’s a fair argument to say that no Women’s Championship has had as tumultuous existence as the Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Title. Following Evie‘s tournament victory in August 2012 to become the first titleholder, the belt was then declared vacant when IPW closed up shop the following year, though was declared vacant when the promotion was revived mere months later. With a number of title deciders failing to render a winner, the championship was literally handed to complete unknown Emmy Driver, though the belt was declared vacant again after she ran from the ring during her first title defence – and first match ever, incidentally – against Evie.

Another tournament was set up late last year with Evie winning the belt for a second time, though she turned heel in the process, aligning herself with new stable The Investment. She defended the belt against Carmen Rose, but then left New Zealand to wrestle in Japan for three months before making her way to the US to wrestle for SHIMMER and SHINE. While she was away, IPW made the decision to crown an Interim Women’s Champion, which was won by Evie’s old rival Britenay, who has flipped to the babyface side as a by-product of Evie’s heel turn, and has defended the belt against the likes of Olivia Shaw.

Evie made her return to IPW on today’s New Heights show, despite not being booked to wrestle. Instead she decided to address the Women’s Championship situation, which was escalated over the last week when the promotion described her as a former champion – something to which she took great offence.

The leader of Team Kick came out during Britenay’s defence against Carmen Rose and interjected herself into the action, leading to a disqualification victory for the Interim Women’s Champion. However she is now a champion without a championship belt as Evie stole the title – a belt which she claims is still rightfully hers.

In a Facebook post, Evie said:

Soooo, who would have thought I could just steal the belt back? Mwahahaaha TOO EASY. Don’t know why everyone was all up in arms about it. I’m the real champ anyway, don’t really have to prove myself to anyone… I was never defeated!!

Hope the ladies like the fresh boot prints I left on their faces.

Both sides have a fair argument. True, Evie was not beaten for the belt, and she was not given any indication that she would be stripped of the title while she was out of the country. On the flip side, IPW wanted to have Women’s Championship matches on their shows and it wasn’t the fault of the promotion that its titleholder was out of the country for more than three months.

It seems as the turmoil surrounding the IPW Women’s Championship is set to continue with both Evie and Britenay laying claim to the title. It appears likely that there will be a match in the future between the two to determine a true undisputed champion – but until then, it seems that Evie will be holding onto the belt she claims is her property.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Evie


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