In Video: Fierce Females "Coming of Age" – The Whole Show

Leah Owens at Fierce Females by David J WilsonAs the likes of Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray continue to impress international fans and raise interest in Scottish female wrestling, it’s been a strange few months for Glasgow’s Fierce Females promotion. Not having run a show since “XX: It’s In Our DNA” last September and with rumours that the shows were on hiatus for a while, the announcement of a small wrestling school style show in April (especially running on a weekend when both Storm and KLR were wrestling in SHIMMER) came as a bit of a surprise. Featuring a four woman tournament to determine a new #1 contender for Kay Lee Ray’s Scottish Women’s Championship, Fierce Females management have elected to put the show up match-by-match over the last few weeks on YouTube, thus giving everybody a chance to check out some of the *other* up and coming stars of the Scottish scene.

Of course, since this show it’s been announced that ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) and Fierce Females are parting their business relationship and the female “brand” of ICW is going to continue as a fully-fledged promotion in its own right. There are already a couple of shows in the pipeline – “Return of the Queen of Hardcore” will be another smaller show (limited to 80 tickets) at the Source Wrestling School on 8 June, while “Mad Maxine” will be a bigger club-style show on 20 July at the Walkabout in Glasgow. Tickets for both shows are £10 and available at their website and should be well worth a purchase.

After the cut there are match-by-match videos from April 13th’s “Coming of Age” show. As noted, there’s a four woman tournament featuring regular FF stars Viper and Bête Noire taking on less established talent in Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne respectively, with the winners of those two matches meeting in the main event. In addition, the tag teams of the Glamour Gym and Owens Twins split up for singles matches, with Sara taking on Leah Owens and Carmel Jacob battling Kasey Owens, plus Fiona Fraser wrestles FF debutante Courtney. Oh, a couple of editorial notes… for those of you who’ve been at an ICW:FF show in the past, or read our reviews of the shows where we discuss the drunken, rowdy atmosphere of the fanbase, be aware, this smaller show is far less rowdy. If anything, they’re positively polite, with warm applause for most of the talent. Secondly, if you’re not sure you want to watch all of the show and want to dip into one match, make it Carmel vs Kasey, which would be our Match of the Night. Enjoy!

#1 Contender Tournament: Viper vs Debbie Sharpe

#1 Contender Tournament: Bête Noire vs Sammii Jayne

Sara vs Leah Owens

Carmel Jacob vs Kasey Owens

Fiona Fraser vs Courtney

#1 Contender Tournament Finals

Featured photograph: Leah Owens by David J Wilson


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